The snake swallowed a frog.

I have a friend who feeds his dog strawberries.


I'd really like more time to finish this.

It's the flight from Recife.

I haven't had anything to eat for three days other than a stale sandwich, a rotten apple, and some spoiled yogurt.

Do you want me to try to do that?

His conduct admits of no excuse.

Take this medicine three times a day.

Marla is wearing low-rise jeans.

My brother has never climbed Mt Fuji.

Kimberly won't talk to Beverly and she won't talk to him.

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Just stay away.


I take it you know him.

I thought we were going to die.

Who did you buy those flowers for?

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It sure scared me.

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Ritalynne was an extraordinary woman.

Good day. What do you want?

I did the job in three days.

I will finish the entire book in four days.

Izchak is getting drunk.

Juliane never goes to places like that.

Thomas spent a sleepless night thinking of Panacea.

The poor duckling did not know where to go, and was quite miserable because he was so ugly and laughed at by the whole farmyard.

He felt himself lifted up.

What are you giving Calvin in return?

There's nothing on the table.

He was watchful for any sign of diabetes.

It's completely clear that we won't stay here for four weeks.


We know that this is impossible.

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It's unclear how Beth died.

My heart began to race.

How can I say that in your language?

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Marco converted his bedroom into an office.

What are you writing about?

Andrew made some extra money by renting one of his rooms to a college student.

I know now that Jinchao was mistaken.

Trey is reserved, isn't he?

Which is the most densely populated country in the world?

He had a shower before breakfast.

A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

I picked up some French here and there.

It isn't raining much this year.

Is this how it works?

What did you think I was going to suggest?

Vishal is wheezing.

Certain creoles obtain an official status, for example like in Malaysia.

She is always bright and smiling.

He's a landlubber.

I don't want to piss her off.

We were waiting for a sight of the Queen.

I went to the hotel by cab.


Herman bought a hula hoop.

Romain chugged his beer.

She likes French more than German.

Love can mend your life.

We went through the woods and came to a lake.

Dennis wears thick glasses.

I will live.


Hirotoshi told me to make sure that Howard was safe.


What's happening here is absurd.

I bought a return ticket.

I miss her already.

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I'm your roommate.

The whole world is off its rocker.

Why do some people burp after they eat?

I'm not wide awake yet.

He is in year ten.


I wanted them to win.

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The Kawagoe festival float has the shape of what's called a hoko float. It has three, or four, wheels attached.

The little girl went on with her little naked feet, which were quite red and blue with the cold.

Put some ice on your ankle to keep the swelling down.

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The price of my dress' fabric is 10 Euros per meter.

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She'll put on less next time.

She has a drunken husband.

Things are not like they used to be.

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There was something in the air.

Hello, world!

Werner is going to be waiting in the lobby.

Everyone, follow me.

You're the only other person who knows the truth.

Come, Emilia! Your father is waiting for you.

Shatter's hands were tied behind his back.

Did that have anything to do with Lenora?

I wouldn't like to do that.

Have you been to London?

It's very likely that he'll be chosen.

You'll talk to me.

You were shy.

Is that unreasonable?

It must be recognized that we owe it all to her.

The risotto is delicious.

Are you suggesting I had something to do with this?


Excuse me, officer, where are we now?


I've grown tired of watching this uninteresting match.

You may as well return home at once.

There might have been a miscalculation.

How can that be?

Rose petals are very soft.

Who is Elsa's girlfriend?

He got up an hour early this morning.

Can you tell the Jackson twins apart?

Emil was looking at you.


It's almost empty.


What made you decide to come here?

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It's artificial.

I was happy to find that they agreed to my plan.

We'll be happy to call you back.


I think that would be awesome.


The people all praised the emperor's clothes without telling him the truth so as not to seem stupid, until a little boy said, "The emperor is naked!"

Who knows when Pratt was born?

Let's have lunch here.

David clinked his wine glass against Rafik's.

A man is sitting in his kitchen.


You'll never find him.

I've learned a lot of French by watching movies in French.

Dan served only two weeks in jail before his family came up with bail money.

He took some very beautiful pictures in Monaco.

They attempted in vain to bribe the witness.

Marci is rather hard to please.

A strong wind blew all day long.

Raanan finds it easier to have no chocolate, than to try to limit himself to a couple of pieces.

I have a message from Dominic for you.

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Democracy is the government of the people, by the people, for the people.

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An hour spent in the garden is an hour well spent.


How did you kill the guards?

There is a page missing.

This is your one chance.

I'll never forgive Vicky.

Many poets write about the beauties of nature.


It became difficult to find buffalo.

He told me that she loves me.

The VAT in Germany is 19 per cent.

Paul is not so much a singer as a composer.

You're really in bad shape.

Do other people like me?

"I see it makes you laugh, Angus?" - "Alas, Bob. It could be really funny if it weren't this sad."

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The box was so heavy I could not move it.


To tell the truth, I didn't go there.

We wanted the same thing you wanted.

It's only a minor setback.


He cares about no one, but himself.

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Mt. Fuji is very beautiful.

I don't dispute the facts you've presented but only the conclusion you draw from them.

He is young but clever.

After a while passion and infatuation ooze away.

You must let things take their own course.

Do you think it'll be difficult to finish reading this book in a week?

Rajarshi applied for a leave of absence.


I am planning on studying and playing the flute by turns.

I don't want to tell my boyfriend.

Sanand plans to go visit Eddie in Boston one of these days.

Werner won't be able to become a policeman.

Let's talk about it after school.

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When out at sea, to keep the fish that is caught from spoiling, it is immediately refrigerated.


I heard the news through the grapevine.

Murthy's health has been deteriorating for some time.

They seem to be having fun.

She drew back when she saw a snake.

He made the most of his chance to learn.

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We'll likely never know for sure.

It no longer makes sense to do this.

The day is getting longer and longer.