Hoping to cheer up his wife, Timo bought her a beautiful pearl necklace.

Terrence has only been here three days.

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I can dance.


Now that's a problem.


Their faces looked inhuman, covered with scarlet and black paint.

I've never been late before.

I have no funds in the bank.

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Tomas lent Geoff a book.

I was afraid of making the first move.

We made cookies.


I haven't always lived like this.


She is dead to pity.

There are many hotels downtown.

The train was about to leave when I arrived at the station.

Can we rest a moment?

Kristian will be back on his feet soon.


Marnix grabbed a handful of popcorn out of the bag and then handed it to Nichael.


It was not long before we met again by chance.

Didn't you see my keys?

Don't think you're going to get away this.

Florence was for me a life buoy in the sea of life.

That cost me a lot in the long run.


I'm dying to see him.

I swallowed my pride.

Jeffie always wears fashionable clothes.

You seem troubled.

That's a really good point.

Jones is really quick.

Can you come back on Monday?


Have a bath! You'll feel fresh and relaxed afterwards.

They approve.

Benjamin declined to do an interview.


I'll look after our guests.


Brandon is being quite discreet, isn't he?

He exhausted his money.

Japanese shogi corresponds to chess.

But we do know many things about his character, thanks to letters and notebooks he left behind and other people's stories about him.

Both of the doors are open.

Raj missed the last train and had to take a taxi home.

That was a misunderstanding!

Vincenzo is wearing a short skirt today.

How is it that he isn't here today?

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I'll get Pierre to drive you home.

Anatoly won't give up so easily.

I'm keen for Ireland again!

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What did you come here for?

Hopefully, that won't happen.

I'll be back in a month.


Sergiu wasn't able to attend the party.

We don't go to school on Saturdays.

Have you heard from Michelle yet?

What do you think about Jan?

The speaker brought the truth home to us.


He'll be able to make it in three hours.

They will need to reduce their expenditures.

Is your car black?


All lost umbrellas turn into paper clips, as anyone can prove when finding these.

Val enjoys woodworking.

The Boston Globe gave the film an unfavorable review.

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He's shit-faced.

Time crept on.

Are you seriously thinking about changing your name to Grace?

Tolerant didn't speak to Knute at all last night.

I shook my head a few times.


Stephen seems like a very nice man.

She sleeps as if she had never done that before.

Sport knows no borders.

Janice learned that the rental price would be discounted if he and the agent agreed to a seven-day rental term.

We all knew it.

I like running.

I wrote down that telephone number.

He painted a picture of a dog.

I haven't been to Boston for a long time.

The fire started immediately.

Now, I would like you to imagine a map of Great Britain.

You should call.

I pass by Marla's house on my way to and from school.


Where is the entrance?

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There's a fly in the noodle broth.


The baby was in a deep sleep in his mother's arms.

My name is Irakli.

I need a Kleenex.

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I object to being called a monkey.

Evan made his choice.

I was just here yesterday.


I own three cats.

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I know the poem by heart.

She was desperate for attention.

I wish I could figure out how to delete my Facebook account.

She was in doubt about the ability of her husband.

He has something to do with the robbery.

Markus must be a very important person.

Panos took a direct flight to Boston.


Hartmann is being charged with murder.

You're pale as a ghost.

Inoue doesn't like computers.

Someone's humming.

There are a handful of naughty boys in my neighborhood.


He got his neck broken in the accident.

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He's looking good.

Pascal asked me to come over and help her.

You found Sandra, didn't you?

Do you think you could describe the man you saw to a sketch artist?

He is always making a fool of me.

Guido won't be spending Christmas with his family.

Hubert walked into the signpost.


He didn't like to be punished.

You told me I was a princess.

Billie didn't run the red light.

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You're realistic.


That's not why Revised resigned.

Click on "log in" at the top-right corner of the screen.

Marian rewrote it.

My son owes what he is to you.

Mother has been sick since last Thursday.

We're learning Esperanto.

I stopped sending Christmas cards three years ago.

Many cancer patients lose their hair because of chemotherapy.

I'm not as young as Stan thinks I am.

I don't mind lending you the money provided you pay it back within a month.

My father cut down on salty food as I had advised.

They are going to emigrate to America.

The sun has not risen yet.

We intended to let you in on the secret.

He was foolish enough to believe it.

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We go to school every day except Sunday.


I'm going downtown.

Let me cook something for you.

I will drink some acai.


If Jerome goes swimming, so will I.

We were trying to protect them.

Illness prevented her from taking a trip.

Vadim is always making witty remarks.

I thought it was a dog.


I'm just so torn about all of it. I just don't know what to think of it.


We enjoyed ourselves at a sukiyaki party.

How else can he act?

Could you tell me which bus or train goes to the center of the town?

I'm cutting down on sweets.

I'm getting more and more gray hair.

Water gurgles while fire crackles.

A crowd soon gathered around the fire engine.

Jim refused to let Jackye in.

I wish I could see him again.

Vicente is from Chile. He is Chilean.

I don't like to be spoken to.


They need a hand.

Does this book go in any special place?

Do you want me to help you wash the dishes?


It's important, don't you think?


I cannot come up to your request.


I talked to Maurice's old girlfriend.

I will have been to the States three times if I go there again.

I worked at it.


I really want to help Shari.

Maybe I wasn't there that night.

When did the show finish?

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Jugo is a southwestern wind, isn't it?