I want to consult you about something.

I suppose you're not an expert in these matters.

It's too late for him.

Some learned writers have compared a Scorpion to an Epigram, because as the sting of the Scorpion lies in the tail, so the force and virtue of an epigram is in the conclusion.

It was good of you to give up your seat.

There was once a cat whose name was Tango.

Sit and have some tea!

He kindly answered the question.

We walked for a long time.

I walked up to the villager to ask for directions, but they looked spaced and unable to speak.


Was there anybody else in the bar?


Heike was pleasantly surprised when Dieter responded favorably to her advances.

I ate in the canteen.

I just need to rest.

Which credit cards can I use?

You don't need to do sports.


My car, such as it is, is at your disposal.

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Price repaired his clock.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is in danger.

No matter what happens, I won't be surprised.


I didn't mean to give that impression.

I sometimes apprehend that there will be some difficulty.

When you think about it that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


I was going to buy it, only Emily told me not to.


Carry out the task as well as you can.

Don't look into the abyss. Otherwise, the abyss will gaze into you.

Maybe you do, but I don't.

All the students clapped their hands.

I have one in the car.

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They know their stuff.

Matti said he didn't know why Jwahar was angry.

We should celebrate together.

You've hurt Jeremy's feelings.

I thought you wanted this.


He is a stickler for principles.

Marlena is in church.

Socrates said, "Those who want fewest things are nearest to the gods."

This poem was written last night.

Maybe I've been misinformed.

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In France, mineral water usually is drunk in restaurants.

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This is the first time I've ever smiled at Marika.

She lives in a two-story house.

Let's not let the same thing happen again.


Sid came at me with a knife.

We're so happy to see you again.

Who'd want to hire you?

These shoes are very comfortable.

Susanne found a good restaurant not too far from our campus.

Nils is well dressed.

The wall is two meters thick.

I thought you were Japanese.

Rice makes you fat, don't eat too much of it!

Love is wonderful and beautiful.

Why would you want to lose?

The gymnast slipped on the balance beam.

You did it all right.

Time is so beautiful.

He is the owner of four very big farms in the interior of Sao Paulo.

Mega Bloks are less expensive than legos.

I appreciate everything you've done.

As for you, I don't know, but for me it's really very important.

What has Rand been accused of?

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Tuna is a very well-respected astronomer.

They live in a rented house.

It's been a hard night for her.

How did your interview go?

Collin is right there.

Farewell, Cuba.

Would you like to learn to speak English like a native speaker in two weeks?

Nobody wanted to trust my country.

I play in a band.

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Where did everyone go?

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I have lunch plans with her.

I know everybody here.

There are noticeable differences between the two.


Pratap kept his eyes on Elisabeth.

If I were more creative, I'd draw "the foreign".

This is a hard question to answer.


We do have a problem, but it's not one we can't solve.


I eat live rats.


The rock band damaged the hotel room.

I want to apologize.

The translator identifies himself with the author's beliefs.

I want an answer.

Vaughn took the "morning after" pill.

We hope it rains today.

Even if an intelligent man loves a woman deeply, he will never show his love to her, but merely keep it in his heart.

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Denis isn't coming back, is he?


When the laundry is not evenly distributed inside the washing machine, it can cause the washing machine to vibrate or even move.


When will the new magazine come out?

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Just because it's a "safe day" I'm not going to make out like monkeys without protection. Isn't it the duty of loving sex to take proper care of contraception?

I just spoke to Daniel.

This box contains apples.

He's considered to be one of the greatest scientists in the world.

I know you mean well.

I'm not satisfied with the way you handled that.

The room was dark.

Pratt gets anything he wants.

This organisation promotes literacy in rural areas.


You have to believe us.

I am proud of my shoes.

I was sleepy.

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Why are you doing your homework at this time?

I am assembling the washing machine.

He is master of his own time.


Here comes our teacher.

She cut her hand on a knife.

He cannot have done it by himself.

Louis is going to go back to Boston.

I could hear the sound of Siping's voice coming from the next room.

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I didn't get a second chance.


I had a hard time making both ends meet.

Don't arouse him from his sleep!

They won't give you anything.

There's no stopping him.

She gave her seat to an elderly person.


We should probably go.

This was a long letter.

It'll be too late then.

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They were after you.

Mr. Bush had slightly more votes than Mr. Gore.

I'm pretty sure Piotr wasn't interested.

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Don't count on Takao.

It has been raining on and off since morning.

Old is gold.

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I had a little help from a friend.


We listened to the bell ring.


How are you getting along with your work?

Can you at least offer a possible suggestion where I might find Nora?

I really don't think that'll be necessary.

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I am going, too.

Sabrina and Revised are separated.

They attempted to escape.

Corey doesn't have a driver's license yet.

Some day you will regret this.


May I open a can?


Will you still help me?


Just out of curiosity, did you have really have any fun?

You wouldn't be in trouble now if you hadn't got involved in the first place.

I got scared long before entering the plane.

It's self-evident.

Does she know how he feels about her?


He not only has a job but does the housework.

Can you excuse us a minute?

Thanks for giving me a ride home.

He read his books until midnight.

Aren't you cold in short sleeves?


I hear about that the network is very popular now.

She accused me of not writing to her sooner.

I published my little book in 2001.

I'd like to thank you both.

To lose faith in God is to lose your guide.


I'm not sure who wrote this report.

Oh, here comes Chris.

Would you mind if I told them?


The structure is deficient in harmony.

They like reading English literature.

Matt unfolded the letter and read it.