Les wanted to kiss Edmond, but he didn't have the nerve to try.

If I were you, I wouldn't go live with him.

He's rotten to the core.

Toerless ate the salad that Ravindran made for him.

"Who is the captain?" "Seth." "Oh no, we're in trouble."

I don't have many years left.

Saiid is an intelligent and highly articulate young woman.

We can't compromise on this.


Treat the sprout gently, as you would treat a baby.

Elric asked Stuart who she was looking for.

And we know the government can't solve every problem.


I'm not going to seduce her.

By whom was this done?

Sergei is very sleepy, because he didn't sleep well last night.

We'll visit you soon.

Please tell me how to make my bed.


"If thou wilt allow me, grandmother, I wish to ask thee some questions." "Well," said the old witch, "only remember that every question does not lead to good. If thou knowest overmuch, thou wilt grow old too soon. What wilt thou ask?"

I figured you wouldn't want to drink coffee so late at night.

Why don't you come and see me sometimes?

I'm pretty tall.

Daren refused the offer.

Tell me your story. I am all ears.

No pain, no gain!

What we want to do next is add some salt.

Dickens was the author of 'Oliver Twist'.


An Englishman, a Scotsman, an Irishman, a Welshman, a Gurkha, a Latvian, a Turk, an Aussie, a German, an American, an Egyptian, a Japanese, a Mexican, a Spaniard, a Russian, a Pole, a Lithuanian, a Jordanian, a Kiwi, a Swede, a Finn, an Israeli, a Romanian, a Bulgarian, a Serb, a Swiss, a Greek, a Singaporean, an Italian, a Norwegian, an Argentinian, a Libyan and a South African went to a night club. The bouncer said: "Sorry, I can't let you in without a Thai."

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How many packs of cigarettes does he smoke a day?

He could not so much as sign his own name.

Murat and Phiroze will presumably get divorced.

Let's talk about this again tomorrow.

Nobody was busy except me.


Randell chopped down the tree that was in our front yard.


They mean trouble.

I've spoken amply about the project.

Ahmed knew where he had last seen his car.

I will eat pumpkin pudding.

I was just thinking aloud.

Since September 2002 retailers have been obliged to have clear labels showing customers the meat content in sausages and burgers.

The economy of Aomori Prefecture depends heavily on apple growing.

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Albert guessed that Trying was around thirty years old.

I have my passport.

She should listen more to other people.

Her voice is better.

Do you like mine?

Remind me to give this to her.

That was inappropriate.

"Mein Kampf" is a book by Adolf Hitler.

Some day my dream will come true.

I got five hours sleep last night.

She went to America for the purpose of studying English literature.

That's the reason we got divorced.

I am deeply ashamed.


It's business.

I've misplaced my glasses, but I need them in order to look for them.

There used to be a big cherry tree behind my house.


There's a lot of money involved.

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My lips are sealed.

What if the problem is me?

I'm looking for my friend.

We are excited at the news.

Ellen is suffering from a cold.

That woman who picked a fight with me was being very disrespectful.

She raised her fist as if to hit me.

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I ate potato chips.

It took me several hours to find it.

Everybody is cheering.

I still think we're safe.

Have the devil's own luck.

I am a vibrant, very young woman!

I've changed.

Are you with us, Hal?

I hope everyone is safe.

I met her for the first time in Kyoto.

You still owe me twenty bucks.

Betty was the first girl who came to the party.

Closer examination revealed that the skull had been crushed by some heavy blow.

You have to call him.

I think they'll all be fine.

Would you like to see your husband grow a beard?

Let's get Moran to look into the problem.


What? You can't do it? You coward! Chicken!

The dragon is one of the cultural emblems of China.

Shut up. If you don't, you'll be thrown out.

I'm trying to work out this problem.

Edgar isn't a soldier.

You're Petrus.

Sriram put his ear to the door and listened.


You're still the same.

I hope you get well soon.

She's double-jointed.

You're always finding fault with me.

I can't believe you would do that to me.

Hsuan is an ignoramus.

It was a tough day.

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The fear of failure is one of the most widespread fears in the world.

It was about the tenth hour.

The police spotted him at once as the offender.

She is speaking to herself.

The villagers were offhand with us.

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Patrick focused on his work.

Luke fell in love with the captain's daughter.

I just wanted to make a change.

There's nothing wrong with him.

That almost sounded like Julius's voice.


It sounds like you got along well with him.

Dative spells the death of the genitive.

One thing is for sure: If you keep up the relationship like this, it won't be good, either for you, or for your children.

Blake had to pay a fine for jaywalking.

I don't know what year he was born.

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Florian vanished into the darkness.

This is the first time for me to read the Bible.

Presley doesn't have to convince me.

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You are always digging at me about my clothes.

Which is the best way to travel?

Many women work outside their homes these days.

Truth is always the same: all its versions are a lie.

Do you think your French is good enough to explain the problem?

I'm sorry that I hurt you; forgive me.

Mosur's destroying his clothes.

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By way of conclusion he said as follows.

The guests caught him in his pajamas.

That's really weird.

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You're treading on thin ice.

Hamisi doesn't use milk.

Sorry, Suwandi, I don't have time to chat.

How long does it take to go to the office from your home?

The noise distracted him from studying.

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Wash with hot, sudsy water.

I met a lot of interesting people at the party last night.

January 15 is Interlingua Day, with activities and publicity to spread Interlingua across the whole world.

Malus's got a tremendous amount of work to do.

Nobody believed Kevin because he always makes up stories.

Dan spent the day with Stagger.

This is potentially your problem.

Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

Kirsten hurt himself.

I've always trusted you.

Just give Hubert a second.


Do you have any eights?

There are still problems.

She sold him her car.

You like chocolate, don't you?

She's a control freak.

He can't buy himself a car.

I wanted to make you feel at home.


To tell the truth, he doesn't eat that many.

The moon is the Earth's satellite.

I know that you are not supposed to download music off the internet without paying for it, but I do it anyway.

I'll have your daughter.

I want to buy a present for Morton.

Water is important for people.

I wish she would stop playing that stupid music.

The book's blurbs overflow with superlatives.

The meeting kicks off around 9 o'clock in the morning.


We're going to wait here for Svante.

We want to know if it will be sunny tomorrow.

You just can't stand still, huh? What are you, looking for a fight?

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I know how crazy that must sound.

More than five years have passed since I came to live in this house.

Can I have the picture back?

He may come, or he may not.

It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

We shouldn't discuss this in a club.

I saw a dirty dog enter the garden.

Milo isn't going to win.

Did you ask after her? What did she say?

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Consider yourselves my prisoners.

You can stay here tonight if you want.

I've always wanted to sing on stage.


I have forgiven him already.


She may be able to answer the question.