This keyboard is perfect.

That is what the British people expect of their Queen.

Since I'm busy, maybe Julia can help you.

To my astonishment, my money was gone.

His mark's lowering was progressive.

He always takes his time in everything he does.


Be careful not to step on the dog's tail.

Who would even think of doing such a thing?

What are you guys waiting for?

At first everybody was convinced of his innocence.

Are you sure that it was Ping?

There is no creature among all the Beasts of the world which hath so great and ample demonstration of the power and wisdom of almighty God as the elephant.

Honzo became famous overnight.

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Gabriel doesn't want to talk about this.

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I just lost my best friend in a traffic accident.


I never could keep a secret.

We hope to see a lot of development over the next decade.

The office telegraphed that they had not received my application.

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Maybe we can do something to help.

I've been there once.

You'll get one.


I can't imagine what you're going through.


I know it.

Here's what really happened.

We'll never have to do this again.

I don't want to buy any cookies today.

Taurus had no place to live.

Let's make Valentine's Day chocolate today.

I met an American girl.

Philippe said he could hear Patricio and John arguing.

I was in a hurry.

If you cannot enjoy solitude, you cannot enjoy the company of others.

She found the key to my heart.

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I barely managed to catch the train.


He moved out of his parents' place.

Smoking has an ill effect upon health.

We aren't the Americans!

Kanthan has asked Lou to meet him at his office tomorrow.

Has a solution been found?


In 1632, Galileo published a book that said the Earth orbited the Sun. The Catholic Church arrested him and put him on trial.

I find it hard to express my feelings in words.

Happy birthday, Shishir!

The measles virus is super contagious.

You must be getting tired of listening to everyone's personal problems.

France has a common border with Italy.

I wish I were there right now.

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How are the negotiations coming along?

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I'd like to leave the city and rediscover nature.

Are you all right?

Please give your mother my best regards.

I want breakfast in my room.

He carried out his mission very well.

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Lenora has decided not to stay until Monday.

She read my mind.

The plane is about to take off.

Housing could be obtained at a price.

Dan wanted directions to a good Chinese restaurant.


A dog has four legs.

It's not negotiable.

That'll come in handy, I think.

Hope is the last thing that man has to flee unto.

Dan didn't even want to drive.

You're our only hope.

He said he hadn't been inside the room. That is a lie.

Tao showed Janice her wedding ring.

You should receive them by the end of the week.

Tareq left the door ajar and Honzo could overhear what she was saying.

Rome, thou art a whole world, it is true, and yet without love this world would not be the world, Rome would cease to be Rome.

He seemed to conceal the fact.

I'm available in case you need something.


Put it on the floor.


I find myself in partial agreement with both of these arguments.

Moscow is the only city in the world, located inside the Moscow Ring Road.

He said what?!

Do you know of any good restaurant near here?

Konstantinos is in a state of shock.


Celia is going to have another baby.

I don't want to do that either.

Guido did it out of a sense of justice.

I couldn't see any stars in the sky.

I use the knife you gave me quite often.

Everything is connected.

A major New York newspaper reports that coastal flooding as a result of global warming is already underway.

That's my skill talking.

It is warm.

Women generally live longer than men.

Either this man is dead or my watch has stopped.


Are you telling me you are not my father?

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I don't know how else to explain it.

What are you planning to do?

I always thought Japan was the only country where people remove their shoes inside the house.

I don't know when Bob came to Japan.

You're driving me nuts.

Naresh won't be bothering you anymore.

We will take a quick break.


Where is a Chinese restaurant?

The natives collect and store rain-water to drink.

Let me talk to you.

Suresh is living in the middle of nowhere.

I'd like to go out with you.


He enjoys his position.

I've been waiting for you for over a week.

Our friendship remained firm.

Whoever comes first will get the best seats.

I didn't expect to find you here.

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Glen is friends with Sonny.

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Metin's hyperventilating.


I told her I was interested.

This is above reason.

My sunglasses are broken.

Is there anything you don't know?

Laurel used to sing to me when I was a kid.

I have a lot of friends here.

I have nothing to write with.

As far as I know, he did nothing wrong.

There's only one problem with that.


I've told Srinivas the truth.

Everything I just told you is true.

There are clouds in the sky.

Sometimes the game lasted all day.

Douglas couldn't live up to Deirdre's expectations.

I'm painting Easter eggs.

The last I heard, Sid and Bill are still married.


I'm going to think of something.


I still don't speak French very well.

A popular, capacious theatre in the city tempted many a moviegoer on a hot, sunny afternoon.

You have a nasty concussion.

I'll read more attentively.

I'm a grandfather.

I propose to investigate the vegetation of the island in great detail.

Few people have a typewriter.

I hope Knapper doesn't do it again.

Compare your composition with the example.

Make the most of your vacation.

He told her something and she smiled.


Remember what we argued about yesterday? Turns out you were right all along.

What are you?

Christophe was absent.

She has a Japanese car.

Glynn tried to help me, but I told him I didn't need his help.

He was afraid of his wife.

He is talking on the phone.

Francis bought a new camera.

I don't know if I should stay or run.


I only stole a few coins.

It's a tough and reliable vehicle.

I heard your father isn't doing well.

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These gloves belong to them.

We often hear it said that time flies.

I'm not sure that's possible.

Felix thinks it impossible for Roderick to break the record.

She looks very lovely.

I'm actually very happy.

We're waiting for the shop to open.


You should take your work a little more seriously.


It'll be difficult to complete this report by Monday.

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I would never be your husband.

He maintains his car well.

It's still functioning.

I have it completely under control.

Lorien doesn't know all the rules.

He has gained enough wisdom not to say so.

I received a letter which was written by her.

Everything is transitory.

He didn't have to say it twice.

Curtis has a very welcoming smile.

I didn't see you at Vistlik's party last night.