Lievaart found a good place for me live.

Tomas doesn't want to talk to Srikanth.

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What kind?

Is it linguini or linguine?

Look, I want you to do me a favor.


The most experienced pilots have logged many thousands of hours in the cockpit.


I can't tell you now.


Keep it down in there.

You're the best dad ever.

Cecilia wants me to go back to Boston.


Pick up all your toys and put them away.


What did they offer?

This weed killer does not harm human beings.

I woke up at ten o'clock.

Come to the party, will you?

Send me some!

Achieving a nice weld bead is not within everyone's reach!

I didn't think about what I was doing.

Do you know what they found out?

History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

Andy, meet your new nanny.

They can speak English.

Think of the Egyptian pyramids. How were they built?

Sofia was the first paramedic on the scene of the accident.

How do you know that it's his?

It's fruit fresh from the tree.

She is still in the painful process of growing up.

Most athletes are at their best during their early manhood.


Hey, let's get on with it.

You're being paranoid.

Barrio says I can't stay home alone.


The button on your coat is coming off.


Hardly had he finished breakfast when the telephone rang.

You are mad to go out in the snow without a coat.

Before going to bed, a real programmer puts on the bedside table two glasses: one with water to drink during the night, and another empty, in case he won't be thirsty.


Isabelle says that he wants to be buried here.

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Don't try to deceive us.

Would you like to get together again next weekend?

The inconvenient improbability that we exist as self-conscious beings raises the ontological questions of where, when, and how did it all come into being.

I don't want fruit.

That's a definite improvement.


The dream is over.

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I was wondering if you might consent to an interview for my paper.

I don't care if you help me or you don't.

What time do you get up?

Hard work never hurt anyone.

Why didn't you just call in sick?

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I am still a stranger here.

I know about this already.

This may surprise you.

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It happened a long time ago.

Frederic could have come yesterday, but he didn't.

I wanted to get up earlier than Mother.


She screamed for help.

Orville thinks that looks are more important than personality.

Death in no way differs from life.

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Is this ball yours or hers?


Does he like his job ?

Cathryn was fluent in French.

Arne seemed to think we would be late.

Don't give me such a sad look.

It's even chances that he will get well.

What you said to her isn't accepted as a joke.

Your opponents are an illusion. There are no distinct entities of "us" versus "them."

Naresh asked Raphael what kind of food she liked.

How much do you love me?

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Did they say why?


Obesity is considered by far the most serious health issue facing the developed world.


He wished he had more time.

Your wife ought to tell you all about it.

The knows what's best for us.


Who stopped?

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This tent is perfect for two people.

Vic is a thoughtful young man.

They paid attention to her attitude.


You really fooled her.


I don't know what happens here.


Shut up, idiot!

That's sweet of you.

Do we have to be nice to them?

The children are singing around the camp fire.

What are you guys doing tonight?

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She practices playing the violin every day.

A spider can produce a silky substance from tiny openings on its underside.

Has it occurred to you that Louiqa might be able to help us solve the problem?


You could get into the Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest drinker.

Margaret Mead ascribes to the Balinese she studied an inability to follow complex directions. I ask, "What of her ability to express complex directions in Balinese?"

I wish I had gone with the others to the game yesterday.

They said they never saw you.

I suggest that you write him a thank-you letter.

I don't see you doing that.

Women are easily moved to tears.

Who's running this place?

Can you give us his name?

Is Loukas sick?

She waved her arms in hopes of getting his attention.

Maybe you're lying.

You've been informed of your account state three days ago.

They look like they're having fun.

Nobody lied.


Have you found a place to live?

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Let's go and swim in the river.


You look in the mirror and feel like a shitty person.


Do you like my motorcycle?

The boat was very crowded.

I meet with him once every six months.

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I don't share your optimism.

Don't judge me.

I think Coleen is considerate.

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The earth completes a rotation around its axis in exactly one day.

We will be landing at Tokyo International Airport momentarily.

Emmett is pacing.

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Dion is a frequent guest on the show.

Andrew forgot to lock his bike up, and when he came back it was gone.

It was starting to rain.

We seldom have snow here.

Raj has told me that same joke more than ten times.

What else can we expect?

I feel very sorry for him.


Matti didn't respond right away.

Randolph Jackson is one of the coaches on my soccer team.

She can foretell the future.


The police covered the body with a sheet.


Compared with his father he is lacking in depth.

Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America.

I've already made arrangements.

Where is the south terminal?

For too long, forgetting your mother tongue was a sign of patriotism in the land of immigrants.


What is it you propose?

My father gave me as much as 100 dollars.

Nobody can do it like he can.


I've seen you on TV.

We can trust them.

Laurianne was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to ten years in jail.

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The horse must have stumbled and have toppled the knight.


Donnie is a triathlete.

I met the prince himself.

Fat people generally sweat a lot.

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Don't listen to Victor.


Derek spent a sleepless night thinking of Kikki.

We love our school.

I didn't have the heart to tell Billy.

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He slumbered out the whole day.

We will not be able to send the package first thing tomorrow morning.

My mother taught me how to make osechi.

I saw fear in Denis's eyes.

I'll do my homework.

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I found out why Joni didn't want to come.

We totally forgot about lunch.

Sriram just listened.


We were obliged to give up our plan.

I want to leave this place quickly.

Bring me the scissors.