Eddy can take anything he wants.

I'm taking them home with me.

Marry me.

He's depressed about the result.

Frankly speaking, in that GP Vettel was driving like a rookie.

What is your favorite classic rock song?


Don't pat me on the head like I'm still a child!

Have a good flight.

This could take awhile!

The scientist explained the strange phenomena in the light of recent scientific knowledge.

From what he says, I don't think we should go.

My temperature was below thirty-seven degrees this morning.

Kuldip died from his injuries.

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I have no choice but to follow those orders.

We don't want to be a bother.

Samuel walked home from school.


Jill seems to be losing patience.


People living in town don't know the pleasures of country life.

I like hot tea better than cold.

After Roderick was promoted to managing director, Debi told him to splurge on the made-to-measure Italian suit he'd always wanted but never before could afford.

A poisoned cherry may kill a duke.

Everything was pointing to this answer.

He must have been brought up in a good family.

He's just a normal junior high school student, not particularly intelligent.

Is there any place in particular that you'd recommend I visit while I'm in Boston?

By chance, I met my professor at a restaurant last night.

Vance remained skeptical.

Celeste was home alone.

I want to meet him.

I was afraid of her having been punished.

This is the first time that I have been here.

Welcome, students!

I had him carry my bag.

I hope it stops raining.


I'm sorry I told you.


Sergio needs to leave early today.


Do you even know what that is?

I saw a rabbit in the forest.

She takes very good care of her clothes.

Where's the nearest drugstore?

Roberta didn't specify what he wanted.

You don't say.

Your purse is open.

"Do you speak French?" "No, I don't."

Victor is eating breakfast right now.

I'm getting sick of this.

Children have everything, except what we take away from them.

He was just thirty-six years old.

Marion felt lonely.


The population of the city is about 100,000.

What's your favorite season?

What's it all about?

They pushed the gurney down the hall.

Stainless steel doesn't rust.


He's three inches taller than I am.

My brother is a member of the rescue squad.

Po says that he has to go to Boston the day after tomorrow.


Don't trust him, no matter what he says.

We're probably safe for the time being.

I get anxious waiting for a friend for a long time.

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Maria knew neither his name nor his phone number.

She should have known better.

The girl talking with Mayumi is my sister.

Did you draw this yourself?

He was right to keep silent.

I feel perfectly fine.

The true value of a man lies not so much in what he has as in what he is.

I couldn't spot him.

He's a real prick.

He is playing over there.

Let's hurry it up.

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Why do you ask me that?

You'll meet someone else.

I realized one month had passed without my making good my promise.

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Do you think I'm weird?

She goes to the library every other day.

Let me call you back in a minute.


This girl is the most intelligent.

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Julie laughed a little.


I seldom listen to the radio.

Torsten may be hurt.

If the United States try to hit and annihilate Iran, this will be its last war.

Mikey raked up all the leaves.

I was thinking about what you said.

I read that the president of Brazil is a woman. Her name is Dilma.

I'd like to book a table for four for tomorrow night.

President Hoover tried to solve the crisis.

What was Harry singing?


The Mongolian army approached the city.

Whose umbrella did you use?

They weren't speaking French.

I want somebody to talk to.

Speak for yourself, Molly.

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She was fluent in French.

I had no difficulty in persuading my father to let me study abroad.

Kathy is not religious.

It's a lie that, "they don't eat fish raw abroad."

Keep practicing, Dory.

I hope we have fine weather tomorrow.

I'd like seats on the first floor.

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How did you know I was with Clark?

I doubt whether a native speaker would say it like that.

I just have a few more questions.

Sports are stupid.

Which group is your friend in?

"Now, where's my freaking money?" "I don't have money; I spent all my money on dinner." "You will find money." "Or else what?" "I will seize your house!" "Shit!"

Have you told Kathleen who your French teacher is?

There are many more beautiful ladies in Shanghai than in Tokyo.

Hard work has brought him success.

I am unsettled about the news.

Tell me where you've been.

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We'll be on our way.


His bike is better than mine.


You're hardworking.

Take control of your destiny.

Giovanni hoped that one of the teams would pick him.

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May I speak to you in private?

Jesus's house burned down in 2013.

The public's fascination with organized crime is very disturbing.

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I didn't mean to step on your foot.


Francis is taking the week off.


He stared straight at her.


I was able to see him coming through the window.

Novo finished packing his suitcase.

I'm extremely unhappy about it.

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I don't need you to remind me of anything. I know what I'm supposed to do.

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He is always pressed for money.

Where did you go with that girl?

Something is not right with Charlie.

Thomas is not wearing a shirt.

The lake was frozen.

Ellie is very feminine.

I will look after the dog.

We were proud of Hitoshi.

The loss adds up to more than one million dollars.

If there was no air, man could not live for even ten minutes.

I see much future potential in you.

I see you had to work late again last night.

She is in the habit of taking exercise before breakfast.

He tries hard.

It's not practical.

You are exactly like your father.

You have to tell me something.

Do you think Pravin is well-built?

Where did you get those shoes?

There's no school today.

Swampy land is no use for building purposes.

Nate ordered beer for himself and red wine for Marshall.

He called you.


A hundred years is called a century.

I feel helpless.

To put it bluntly, he's mistaken.


Victoria gave me a black eye.

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The boss gave us all a day off.

A person will come that without words will make you feel like a nobleman.

I missed the end of the movie because of you.


Ravindranath is easy to get along with.

We're going to be in Boston all week.

Over sixty people were arrested.

Ask for him.

I'm honored to know you.

She completely cleaned her plate.

The conductor forgot to punch my ticket.


Some snakes are poisonous.

I'm trying to make a living here.

Let's look outside.