e-Thrust WorkFlow


Various Funds on Offer

Ice Fund
  • Inter-exchange cryptocurrency trading using API.
  • Bot based Investments in cryptocurrency inter-exchange price variation.
  • ICE Bot employs Machine Learning algorithms.
  • ICE Bot studies historic price patterns.
  • ICE BOT uses game theory for price prediction of cryptocurrency.
  • Lowest buy-in.
Rocket Fund
  • Primo BOT + non-cryptocurrency Investments
  • Trading BOT combined with ICO investments & non-cryptocurrency markets
  • 25% of funds is invested in non-cryptocurrency markets such as stocks, ideas/startups worldwide
  • An advanced bot lists out 3 lucrative non cryptocurrency investments while taking industry experts views into consideration.

e-Thrust Timeline

  1. e-Thrust Idea was conceptualized after multiple hours of brain storming sessions.
  2. The first team is assembled and ready to build e-Thrust.
  3. Website goes live. Our idea is released to the public via our whitepaper.
  4. Subscription to our pre-ICO whitelist starts.
  5. Based on pre-ICO performance 1st round of ICO is launched. The 2nd round of ICO will be done 15 days from closing of 1st round of ICO.
  6. e-Thrust ERC20 tokens are officially listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.
  7. Subscription to e-Thrust ICE FUND and PRIMO FUND are open for all.
  8. Subscription to ICE FUND and PRIMO FUND ends. The two FUNDS goes live and weekly/monthly reports available to all subscribers.
  9. Subscription to ROCKET FUND is open. Subscribers of ICE and PRIMO FUND can upgrade to ROCKET FUND with added incentives.

Frequently Ask Questions

How much profits is to be expected ?

With e-Thrust expect a profit margin of 35% to 150% per year(may go higher), based on your subscription model.

What is e-Thrust?

e-Thrust is a cryptocurrency hedge fund that uses bots to seek out and perform profitable trades.

What is a cryptocurrency ?

A digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

What is a hedge fund ?

Hedge funds are alternative investments using pooled funds that employ numerous different strategies to earn high active return, for their investors.

What is minimum buy in ?

Each of the three funds have a minimum buy in amount. This is the least ammout of tokens that needs to be invested in order to subscribe a pirticular fund.

What is the process of investing in any fund ?

Firstly one needs to invest more than the minimum buy in amount in order to subscribe to a fund. Once subscribed your investments are locked in for 90 days, 180 days or 365 days as per your choice. You will recieve profits in form of tokens based on the fund performance at intervals of 90 to 110 days or 10 days from end of your subscription as per investors choice.

What is e-Thrust BOT (ICE bot, Primo Bot, Rocket Bot) ?

A bot is a computer program that executes tasks as per set guidelines. At e-Thrust we use very powerful bots armed with technologies such as machine learning and advanced data analytics capabilities to make best and swift investment calls.

What is the fee structure ?

e-Thrust employs the traditional 2 to 20 hedge fund fee structure. A 2% asset management fee is charged and a 20% cut of the profits generated.


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