If I don't fail, I will get my driving license before New Year.

I'm satisfied with my salary.


Do you know what the problem with this is?


We could hear sirens outside.


The mere thought of it is enough to make me happy.

Hamilton was sitting behind me.

Why do people go to the cinema?

It's the first time I laugh this much.

I have no way to know.

There were no taxis available.

His great oration was like pearls before swine.

If only I had married another man.

Next year is the devil's joke.

We sat around the campfire.

The anti-rational, anti-justice and anti-humane Christian malignancy is rearing its head yet again as it leads the fight against homosexuality on behalf of the divine trinity of unreason, injustice and hate.

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His suggestion was, effectively, an order.

Are they going to beat me up?

I was talking to Cole about something else.

Hand it to Darin.

I'm not good at small talk.

I guarantee I'll get you a job.

I don't have many regrets.

I think I'll do that.

I thought it was refreshing.


She adjusted the clock.

One thinks with one's brain.

Can you do it, please?

He is still alive.

That's just a rumor.

Skip didn't intend to argue with Ralph.

Adrian is sleeping on the sofa.

It was an uphill struggle.

They said goodbye to each other.

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How did they do this?

No man is rich enough to buy back his own past.

It's cheaper to order things by the dozen.

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First, we decide on what needs to be decided, then we split into two teams.


I'm coming to the hotel.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

I tried doing that once myself.

Do you belong to the baseball club?

There seems to be a lot of rich people living in this part of town.


History is repeating itself.

He doesn't like this concert.

To be human we must transcend our animal nature.

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I'll always be there for you.

Leslie lost his parents in a traffic accident.

Lorenzo ripped up the check.


What's in the file?


"Eugene will pay you all the money I owe you." "You'd better hope so."

Roland explained how the system worked.

Why did you get me this?


Who could blame him?


People ask you for criticism, but they only want praise.

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Would you be willing to share your code with me?

She moved back with her parents.

How was it done?

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It's really cold today.

It was already late; my sister, however, had still not yet returned; and I grew slowly restless.

They're open till eight.


Kathleen showed Sehyo a picture of his dog.

Randy has a lot of money in the bank.

Why don't you listen to his advice?

Kamiya pulled out a pistol and shot Wendell.

We are aiming for an integrated development zone that combines business and industrial quarters.


Is it possible to stay here a little longer?

The point is whether she will read my letter or not.

The workers were allergic to the harvest, and they also sneezed upon her.


Having put his room in order, he went out.

I'm really mad.

Christina is in a bad mood today.


I didn't know that he was Japanese.


We often hide our thoughts in front of others.

Worrying isn't going to help.

There seems to be no possibility of compromise.

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How wonderful that bridge is!


I only did what I had to do.

Broadly speaking, dogs are more faithful than cats.

I was impressed with Carole's report.

Skef is a popular actress.

I remarked on his hair style.

Manny is more experienced than I am.

I can't remember the password I used for this website.

We still don't have enough money.

Lay down on the couch.

She poured me all of it without stopping.

Life isn't a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

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People tend to forget that water really freezes at zero degrees.

Laurie can't hear you.

Hide that book.


I will trust you with one secret.

The means of communication can include letters, magazine and newspaper advertisements, radio and television commercials, and telephone marketing, as well as catalogs.

We had some questions.

Can I have a second?

One-fifth of the Earth's surface is covered by permafrost.

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Please pay at the register.

I don't care what you want.

She has plenty of books.


I very seldom eat lobster.

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Are you planning to stay here for a long time?

After the death of his parents, his grandparents took to his education.

How was it different?


Were you really surprised?

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You can't do anything.

He'll be glad to see you.

That's not what I wrote.

My gerbil has gone missing.

Just why are boys so disgusting?

Let's do this properly.

She's made shrimp dumplings and added shiitakes with Sichuan pepper.

I'd suggest the following change.

That hat becomes you.

A house without books is like a room without windows.

We're untalented.

You will recover from your weakness soon.

The first stage of the operation has been accomplished.

Gregge doesn't have any confidence in himself.

Come what may, you should go your own way.


He won a dramatic success.

There are many people that like Japanese animation in Latin America.

We leave for Karuizawa this afternoon.

What is the distance from the Earth to the moon?

Are local trains included on this schedule?

What he's trying to say is quite sensible in a way.

Why did Lukas want two copies?

You're the teacher.

My mother blacked out on seeing the scene of the accident.

She lost everything.

Carl sat down again.

I'm only beginning to understand it myself.

Father stopped drinking.


I'm sure I can find them.

I've seen her on TV many times.

We are very happy to receive a message from you.


I run quickly.

I spoke with them today.

When I was younger, I thought I could do anything.

I want you to take this medicine.

Hide and seek / I count to three / Winter has come


Our town is facing a wave of student protest.

He found his lost camera by chance.

We agree.

Obviously my dogs will protect you!

There are many uses of the 'present tense' of Japanese grammar which indicate things yet to happen.

Do you speak Tigrinya?

Shall I tell them the truth?

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Could anyone explain this, please?

Claire wouldn't do that, would he?

Strange to say, I dreamt the same dream twice last night.

I got my notebook stolen.

He's three years older than my father.

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Johann is missing the little finger on his left hand.

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His wife was weighed down with various worries.

Let's attend to our work instead of talking.

Gabriel is a very good basketball player.


I own this man.

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I had no difficulty in finding his office.

He left Tokyo for Kyoto.

Miki injured himself mountain climbing.

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

He is waiting for a telephone call.