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I had a terrible accident riding this bike.

I usually don't allow people to boss me around.

I think Rolf will never do what we requested.

I will have been to the States three times if I go there again.

What made her do such a thing?


What did he look like?

I have to persuade Juha to go with us.

You've got willpower.

Fortunately, I was on time.

Our school library is small, but new.

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May I help you ma'am?


Jock is unhappy, isn't he?


I was sitting next to her.


This horse stands fifteen hands and weighs seventy stone.

Father always has the tailor make his suits.

He's a little like his father.

We had an earthquake last night.

Go to Maarten's house.


He plays baccarat.

Here's a photo of her.

I was bewildered at the sight of his strange behavior.

I guess some things aren't going to change.

How come you never told Kayvan about Johnnie?

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Pim is independently wealthy.


You've got to stop doing this.

The ship reached its destination in safety.

Kelvin seems to be wealthy.


I don't know what you heard about me.

Dannie had a great love for his country.

This man is your friend, remember?


He doesn't see a joke.

What would she have said?

These shoes belong to them.

Do not speak so fast, please.

I met the man, who showed me the way.


Starbuck is a lot like us.

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That was really effective.

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He outsmarted me.

It must be our lucky day.

I don't know what I'm going to do.


Krzysztof is Superman's assistant.


Yesterday was a lot colder than today.

Hsuan always speaks his mind.

I advise you to go abroad while young.


We've bought ourselves a little more time.

Sharada and Edmund are members of a secret society.

I thought that was your job.


There's a swimming pool not too far from where I live.

She's in grave danger.

I can't write in Chinese.


Antoine Lavoisier was beheaded during the French revolution.


Kaj lived with his uncle before he came to Boston.

He's not home yet.

Maarten didn't want to be here.

In spite of the terrible congestion, I was in time for the appointment.

You need to take these pills.

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I used to believe that.

I will drive you home.

I never called Amos an idiot.

After several hours of labor, she delivered a lovely healthy baby.

Why would they do this?

This oil well is going to make me rich.

Maybe we can fix it.


I wonder if it will be fine tomorrow.


We didn't need to call the doctor.

Who was the first person to break the four-minute mile?

He's liable to shout when angry.

The feelings of "love at first sight" and "faithful unto death" are unrealistic; this sort of unrealistic and illusory feeling is not what we need.

Penis enlargement supplements, as sold on sites and in magazines, have essentially no effect.

You have to call them.

Do we have any food?


We have people who do that for us.

Yo, check this out.

You don't need to wear anything fancy.


We can't trust Dennis with something like this.


You must return this to me, OK?

We don't have time.

Anatole was at a loss how to express himself.

Murthy says he loves us both.

Erwin was very miserable.

The storm sank the boat.

Collin set up a website for Tao.


Visiting Ilya was a lot of fun.

We're all professionals.

I'll alert her.

Todd is somewhat arrogant.

He is in love with her.


Pythagorean thought was dominated by mathematics, but it was also profoundly mystical.


Go back to your families.


Nobody will believe that rumor.

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Lois is being silly, isn't he?

You don't have to pay for everything.

Lincoln did not want to punish the south.

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He lay on the bed.

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Bruno was listening with his eyes half closed.

He is too tired to work.

I regret telling you.


She has been sick for a week.

I remember the day I met you.

I won't hire anyone without your approval.

She fell hard for him.

Tap water is sometimes cleaner than bottled water.

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Every now and then she called home during the party last night.

Betty asked Root to open the wine bottle and then kissed him while he was distracted.

You won a three-week vacation for two.

Do you want some tapioca pudding?

The company is in the red.

Wendy ran to the door and tried to get out.

I prefer cakes or candies to alcohol, but I do drink.

I asked him to watch my things.

Hang in there, Troy.

This description of events is completely exaggerated, even if it's essentially true.

The bad news is only too true.

The doctor offered the child a lollipop. Against expectation the child said he preferred no lollipop and no jab to getting the immunisation and lollipop.

This spring, I plan to start taking Mondays off.

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I prefer to leave my Spanish sentences in the loving arms of a Hispanophone.

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Huashi's dog's name is Cookie.

"Whose earrings are these?" "They are Tania's."

I understand French better than I can speak it.

What's your favorite form of exercise?

We don't know who the attacker was.

Did anyone see you come in?

We've known Page for years.

Do you want a soda?

Dan and Linda went to a restaurant.

He heard his name called.

Arthur said he was OK.

It kept raining for three days.

I can't prove anything.

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Can I see you for a moment?

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Historians, for his part said Chateaubriand, do not they lie a little more than the poets?


The book is white.

Shadow looked horrified.

Dating Adlai wasn't such a good idea.

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Even now when I see a terakoya play, I feel somewhat nostalgic.

She greeted me with a smile.

Chicken, tuna and soybeans are good sources of protein.

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The accident bereaved her of her husband.

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Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.

I can't feel my legs.

I learn new things every day.


I think it isn't possible for us to make up for lost time.

Nicolas ran for help.

Now he sees the key.


Can I keep this?

When in doubt, tell the truth.

We can't add days to our life, but we can add life to our days.


Should we tell everybody or not?

I still feel a little sick.

Please accept our apologies for not filling your order sooner.


We had a terrible time.

There is no one reading in the library.

I'm afraid it's too late now.