Muriel just turned twenty.

I now know more about Vance than I really want to know.


Juergen died in Australia.

That's an absolutely ridiculous idea.

Please speak as slowly as possible.


Jakob is a bit paranoid.


Robbin got his head bashed in.

Did you think I'd change my mind?

Multi-tasking can lead to being less productive.

Jakob looked out of the window.

He promised to be here at six.

Clay bricks can be bought from the manufacturer.

We need to smile often.

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An inferiority complex and a superiority complex often lead to the same behavior.

Are you looking for us?

I don't feel guilty about that.

He is a yogi.

He will protect you.

Can you remember the first word you learned in French?

Stolen money never bears fruit.

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That looks like the work of a virus.

I don't want to go with her.

That's quite common.

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The nurse hit a blood vessel.

We pay him well.

Sex is good.

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According to legend, those woods used to be haunted, so people would avoid entering.


She lived a happy life.


Let's give him some more time.

I used to be a cheerleader.

Many poor students are given bursaries.

Valeria's book is on that old and terrible blue table.

What do you have to eat today?

Have you done your homework?

Don't slobber over my face! A-ha-ha-ha. Stop it!

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Wait, it could be dangerous.

We hope you're in good health.

Kristen is said to be in England.


That was the last time I saw her.

That negligee is gonna knock his socks off!

I sent flowers to the baby's mother.

How did you learn German?

I'm kind of on the job.

Take the money and run.

Why go to all this trouble?

What's Eva still doing here?

None of Vassos's friends knew where he lived.

Auxerre recorded their first victory of the season and, at the same time, got out of the red zone.

Why didn't you make him stop?


With the eyes, we see; with the ears, we hear; with the skin, we touch; with the nose, we smell; and with the tongue, we taste.


The bridge crosses the bay.

This house is for rent.

Hey, I don't like this any better than you do.


She achieved her goal.


What are you working for?

Don't leave the water running.

My roommate's having a party.


Catherine was born in 1985.

Teaching asks for a lot of patience.

Everywhere he went, he taught love, patience, and most of all, non-violence.


The money is to be applied to the debt.


I rarely use plastic bags.

Louiqa pretended he didn't know anything about it.

Arguments are extremely vulgar, for everyone in good society holds exactly the same opinion.

Plastic was angry at James because she parked in his space.

Juliet couldn't help but laugh.

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I am your fellow citizen because I, too, am an Italian national.

We haven't had anything to eat for almost three days.

Pam's dirty clothes are on the floor.

The sick boy recovered quickly.

Please lay down your coat.

I'll stay for three months in Paris.

Up till now the United States has called itself the world's police and continues suppression relying on military force.

Nowadays you no longer hear popular songs that can be sung by men and women of all ages.

I don't have enough money to buy a new car.

I almost dropped my cellphone into the pool.

I love you so much, Mom!

Blake squatted down to put something on the lower shelf.

Do you want me to pick up anything at the supermarket?

As far as I know, that never happened.

Vickie tried to open the drawer, but it was stuck.

You won't make it!

Millie loves him.

According to you.

Ramon speaks French about as well as Kelvin does.

We have to clean up this mess.

How was dinner last night?


What was it you wanted to talk to me about?

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Rajesh reached in her purse and pulled out her checkbook.

This is the largest dictionary there is in this library.

My mother is always very cheerful in spite of poor health.

I have a yellow dream.

Mikael is one of the best in the business.

Snorri Sturluson's stories tells, among other things, how Christianity was spread in Norway by force.

Luis gets anything he wants.


She is young and immature.

May I borrow your car tonight?

Tickets are $5 for adults, and $2 for senior citizens and children.


What's keeping you so busy?

Not everyone is honest.

We could not see the top of the mountain.


How long will you remain in London?

There are carp in the pond.

Believe me. I'll be a new man.

He angrily tore up the letter from her.

Can you please close that window?

I'm going to figure out who did this.

The library is to the right.

I didn't know the city, and what's more, I couldn't speak a word of the language.

The police think the house was torched to collect on the insurance.

Please put me through to Mr. Brown.

She has a bee in her bonnet about arriving on time.

We expected that to happen.

She's maxed out all her credit cards.

Let's go home.

Are you paid well?


Are you saying Kusum was the one who broke the window?

Marci wants to kill himself.

Randolph puts the boys to sleep.


Which solution is the best?

I don't understand what Marguerite told us.

Chuck claims that he's unbiased.

Does it have to be him?

We were rowing against the current.

Charlene wants to see you upstairs.

She idled away many hours on the beach.


I'm not your jester.


Did you see the way Brenda was looking at you?


For instance, people who physically have to have alcohol can die from not drinking.

This isn't exactly what I wanted.

I no longer need a mother.

I'm slow to adapt to new situations.

He tends to be idle.


"What is four plus five?" "Four plus five is nine."

Damone has done that.

Don't be so critical.

Knute and Drew are planning to visit Boston together.

The teacher criticized his students' compositions.


Elwood knows just about all there is to know about growing vegetables.

The roof of the house is leaking.

Juliane isn't interested in the details.

That is not a fish.

Ami didn't want to argue with Jimmy, so he let the matter drop.

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Don't dwell too much upon the subject.

Janos didn't want me to tell you this, but he just lost his job.

He's very good at playing baseball.


At that time, she was busy with some sort of work.


We were starting to lose hope.

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The Great Dane is a breed of domestic dog known for its giant size.

Leigh will hide it.

I'll go talk to him now.


We've been robbed.

You should get up early.

Kathleen doesn't like cheese.

These trousers are too large.

You should avail yourself of every opportunity to learn.

Have another.

Sofoklis wanted to do something really nice for No.

They're attempting to contact her.

These shoes are too tight. They hurt.

I didn't understand anything at today's seminar.

What is the tallest building in Japan?


She is Japanese.