We elaborated on our study plan.

It's like I always say: you don't discuss taste.


Everything you want is there.

Ed didn't understand your joke.

Srinivasan doesn't know who to believe: John or Mark.


Marina knows where the meeting will be.

Maybe we should've listened to Beth.

I believe Darryl will do that.

She had lost the art of conversation but not, unfortunately, the power of speech.

Hamilton is anticipating his trip to China.

When she woke next morning, very early, it was still dark.

What would you say?

But we know his intentions are good.

Graeme wondered when dinner would be ready.


It is difficult for him to solve the problem.


Don't touch it if it's hot!

I know I've told you this before.

That is quite possible.

What did Shuvra reply?

I think we're going to have a very strong team.


The gravedigger was left by an avalanche.

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I'd like to leave the city and rediscover nature.


Perhaps it was worth it.

The concert was a huge success.

I sensed what was happening.


I gave my cold to Graeme.


Andrea got a letter from Pierre today.

"You know a kid called Megumi Noda, right?" "Noda?" "Makes weird sounds like 'Hagya', 'Fugi'"

No one had slept on that bed.

Before going to Mexico, I studied Spanish.

"Give me your soul", said the evil.

They turned to face each other, and then kissed each other on the lips.

The Ship Island region was as woody and tenantless as ever.

Would it be OK if I told Wayne why?

Your family should come before your career.


The Prime Minister nominated him as Foreign Minister.

Do you know how to play chess?

Why don't you give it to Dannie?


An apple fell to the ground.

Don't leave without me.

I'll buy Shutoku that pony he's always bugging me for.

I saw a white bird on my way home.

I think you're funny.

I've hurt myself.

The old castle stands on the hill.

They got up to greet him.

These headphones don't work.

They are about to start.

We will show you how to catch a fish.


How was the play?


I'll have them look at it.

You know what needs to be done.

That place is open to everybody.

I just need to know what Ranjit wants.

That sounds like Natraj.


He is much taller than I am.

We were obliged to give up our plan.

I thought we were past that.

Let me talk to somebody.

My life is falling apart.

Antonio stayed up late last night.

They sweated gallons.

Are you a translator?

Marian noticed that all the other boys were wearing neckties.

Martin didn't expect that result.

Even beautiful people have problems.


We're already good friends.

I see him pretty often.

There are limits.

That's what you've always wanted.

Would you give Blaine this for me?

The doctor may have said so.

Bernard can join us if he wants.


They each paid separately.


It's my turn to do that.

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The power is back on.


He is worshiped as a god by everyone.


I could kiss you right now.

We'll all be together soon.

As for the papers, I have custody of them.

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Win just got her hair done.


Brothers should not quarrel.

I'll expect you tomorrow unless you let me know otherwise.

When is my next appointment?


Do you approve of what she is doing?

At that instant it exploded with a great noise.

It may not come to that.

My mind was racing.

"What is this? An offering?" "That's right. Put it in this offertory box ... and pull this rope."

Obviously, he is to blame.

Hardly a day passes that I don't think of you.

At the risk of sticking my neck out, I think that if we do that, we're making a big, big mistake.

He learned the news while reading the newspaper.

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When I return I want everything to be prepared.

Price shot them.

Good company on the road is the shortest cut.

What he said turned out to be a lie.

We solved the problem by mutual concessions.

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I'll pay any price.

You're using that dictionary as a crutch. You don't really need it.

You may imagine the surprise of the prince's mother when she saw her son return accompanied by a bear, who at once set about doing the house-work better than any servant that the queen had ever seen.

Why not come along with us?

Instead of cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?

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This fact accounts for his ignorance.

Suffering shared is half as painful.

It's Ying Li.

The sooner you start saving money for your retirement, the better off you'll be.

She said absolutely nothing, and yet I guessed it all.

The traffic lights were all red.

That's an inspiration.

When the landlord's away, the tenants will play.

These trousers are made of durable cloth.

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I'm sorry I lost my temper.

What does he do for our town?

Shahid inherited the family business.

The company reported record profits in 2012.

I like the gray sweater more than the purple one.

I haven't been shopping yet.

I want you to give each other a hug.

We don't have a thing to worry about.

Nate and his classmates are going to an art museum tomorrow afternoon.

I think you ought to rest a while.

The many ruined houses arranged like an old wasp's nest made me think that there had to have been a spring or a well at some point.


You're really hateful!


Can't I just run away?

Jurevis just texted me.

She always cared about my health.

I watch the BBC.

The experience soured his outlook on life.

He grew his beard and hair in order to look old.

Once upon a time a great and powerful king married a lovely princess.

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I want you to go easy on them.

Thanks for all your great photos!

We tried to save Jimmy.


Murat is shorter than me.

Marriage isn't really something that young people are interested in.

Sedat filled both buckets with water.

A couple of sparrows are building a nest on the balcony of my house.

Theodore kissed the baby's forehead.

I usually watch television before supper.

I'm having the place totally renovated.

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Since the weather is so good, can I open a window?


We're dieting.

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George W. Bush choked on a pretzel and fainted.

She is a dreamer.

Mitch is more intelligent and sophisticated than most boys his age.

I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files from my iPod back to my computer.

Many homeless people can't afford healthy food.

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He took the pen and wrote the address.

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Whichever highway you decide on, it will be crowded with cars and trucks.

She had azure hair and a face white as wax. Her eyes were closed and her hands crossed on her breast.

Do you really trust her?


I have a backache.

I'm not going to dissuade you from going up that mountain. Just watch out for the yetis.

You should rely on yourself.

My father is an English language teacher.

It happened very fast.

Mariou couldn't find a decent job in Boston, so he moved to Chicago.

It's your last chance.


I want you to let her live.

I can't just leave them there.

Once you have fixed it for him, do wash your hands for they are dirty indeed.