Bear south until you reach the river.

I told you you'd like Elijah.

The violence lasted for two weeks.


He is the last person I would want to go skiing with.

They found a secluded beach where they spent the day.

Children say such stupid things.

He has done much for his company.

I know all about Ramneek's personal problems.

I love you more than anybody else ever did.

Elijah is far too busy to talk to you today.

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There are mosquitoes even in Greece.

I don't know what plan he will try.

How could I help it?

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Roland wants to know when we're going to come over and help him.

Sharon says you talked him into it.

Look at all those people.

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We didn't anticipate their buying a new car.

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I paid only a trifle for the picture.

I just heard an alarm go off.

Where are you calling from?


No one was more surprised than me.

You're really the best when, and only when, it comes to angering people.

It's quite possible that Indra won't be at the meeting.

I tried to talk to them.

Both of them are at home.

I've waited so long for this.

Wendi is quite helpless.

Striking differences existed between the two boys.

Avail yourself of every occasion, you can take to perform good deeds.

Rajarshi is pretty outgoing, isn't he?

I see you got yourself a new bicycle.

Are those bedbugs?

Filiberto lives in a very large apartment in a city we're not familiar with.

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Apparently everyone was happy.

I know Nancy is up to something.

I don't have time to help them.

Everyone is different.

I couldn't get in touch with him.


Its value had trebled.


I am starting this evening.

We'll make the summit of the hill by noon.

Robin might be all right.


This is so easy.

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Being near the Emperor is like sleeping with a tiger.

It seemed like a fairy tale.

My parents will be happy.

He lives in the suburbs of Tokyo.

Even though he's old, he's still healthy.

Julian's smiling face let everyone know that she was happy.

How does that help us?


We have only thirty minutes to make our decision.

I want to become a good listener.

Theodore was lucky to grow up in a multilingual environment.

Even though we followed the stupid rules, look what happened.

You ought to see a doctor.

The tropical sun glared down relentlessly.

I am a photographer.

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The opening of the country had a great influence on Japanese civilization.

The nurse was a witch, though the king did not know it.

After months of negotiations, the peace treaty was completed.


What sort of danger are we in?


He is cutting the boy's hair.

It is threatening to rain.

I don't know where Mario is.

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I'm just grateful none of my friends saw me with Marlena.


Guilds were an important part of society in the Middle Ages.

Charley works for a large factory.

I had to deal with him.


Why would that bother her?


Don't spit through the window.

I'd like to see them both.

What were Harold and Jayesh celebrating?

Olaf hopes Gilles can come over to his house this afternoon.

No expense was spared in the construction of the Smith's dream home.

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The trains were jammed with commuters.

Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

We're proud of you.

He always gets bullied at school.

You said such horrible things to me.

Jussi is a pretty stupid guy.

If you're bored, I suggest you to go to the cinema.

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You've been suspended.

While in prison, Annie attempted an escape.

I cannot open this box without breaking it.


Who are those men in white suits?


Don't touch the goods.

Everyone's been talking about it.

Diane wanted me to be something I could never be.


The concentration of ascorbic acid in the tablet is very low.

Who cares what it's called?

This is our only hope.

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Some of the students like to play the guitar.

Smoking is bad for you.

The horse chafed at the bit put in its mouth.

It's evident.

I love your sense of humor.


That factory manufactures toys.

Barton is running out of time.

The truck cut in front of my car.

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I've never tried it.

Only with this difference am I a man.

It's very important to know how to let off steam, living in this world.

The desk is in a state of total disorder.

I caught three fish yesterday.


Nobody wants it.

I'm not going to press charges.

He testified that no money changed hands at the meeting.

You now have my full attention.

Enjoy the mild weather before the snow comes.

The air mainly consists of oxygen and nitrogen.

The package was wrapped in thick paper.

I'm really up a tree.

How long do you think Murph will stay in Boston?

You're a better person than me.

Nor are there any woods on the moon.

All others albums are different.

The next station is where you get off.

I don't like that guy.

I know that you are part of me and I am part of you because we are all aspects of the same infinite consciousness that we call God and Creation.

Don't let them forget me.

Have an open mind.

I held the gun, but I never pulled the trigger.

Don't you see what it means?

Give me his picture.

At what time should the plane from Guadalajara arrive?

Could you show me the campus?

I'm not acquainted with her.

They believed me.

The terrorists brought rope with them so that they could tie up all the hostages.

I'd like him to meet her.

They are running in the park.

Repeating a lie does not make it true; it makes it a habit which is worse.

If Jonathan breaks his promise, he'll regret it.

Do you have any more of those?

I stayed.

Dan didn't even tell his family that he was enlisting in the army.

Do something useful.


The blood was bright red.

I can't even believe I'm saying this.

I studied very hard.


Training flies sounds very fun.

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You're in luck.

Some days I just really want to run away.

I don't want them getting upset.

I warned them.

Tell the others to hurry up.


The washing machine is broken.

I hate secrets.

What does man gain from all his work at which he toils under the sun?

This is not a drill.

Getting up at six o'clock is okay for me.

You'll never find the way back home, through narrow streets of cobblestone.

What's done can't be undone.


Don't look so surprised.

There's nothing more we can do.

A wall surrounded the old city.

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This plan will never work.

Lila has had too much to drink.

You should make good use of this opportunity.

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Most students carry backpacks to school.


I'll be leaving in March.

Everyone can help.

He will break up with her.