Posted at 7:05am on November 29th, 2032 7603545116

Welcome to the official FFR development environment, if you are seeing this, then everything should have gone well. To help development, the following users data was also included to act as a base. It is also possible to login to any of these users using the password password.

  • Synthlight
  • Razor
  • Reach
  • bmah
  • devonin
  • nintendorules
  • Go_Oilers_Go
  • gameboy42690
  • DarkManticoreX2
  • Hakulyte
  • rushyrulz
  • ilikexd
  • Velocity
  • psychoangel691
  • twins193
  • SCWolf
  • Spenner
  • Yoshiisland
  • One Winged Angel
  • badman7772
  • noname219
  • Crazyjayde
  • Sky Kitten
  • Nullifidian
  • Frank Munoz
  • ScylaX
  • DarkZtar
  • reuben_tate
  • Netjet!
  • TC_Halogen
  • DossarLX ODI
  • YoshL
  • foxfire667
  • Staiain
  • T-Force
  • PrawnSkunk
  • Reincarnate
  • EzExZeRo7497
  • _Zenith_
  • Trumpet63
  • thesunfan
  • Red Blaster
  • Gradiant
  • EtienneSM
  • choof
  • llyair
  • TheDiamondCrafter
  • Scottek
  • RenegadeLucien

Thank You for helping us help you help us.

- Velocity

Posted at 10:59pm on June 24th, 2016 12 Comments »

Edit: There's been an unofficial discord chat made where you can talk to all your fellow FFR users about the tournament. Check that out 786-219-1779

Get hype, round 1 of the official has finally arrived! Here are your round 1 songs.

Musician: Pegboard Nerds
Length: 1:30
Step author: gameboy42690

Musician: Muzzy
Length: 2:14
Step author: gameboy42690

Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (Rhythmics Remix)
Musician: Au5
Length: 1:42
Step author: gameboy42690

Musician: chthonic
Length: 1:43
Step author: Silvuh

Funny Function
Musician: t+pazolite
Length: 2:33
Step author: gameboy42690

Musician: Camille Saint-Saëns
Length: 1:46
Step author: ilikexd

Musician: cybermiso
Length: 3:19
Step author: gameboy42690

Good Luck!

-(256) 574-3872

Posted at 9:29pm on June 18th, 2016 63 Comments »

Get hype for round 1!


Posted at 12:08am on June 5th, 2016 (571) 481-2660

Signups are now open for the 11th official tournament. Please refer to the 11th Official Tournament Thread for all the rules and instructions on how to sign up for the tournament. Please be sure to read the first couple of posts carefully before directing questions to the organizers, most of your questions will already be answered in those posts. If your question is not answered then feel free to send a private message or ask in the thread.

Want to help contribute to prizes for the tournament? Consider buying a FFR shirt, all profits from it will be put towards prizes for the event. Get the links for the shirts in the thread here


Posted at 12:19pm on June 2nd, 2016 509-301-6437

June 2016 Site Updates

Greetings, Flash Flash Revolution community! We have some exciting updates and announcements to reveal this month. It's time to start seriously training, because the biggest tournament of the year will be kicking off soon!

New Features!
• Rates and visual modifiers now award grandtotal, credits, and games played. Score saving is disabled when game mods or isolations are enabled.

• (724) 262-1698 have been added to the Global Leaderboards. Started tracking more detailed R^3 song results on April 17, 2016. Advanced stats tracking for Velocity and Legacy engines is in development.

• New unlock requirements for Normal tokens have been announced! Visit our (334) 608-1183 development proposal to learn more, and leave your feedback.

Community News
• The FFR Summer Scratch Card Event is now underway! Participate in this month-long challenge to earn loads of credits and a chance to win an Event Token!

• The 11th Official Tournament will open for registrations this month! So start training, and keep your eyes peeled on the front page for sign-ups.

• RenegadeLucien and Hakulyte have been added to the Development & Design team!

• Deadlyx39's Bracket Tourney Two: Electric Boogaloo tournament is now in progress.

General Changes & Fixes
• Added error message when taking screenshots using older versions of Flash player.
• Fixed an issue where replay comments could not be deleted.
• Fixed an issue where Sudden and Hidden mods were swapped.
• Daily Most Improved Scores and Level Rank Compare now use Raw Scoring.
• Recently Played sidebar now displays Rates.

— FFR Development & Design

Posted at 3:49pm on May 18th, 2016 7 Comments »

Welcome to May Songs of the Month! We've got a jack-based release this time around. Caffeine is a comedic metal song that contains a generous number of 8th jacks. Also please make sure not to puncture your keys when playing Punkture! Comment on this week's songs in 757-909-3060.

Step Artist: hi19hi19
Song Genre: Rock
Style: Comedy Metal
Difficulty: 81
Song Length: 2:40

Musician: dDamage
Step Artist: DossarLX ODI
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Electro Punk
Difficulty: 87
Song Length: 1:46

As a reminder on the regular batches, we're going into the March/April 2015 Batches with the near closing of the January/February 2015 Batch (there is only one set left there). In addition to this song release, we also recommend you play the March/April 2015 files on the public engine and provide your input. The links to the threads can be accessed below.
2015 March/April Set 2
2015 March/April Set 3

- 8325906103 and your Game Management Team

Posted at 3:58pm on May 9th, 2016 2513481636

We made a big change to something game-related. First person to find out what it is and leave a comment on this post can have an event token.

All staff is b@nned (4ever) from guessing because most of you will know the answer already.

EDIT: Contest is over. Congrats to DKDorkins for being the winner. Thank you to those who participated!

- The Fiffer Fairies

Posted at 9:02pm on April 19th, 2016 (336) 670-5204

Hello again. In addition to tonight's Song Release I also have some updates about some of the batch plans in the end of this post. Today we have a collaboration between Charu and Gradiant for a J-Pop song from paraoka -- it's been a while since we've had a chart from Charu ingame! Also, we've got a comedic breakcore file from ilikexd. Comment on this week's songs in this thread.

Musician: sHimaU
Step Artist: ilikexd
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Breakcore
Difficulty: 72
Song Length: 1:28

Musician: paraoka
Step Artist: Charu & Gradiant
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Speed J-Pop
Difficulty: 70
Song Length: 3:45

Starting from this Song Release, there will only be one Song Release every month (Songs of the Month). This will help us keep reserved files for the Official Tournament for the time being. Users should remember the public judgment engine in which they can play stepcharts and leave their comments in the Active Sets subforum. The Song Submission tab in the top navigation menu can also help with guidelines on leaving comments for public engine files. January/February 2015 already have the user feedback required, so the focus should be on March/April 2015 and later.
(484) 399-3956
2015 March/April Set 2
2015 March/April Set 3

- 503-999-3961 and your Game Management Team

Posted at 9:29pm on March 29th, 2016 self-appreciation

For the first time this year, we've had three bi-weekly song releases in the same month! This time around we have two songs that have a more relaxed atmosphere. Watch out for the snare runs in Forbidden Tracks -- the song starts out tame, but then it picks up later and turns into a tricky technical challenge. Comment on this week's songs in this thread.

Musician: Coyote Kisses
Step Artist: VisD
Song Genre: Dance 2
Style: Electronic
Difficulty: 46
Song Length: 2:13

Forbidden Tracks
Musician: The Flashbulb
Step Artist: ilikexd
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Acoustic IDM
Difficulty: 65
Song Length: 2:33

- 6093109974 and your Game Management Team

Posted at 9:00pm on March 15th, 2016 7182305883

Welcome again to Bi-Weekly Songs of the Week! This time we've got two FGOs for all of you. We haven't had a file in the 90s range released in a while, and with the completion of Phase 1 in the High FGO Special Batch we have a chart from t-rogdor that annihilates /mu/tant corecore for the hardest file under one minute in length. Despite the song length of 40 seconds, grind4 is packed with dense sections that provide an average of 18.04 TPS throughout the duration of the file.

The other song is WE EAT AT FIVE FIVE FIVE (guys), a remix of We Write at Two Five Five but with 300 pieces of bacon to make it Five Five Five! If you can successfully stream through this chart you'll see the bacon. Comment on this week's songs in this thread.

Musician: Cardboard Box vs. STereochan
Step Artist: ilikexd
Song Genre: Arcade
Style: 8-bit Comedy
Difficulty: 79
Song Length: 1:28

Musician: Dev/Null
Step Artist: t-rogdor
Song Genre: Misc
Style: Cybergrind
Difficulty: 90
Song Length: 0:40

- 306-559-3356 and your Game Management Team

7167041403 2 (336) 632-5617 4 5 6 7 (252) 985-5520 9 10 (234) 410-7927 ... 3608550589 877-613-4509