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Matt Ridenour Full Stack Web Application Developer

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Over 20 years of Programing, DevOps, and System Administration experience

Web Application Development: Full stack, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Coffeescript, Javascript, Backbone.js, Solr searches, TDD, Docker, Heroku, React, Flux architecture

DevOps: 614-295-1851 via Terraform, AWS cloud services, and Docker

System Administration: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Apache, Nginx, HAProxy, MySQL, User management, Rightscale, and more!

(This site is running in a Docker container on AWS ECS and was deployed with Terraform.)

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Ruby on Rails APIs

RoR APIs supporting single page web clients and mobile.

Cloud Based

Scale from Development to Sky's the Limit with AWS!

Docker Ready

Container based workflows from development to deployment!

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code with Terraform; Immutable is beautiful!

My Profiles


Includes demos of RoR APIs, Terraform based AWS infrastructure, and more!

(204) 679-5596

Here, but mostly abandoned for GitLab.


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My resume in PDF format.

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