The doctor said that I would have to quit smoking.

I've got a funny feeling about that guy.

How much time do you spend every day helping your children with their homework?

I can't stand golf.

Pratt seems unconcerned.


In fact, an artist lacking in confidence and fortitude would lose focus after 2 or 3 hours.

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She had no sooner seen me than she ran away.

Gene created this.

Jared was kicked out of school.

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Wasn't Luke your boyfriend?

The excitement reached its peak.

Mr. White went to Canada.

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Please don't make me waste a bullet on you.


"We have a lot of things do to." "Such as?"


The results were inconclusive.


Call us if you think of anything.

I held the knife in my left hand.

I can't find any holes in his theory.


The atmosphere is relaxed and informal.

I can handle it myself.

It seemed that she had already received the money.

Kinch was attacked by a stray dog.

I think I hear someone else in the kitchen with Juergen.

She's a farm worker.

I let them buy it for me.

Take down the main points of the speech.

The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.

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Have a wonderful evening.


Turtles don't have teeth.

Stop bothering my friend.

Is context really necessary to understand the subjunctive?

Both the boys shouted out.

The pilot closes the door.

She's never satisfied.

Murat didn't know what was in the briefcase.


You're in love with someone else.

Wolfgang said you were different.

Can you get them?

These meetings are carried on entirely in English.

I'm driving into town so I can drop you off on the way.


How very wrong he was.

I've already found somebody to do that job.

Take Jennifer for example.

Open the window.

Everyone knows that.

We sat at the back of the hall.

The soft gentle sunlight beckoned me off to sleep.


Leslie has a deep affection for Nou.


Hit the ball after the bounce.

They demanded that the company pay them more.

Dan helped Linda pass her exam.

Archie's nerves caused her to mess up her job interview.

Perhaps we should consider what would happen if we don't do this.

After winter, spring comes.

Josh decided it was time to go home.

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Julianto's voice quavered, betraying him.


I don't think it's a bad thing.

Robert hasn't eaten yet, has he?

Nils told Lewis the story that John had told him.

Children are really looking forward to summer vacation.

I'm feeling a bit queasy.


We have a mutual friend.

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He gambled away his life savings.

What would you normally do?

Carl hasn't translated the article yet.

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The gossip spread around the school like wildfire.


He gave me an album as a birthday present.

This cap belongs to me.

We were lucky again.

You shouldn't talk here.

Does he speak? He sings, rather! Since I seasoned it, we can no longer stop it.

He is too young.

I'll lend you one if you wish.

It was the best night of my life.

Government has the right to kill people.


You just have to be patient.


He is not altogether a fool.

That's including taxes.

Do you think you're ugly?


Wendy might've followed me.

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We have been assigned the large classroom.

Clayton is a little crazy.

Her only desire is to see him again soon.


Saad is a gourmet cook.

His house was small and old.

I was quite hungry

Who doesn't come, doesn't disturb.

Can I have a cup of tea?


Tell her I'll be there by 2:30.

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You should study hard, if you are to pass the exam.


We cannot expect to have halcyon days until we get safely through the crucial period in life.

Given the amount of apathy in the world, today is the most revolutionary day.

He was arrested for murder.

We reneged on the agreement.

May I introduce myself, my name is Lucas.

Only 40 percent of students go on to university.

The little girl stuck out her tongue at him.

He has a lot of money, but has almost no friends.

We hate opera.

I can't remember either.

Brent is a sore loser.

I know you'll do an exceptional job.

Honey is sweet, but the bee stings.

Is this your phone?

Let's get the party going.

Meg looks just like her mother.

From the Moon, knowledge.

Can you blame them?

He argued away her concern.

You need to be better than that.

What did you really mean by that?

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It's very clean.


But I want you to understand what I'm saying.

More than 30,000 people braved the rain and cold to attend the Canada Day parade.

Are you saying Raymond isn't Canadian?

What's going on with that?

Taurus cut me off.

Finally, I didn't understand whether tea is good or bad for our health.

He is quite young in spirit.


By chance, I met your brother on the street.


Linder pulled himself up by his bootstraps.

How did Ralf get injured?

I do not think that can do us much good.

Geoff is a tough negotiator.

Discretion is a rare and important virtue.


She invited two of her classmates - Jane and Rolf.


It won't be easy to forget you.

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Win closed his locker.

Perhaps the illness is cured through medical treatment.

I go to bed at around ten at night.

Where are my kids?

A Mr Brown came this morning.


Could you give this to him?

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It was so hot that we went swimming.

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He must have seen it.

I met your son yesterday and he politely greeted me.

The lights were out.

This plan, while looking great on paper, turned out to be a disaster.

I walked through the deserted streets around the witching hour.


It happened that we met at the station.

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I'm sure Mario misses you, too.

Our water supplies are dwindling.

Who cares what Jayant says?

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It is the law.


In 1998, Dan Brown released "Digital Fortress". Five years later he completed another best seller, "The Da Vinci Code".

I've been lopping trees all afternoon and shredding them into mulch for the garden.

That man brushes his teeth.

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Why has something not been done?


"She's dead." "No, it's not possible!"

My wife and Nate were in the rear of the aircraft.

Is that to eat here or take out?

I did have fun.

Let's just call it a day.

We have to set up the tent in the shade of that tree.

You must take the fact into consideration.