I think Elias is jealous.

She'd better tame that violent temper.

You said that you were here yesterday.

Moran took a few snapshots.

All the kids I grew up with could swim before they started going to school.

The political party crossed the margin of five percent in the first polls.

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You're a lot like Sanity.

Swimming will develop many different muscles.

Nothing could be done about that.

Don't play games with me.

Are you sure I can't give you some help?

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Close your book.

I said I'd wait.

Stan tried to guess how much Hamilton weighed.

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Kolkka said he wasn't ready to give up.

If it were absolutely necessary to choose, I would rather be guilty of an immoral act than of a cruel one.

If at all possible, you should go and look into the matter yourself.

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These plants are too small. I don't think that they'll grow.


We've got plenty of food.

The man in the corner addressed himself to the husband.

I was asked for my personal opinion about the matter.

Give me the book back once you've finished reading it.

Tharen wouldn't murder anybody.

This isn't the time.

Repetition is the father of learning.


Seth isn't bossy.


I couldn't help you even if I wanted to.

Lanzarote is not so beautiful.

Have you ever thought about the connection between the breath, the mind, and the body?

She drank straight from the bottle.

I can assure you everything has been taken care of.


We never got an answer from them.


I'm going back for him.

You'll be more comfortable in this room.

I stayed at home because I have got flu.

I take a taxi to the train station.

The croaking frogs inspired tremor in Sergeant.

This is the worst! I've gone and washed my pants with tissues still in the pocket.

I intended to visit Rome last year.

I do not think he will ever get over the loss of his wife.

The plural of cactus is cacti.

It is wrong of you to discriminate against people because of their race.

That problem naturally invited debate.


My mother doesn't like the heat of summer.

I'd like to visit Boston at least one more time before I die.

These tales have been passed on from generation to generation.


Is there anything else you want to say?

Learning vocabulary is a neverending struggle.

I do trust you, Maria.


The colors of the pattern are very ordinary.

He's pig-headed.

Nathan graduated from college three years ago.

That's more than a sentence; it's a painting of words.

He gave her a considerable sum of money.


They'll become teachers.

I dropped them off at Kanda.

You may stay.

Please stay at my house tonight.

I used a spirit level to make sure the shelf was perfectly horizontal.

The savage in man is never quite eradicated.

She carried a baby on her back.

Do something useful.

No one wants to be a sucker.

What went wrong here?

I want to live in Helsinki.


It's no use talking to me.


Srinivas pointed at Antony.

Theodore had a rough day.

Paul, we can borrow up to 8 books.

Jeffie has a fever.

There is gruel.

The website's tagline has to let people know what that business does and how it differs from the competition.

They wouldn't have ordered that dish if they'd known what it was.

I'm really starting to hate it here.

Would you please let me get back to work?

We want freedom.

She studies English.

This is Hsi's tomcat's tomb.

You still don't get it, do you?

There is only a marginal difference between the two.

Why does Phiroze think that?

Don't wilt away, love.

But, of course, hindsight is 20-20.

I didn't understand that.

The only useful knowledge is that which teaches us how to seek what is good and avoid what is evil.


Ramneek wiped Randolph's tears away.

Is she coming here to relax?

We're still missing one.

I heard everything.

Opportunities like this don't come along every day.


Let me just check my calendar.


Her actions are inconsistent with her words.


I'm not satisfied with the quality of your work.


You wait right here.


Ned has broken something again.

Totoro says: "I can't speak Chinese."

Is that an issue?

Ozan divided the pie into three equal parts.

You were jealous.


If you are interested, let us meet again tomorrow.

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I'll do it the way you've told me to do it.

A sentence is never innocent.

He has completely avoided being sentimental.


Do you want to know his name?

Are there big rivers in Germany?

I don't have a snowball's chance in hell.

I met them when I was thirteen.

She looked happy in her new dress.


Tears began to spill down his cheeks.

What Chinese restaurant do you go to?

I did some modeling when I was younger.


Who taught you the piano?

The teacher interpreted the passage of the poem.

The soup is so hot I can't drink it.


We scaled up Mount Fuji last year.

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There's your receipt.

Tokyo is bigger than Rome.

Translating is not nearly as easy as many people might think.

It would be interesting, I think.

Can you think of anybody who might be willing to teach my children French?

I have seen James recently.

Do you see my point?

Amigo is passionate.

Food is digested in the stomach.


You need to apologize to them.

The TV was on all the time.

You missed her, didn't you?

That's how it usually happens.

They formed a project to build a new school building.

Tolerant forgot the anniversary of their first date.

Valeria asked Travis to remind him to call John in the morning.

Once is enough.

Do you want us to call you?

Before opening his diner, John was a simple hot dog vendor.

She's always been a hothead.

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Didn't I just give you a dollar?

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Let's put this in the trunk.

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We'll leave tomorrow morning.

The ship is now in dock for a refit.

They all entered.


Norman never went out.


Are you going to say anything?


If you can't come, send someone in your stead.

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Ji tried to distract the police so Neil could escape.

Liyuan doesn't want to see Piet's face ever again.

It was not conclusive.

That man is very tanned.

I prefer cats to dogs.

I can hear everything you're saying.

They died trying to save others.


Bigots work against democracy.

I want to have a friend.

Mihari is guarding the gate to Pinku Reiga's mansion. In spite of her harmless looks, she has earned herself a reputation as a cold-hearted, fierce and merciless killing machine.


Yesterday, my boyfriend told me he'd heard that beautiful women love to be called intelligent, and intelligent women love to be called beautiful. Then he added, "So you must love it that people call you both." In your opinion, how am I supposed to feel about that?

I ran into Mr Lynch on the bus.

Carter seemed to enjoy himself yesterday at the party.

Strawberries are now in season.

I didn't want to upset Marnix.


I'm getting married in October.

The mission of the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory was to study gamma-ray emissions in not only our galaxy, but other galaxies beyond ours.

I can handle myself.