I've been getting to know her.

I still have a score to settle with him.

Jianyun felt very guilty about what happened.

All my friends are getting married.

Some parents complained about the nude pictures in their children's textbooks.


Our teachers are highly qualified.

What are you doing for New Year?

There will be bright spells.

There, pandas have been trained to perform dozens of items.

I left Del in charge.

You are either with us, or against us.

The officers were satisfied.

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Why aren't there any lights?

His story was interesting to us all.

There's no good reason not to do that.

Take as much time as you want.

Jerrie said he'd be right back.


It looks like you got it working.


Raanan was touchy.

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Perry is on the admissions committee.

People are still scared.

I lie on my face.


Babies don't stay babies forever.

I have to go away for a while.

Tai and Olson exchanged puzzled looks, wondering what the smell was.

She visited not only Kyoto but also Nara.

Did you feed the dog?

Mr Brown is a doctor.

He is now glad, now sad at the progress of the game.

It being rainy, I stayed home.

Each student has their own computer.

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The arrow pierced the thick board.

Swamy asked me whether I liked Mott or not.

Can you teach me how to play golf?

Srinivas wrote the report all by himself.

He put a mark on the page.

She won't even look at the offer.

I told you to be home by midnight.

Agatha is as tall as any student in his class is.

I think I'm going to throw up.

He built a new house for himself.

Maurice handed Deborah a white envelope.


Eduardo said he heard Kyu's voice.

Mark Zuckerberg is atheist, not theist.

I was a bit surprised.

We can be held responsible.

You have no business doing it.

We are living in the age of invention.

The space station is designed to be a permanent orbiting research facility. Its major purpose is to perform world-class science and research that only a microgravity environment can provide.

Louis wants to go to Australia.

You've got to help me out.


My mother doesn't concern herself with politics.

It was a fabulous show which brought us an endless delight.

She reconciled herself to living there.


It happened before I met Bea.

When will you next visit?

There's a very good view from that hill.

The boss is there?

She didn't write either.


I think that's what Pradeep was trying to do.


He's better at it than I am.

She called him back to give him something he had left behind.

You should keep clear of that side of town.

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If you want to feed your pet, you must treat it well.

"You can't have fun all the time." "Why not?"

I received this fax from him.

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She always gives an instant answer.

He's a rebel.

Let me taste it.

Are you asking for my help?

The French government has launched an online game that challenges taxpayers to balance the national budget.


Do you want to stop him?


Why didn't you warn him?


He felt pity for us.

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What do you say to taking a cup of coffee?


He had difficulty in finding his way to the hotel.

Drink driving is a surefire way to get into trouble with the police.

Strange as it may seem, nobody was injured in the fire.

Did Brender tell you when he was going to take his vacation?

I've been sent to give you this.

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He stayed up all night reading a novel.


She lived in the suburbs of Tokyo when she was young.

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Russell has been weak for some time now.

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Insects are everywhere.

Alf dribbled the ball down the court.

Her boyfriend is older than her.

I guess you don't remember me.

Metin will be out for hours.

Which is your favorite?

Don't rock in the chair. It's going to break.

They went to the United States last month.

We had to let Vincenzo go.

The Alpinists carried out the ascent, but they did not return safely.

Access to the domestic market should act on the whole island as a powerful incentive for economic development.

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I didn't leave the door open.


Who do you think will be able to help us?


I need to explain a few things.

Don't bring any food inside the laboratory.

This is the only picture I have of my great-great-grandfather.


A young woman was singing and playing the guitar in front of the fountain.


I got a new pair of shoes.

I hope my boss will agree to my realistic plan.

Come and see my garden tomorrow.


It'll be a while until we're ready.

You'll have to wait at least an hour to get a ticket.

He was an early riser in his youth.

Let me introduce my sister to you.

Raanan is in his pajamas.


How are you going to catch her?

Gerald broke a glass.

So long as I live, you shall want for nothing.

When one takes a bath, the telephone rings.

I wish I were as smart as you are.

When I was a child, my mother would often read fairy tales to me.

She is on the teaching staff.

Find out all you can about her.

Why is everyone so excited?

He said that America declared its independence in 1776.

Van said he didn't know anyone who could speak French.

You won't survive.

You'll feel better in a few hours.

They owe a huge amount of money on their house.

Sofoklis told Maarten that he wanted to eat.

Let's talk.

I'll tell everyone.

Who wants me dead?

Dan is ready to stand before a judge.


This wall blocks the wind.

Johnnie is sitting in front of the TV.

I stuck two sheets of paper together with paste.

Could you mind my bag for a moment while I go to the toilet?

The policeman called attention to the problem of pickpockets.

I like boys to be lively.

Some French mayors have been trying to outlaw the so-called burkini, an extremely modest garment which some Muslim women wear on trips to the beach. Critics of such measures have pointed out the fact that the garment, which covers most of the body and even the arms and legs, strongly resembles the thermal wetsuits used by divers and surfers.

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May I put my seat back?


I thought you might know where Margie went.


This case also applies to other cases.

Some Americans joined the Communist Party.

We stayed in a chalet.

Have you told them we're here?

I've never seen such a lovely girl.

In wine there's wisdom, in beer there's strength, in water there are bacteria.

I enjoy talking with Cliff.

I said sorry, didn't I?

In elementary school, I was a prodigy and I was mostly the first or second best student in my class.


Patricio bought a new camera so he sold his old one.

I'm based in Boston now.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Are you going to Alexis's party?

Have you ever forgotten your wife's birthday?


They are free from care and anxiety.


We have a very important decision to make.

Leads wants to know what we're doing here.

I cannot jump to the sea. I don't know how to swim.


I admire your ambition.


I've never seen them so angry.

Many European kitchens have scales because dry ingredients are measured by weight there, unlike in America, where they are measured by volume.

When do you plan on beginning?

I'll know not to do it that way next time.

I don't want your gold or your silver.