We are ever more interconnected. Every day, thanks to new technologies, we get in touch with realities different from ours. Sometimes they only need to be explored. Learning to communicate is the key to open ourselves up to the others, to overcome boundaries and prejudices. We will change the way we perceive the world. How? Encouraging interactions between people, getting through linguistic and cultural barriers.
DADA will break all current language

Experts and researchers have long been witnessing the advantages of speaking more languages: concentration is refined, problem-solving skills are improve, it can open new employment opportunities and it therefore allows for better earnings.

Put aside the traditional learning method! With DaDa, learning a new language will turn into child’s play!

Everybody knows that studying languages is becoming increasingly necessary, but at the same time succeeding in this operation is always difficult.

The high cost, lack of time and lack of perseverance often do not allow to achieve the objectives set.

The problem
Time consuming
Earn  coins

Thanks to DaDa, each user has the opportunity to start from his own language level in an engaging and dynamic way!

We offer a revolutionary incentive to learn a new language: allows the user to earn DaDa coins at the end of each level!

At the same time, DaDa aims to improve the learning process through the creation of a worldwide community, encouraging collaboration and cooperation of users.

Where do Dada coins come from?


The best DaDa users can choose to be considered for translations on behalf of DaDa. We have therefore thought of a service aimed at companies and brands around the world that can take advantage of the experience of our DaDa users to translate their texts in multiple languages.

Language certifications

After studying a language, users can obtain a certificate issued by DaDa certifying their knowledge of the foreign language. Users can take the exam in an economic way, on demand ,anywhere from them computers in under an hour, sharing the results with an unlimited number of institutions.

Interactive content

We will combine advertising and training, solving a key problem for those who today seek to advertise their product: getting the user's attention. exercises based on understanding the contents which are tailored for companies that want to take advantage of this special advertising service

Virtual classrooms

A platform to give teachers from all over the world thanks to which they can open a virtual classroom, invite their students to participate give them exercise and follow them through their growth path, available in the premium version without advertisements.

Token distribution


Presale event


Token Sale











First idea & concept by founder

Market and SWOT analysis
Strategy definition

Creation of the first operational team

Website, Whitepaper & Video

Company Formation
Creation of the DaDa token on Ethereum Blockchain

Private Sale
Demo ready for the investor

Token sale!

DADA Blockchain development begins
Further development of platform
Extension of technical team
Start development of the platform

Launch of DaDa with the first language classes. Implemented a system to converting DaDa coin in other cryptocurrencies.

Add of the other language classes
Implementation of the platform for language exchange through video call
Development of the DaDa Classroom

Full product
Partnership and collaboration

Research and improvements never end

~The Future.


Co-Founder (CEO)
Leonardo Sollami
Leonardo is an architect, experienced entrepreneur with an excellent creative mind. His energy is known to inspire motivation and focus in those around him. convinced that he can make a contribution in the world of cryptocurrencies.
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Giulia De Castris
Giulia is graduated in Languages & Cultures and Tourism Management. She now is an Italian teacher for foreigners and a tv editor. She is passionate about words and sounds. She spent her last years finding innovating communication strategies based on art and play: a universal language for a world without barriers
Chief marketing officer (CMO)
Marco Imperioli Diamante
Marco is a graduate student in Economics and passionate of business design, strategy and innovation. He worked as project manager office in Brussels and Rome and he’d like to use his experience in order to support the new ideas, technologies and turn them into fresh energy..
Laura Russo
Laura has a bachelor’s degree in Linguistic and Mediation Sciences, currently enrolled in a master’s degree course in Languages for International Communication. She has been working for two years in the migration field during which she has carried out linguistic researches and innovative pedagogic studies.
UI/UX Design
Rep at Quo Agency Inc
Diego Esau Gonzalez Rojas
Diego is leading Quo Agency on taking DADA's ideas and business requirements into functional and effective web user interfaces through well-made research, useful design, and clean development.
Stefano D’Annibale
Stefano, Architect, founder of X studio design. Has more than 14 years of experience as graphic design. His skill set includes many designing tools, such Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign. The first one who took our vision into real.


Strategic Advisor - CEO  (Netlex) & CTO (Friendz)
Giorgio Pallocca
Giorgio is a successful entrepreneur, CEO of amulti-million euro innovation project leveragingcloud solution. Business Angel. Experiencedinvestor in new types of businesses. Expert inserver architectures
Co-Founder & Chief
Technical Officer
Damiano H. Rodriguez
Damiano is an experienced entrepreneur. Greatbusiness mind and brilliant coder. ItalianInnovator officially recognized by the ItalianSenate. Blockchain technology enthusiast.

Dada changes the way we learn.

Everyone can easily acquire a new language encouraged by earning DADA Coins, all around the world.