Welcome to eZono

Our Business

eZono wants to make a difference in medical ultrasound imaging in order to bring high-tech diagnostics to the masses. In a world of ever increasing health care cost and growing population, there is a need for more preventive diagnosis and more emphasis on point of care diagnostics. As a consequence we believe in a demand and opportunity to make current day high-tech medical devices more widely available outside specialist hospitals and medical care centers.

Our Opportunity

Ultrasound imaging is one of the high-technologies that can make a difference. Its non-invasive nature and its diagnostic power make it the ideal tool for medical practitioners to diagnose a wide variety of medical conditions. Since ultrasound is capable of checking a range of life signs, from blood pressure to bone density to predicting strokes and heart attacks, eZono believes that ultrasound will be the doctor's tool of the future. eZono therefore intends to bring medical ultrasound technology to a new level of availability, affordability and adroitness. We envision that every doctor in the world will one day have an ultrasound system in his office and every ambulance will carry one.

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