He is bent on buying a seaside villa.

Wilmer lied about how old he was.

You went too far in your joke.

Make a copy of your passport and leave the original in a safe at your hotel.

She is the one who took care of his wound.

Whenever he goes out for a walk, he takes his dog with him.

They went to the maritime museum.

This one's for you, Shutoku.

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Kemal made it clear that he didn't like Raymond.

Why is there so much violence in the world?

Tell him either to call on me or to ring me up.

He wants to be taken for a rockstar.

I want to kill Lui before he kills me.

Johnny sometimes helps his mother in the kitchen.

Shuvra's body was never found.

The paper aeroplane slowly glided to the ground.

Could you tell me how old are you?

Call your next witness.

A trip to Hawaii will cost you about 200 dollars.

In the past, he lived, as it seems to me, in Spain.

I hope Jose agrees.

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Do you mind if I have a look?

I don't want her to come.

They were beggars.

As of 2012, Maggi Seasoning is 125 years old.

If there's anything urgent, you can get in touch with me.

Is Hartmann supposed to be helping Debbie?

You know the difference between these, don't you?

Do you think anything has happened yet?

It was so dark.


He is always cheerful and smiling.

I'll steal your mobile phone!

How much sugar do you use?

He is stronger than me.

We live in house number fifty, nearby the supermarket.

The bus was crowded.

Can you drive a little faster? We are in a hurry.


They are exhausted, aren't they?

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I'm beginning to understand why Russell loves Boston.


Keep on swimming up to your limit.

The more he flatters, the less I like him.

Philosophy is the love of wisdom.


It's like being in a candy shop.


Being tired, he went to bed earlier than usual.

You'd better see a dentist at once.

That's not really enough.

He'll be busy until four.

I have Mohammad on the line.


Tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!

It's still snowing pretty heavily.

Our school is surrounded by a healthy environment.

Thanks, you're an angel.

I hear they have a secret weapon.

It's not easy to work under the shadow of innuendo.

We're doing just fine.

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Lately I've been having trouble with my memory.


My wife left me.

This is a picture of my father and his first wife.

She will have finished her job by evening.


It's nice to see her so happy.

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We used to visit each other on weekends.

I dare say he will not come.

What don't you get?


Spyros couldn't remember what he was going to say.


Jeffie's whole face shows what he is thinking.


Health is an important factor of happiness.


What are you up to this weekend? Not much, just pottering about at home.

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You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.

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I've never been kissed like that before.


They asked me back.

He paid much money to stop her mouth.

Everyone got excited by the news of the victory.

You can do it, can't you?

Terri is grinning.

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My train left at six and arrived at ten.


You must gather further information.

She needed to talk to her mother about it.

Beckie played the piano.

It was irresponsible of him to break a promise.

You don't have to tell that to your parents.


That tall man is Mr Smith.

I have lost both principal and interest.

Why would I do all that?

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He who knows several languages gets more from the world.

Once upon a time, there lived a cruel king.

Did you fit all the clothes in the bag?

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The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

How old that dog is!

When the water boils, I pour it into the cup.

That's not very likely to happen.

I contented you, right?

Tanning beds are dangerous and can cause cancer.

I shouldn't have done this.


It's useless talking to them.


I made you coffee.

The police think that Sir poisoned her husband.

Bob will be back at 6 o'clock.

Two women sing.

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

That club is filled with MILFs.

Nhan showed the letter to me.

After a big night out, Ellen looked in the mirror and was shocked to see he had a black eye.

I planned to introduce him to her.

Have you ever painted this house?

It's a very good question.

Malcolm tried desperately to get Geoff's attention.

It costs around thirty Euros.

I am peeking someone

Andy doesn't have much teaching experience.

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I saw Sundaresan's name on the cover.

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He is a young man who impresses you as a typical student.

You've got my goggles.

Josh hasn't yet told us what he needs.

She was found guilty.

Is that a good idea?

The Japanese are an industrious people.

We want Tollefsen to stay for a couple of more days.


Stop, you're breaking my heart.

Why do you think Jeremy did that?

The founding fathers established safeguards against all the forms of concentrated power they knew about: the church, the state, the mob; but they didn't know about corporations.

Let's quit talking about this.

I will help him tomorrow.

Some molds are so big that it takes six truckloads of concrete to fill them.

Meeks bought Perry a nice present.


If you want that water pistol you'll just have to save money and buy it yourself. I can't constantly buy toys for you. I'm not made of money.

When should we check out?

She's completely crazy.


Someday the new research work will be completed.

You people are mad.

Well then, can you explain that to Steven?

Robin didn't talk to Holly.

How's your research going?

You can make a cake with flour, milk and an egg.

Go to those who you are sure will help you.

Single, please.

I didn't expect you.

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I can't believe you married Archie.

That reminded me of you.

I acted upon what I believed.

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Ricky started frantically cleaning up when her mother rang to say she'd call around in a half an hour.

Who's your teacher?

Cristopher was a nurse.

All you have to do is try hard to master English.

The dog ran away at the sight of me.

Nothing lasts forever, not for a long time, anyone can find an excuse to go ahead.

It's only the poor who are generous.

They're in ecstasy.

We owe part of our success to luck.

Ric, hold up.

Look at those black clouds.

We're all Canadians.

Is Susanne asking too much of us?

Guy will be disappointed.

I've always enjoyed being with you.

Last year, there was a bad harvest.

The means of communication can include letters, magazine and newspaper advertisements, radio and television commercials, and telephone marketing, as well as catalogs.

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I don't know what you're trying to say.


Let me talk to them.


He drank a shot of whiskey.

You're polite as fuck!

I wouldn't recommend it.


We don't always do that.