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You've got my attention.

He deeply regretted this loss.

I am beginning to suspect that I am the love of my life.

You're wimps!

"After all, what does it matter?" thought she. "The dwellers in the Tontlawald cannot be worse than my stepmother."


Floria cut off his finger with a circular saw.

I really wish I could do more.

I think that he's from Italy.


It was at Oxford University that Donn studied history.

Mother is making him a cake.

The more you eat Kuqa's apricots, the more of them you'll want to eat.


I'm pretty conservative.

What's your natural hair color?

Ann is exclusive in her choice of friends.

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"Are you tired?" "Not really."


It's a long way away.


The ship was bound for Kobe.

Mikey is better.

What did you say her name was?

I'm pleased with Hirotoshi's performance.

He is, more or less, my size.

Many thanks for your help.

All of us, including me, rode the bus.

I paid the check.

Nobody could refuse their invitation.

Liyuan overlooked a few minor details.

You didn't even know me then.

I have no interest in money.

I'm not going to tell you because you're not good at keeping secrets.

Why should I stop her?

I'm calling to book a reservation at your restaurant.


I leave here at ten-thirty next Sunday.

I wish you didn't have to leave.

I owe Clayton big time.

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She will protect you.


Don't judge people by appearance.


I told the policeman what I knew.

Skef is really special.

Pitawas kissed Marilyn and she slapped him.

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I have to pay the bill.

Is that a lot?

I like to write in French.

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What's that made out of anyway?

Don't complain, don't explain.

Julian will be arriving by train tomorrow evening.

My husband was a lawyer.

Easy come, easy go.

Marla is dumb and immature.

That's all quite true.

What other option do I have?

We have unfinished business.

The city was soon occupied by the soldiers.

This bicycle has been left here since the beginning of this month.

Rathnakumar has decided to go ahead with his plan.

"Brandi will never be able to drop his prejudices against me." "Yes he will. Just give him time!"

Nora is a rebel.

She basically said that, without going into details.

I'm not ashamed of what I did.

When I was badly off, I fell back on him.

I can't do that to them.

Do you really think Patricio would be stupid enough to do something like that?

Like all dogs, he'll chase a rabbit if he sees one.

Is this some sort of joke?

Her face beamed with joy.

We improved the quality.

Did Sanjeev lay a hand on you?

Jimmy thinks he's ready.

Donald can't be much older than Sunil.

Our school is ten minutes' walk from here.

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"Lottery tickets are a waste of money." "Not if you win."

I'm starting to get hungry.

I always lose.

Today is my wedding anniversary.

We got married on October 20th.


I was having a bath when the phone rang.


You had better not make a noise here.

What is a think factory?

I wish to speak to them.

This cheesecake was too sweet.

Stand up and read the book, Brad.

Nathaniel has done a very good job.

Japan is an extremely noisy country.

His father always comes home late.

Such a boy is loved by everybody.

His name is Owen, not John.

Can you say everything in Esperanto that you need to say?

Toil to toil brings toil.

You're so bossy.

I'm not putting you in a trap.

If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at those he's given it to.


It's quite likely that Karen will be there.

I just don't want to go shopping today.

I'm no different than you are in that respect.

Same as usual.

His laziness is past the margin of endurance.

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Were you talking to me?

I was expecting him to be here.

This is the most beautiful lake that I have ever seen.

It'll cure itself naturally.

Don't look so grim.


I approve his suggestion.

His accomplishments speak for themselves.

I don't ask questions.

She drove a student to school.

I've got nowhere to go.

I called Ahmet today.

He has really soft facial features.


Drop me a line as soon as you get there.

I just don't believe it.

You didn't say how much it cost.

Why didn't you call for help?

You'll be hearing from my lawyer.


One October morning in 1987, Stephen Hawking sat before his computer.

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She made up her mind to graduate from high school.

Sci-fi readers are adept at hypothetical scenarios.

Juergen ducked behind the door.

The point is that you haven't learned anything from him.

The media got wind of a rumor about his engagement and came quickly.

Bradley looked quite busy.

I got hit by that curse pretty bad.

Family, like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

One hundred and fifty thousand couples are expected to get married in Shanghai in 2006.

Jagath could be in Boston, I suppose.

I'm sure you can do even better.

Of course, I'll help.

You can't prove that.

He owned up to his fault.

We all know you're smart.


You should be grateful.


I guess I'll have to leave now.

We're candid.

She wanted to test her limits.


She had no idea what to expect.

Everyone played well in today's game.

I was engaged in it for three years, that is, till I was twenty years old.

Could you sign here, please?

You are not allowed to park there. They are going to make you pay a fine.

The pen is on the table.

We want an ambulance.

Wolfgang is happy traveling by himself.

Ann cannot be playing the piano.

They're hiding something from me.

Nobody noticed that the picture was hung upside down.


I told her not to let go of the rope, but she did.

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I have a master's degree in mathematics.

My teacher is a stickler for grammar.

What was your major in college?


The key is on the table.

Alex has a bus to catch.

He came to school even though he was unwell.


My goal is to become a polyglot.

As Aaron and Nathan's one-year dating anniversary passed, Belinda's mother began to be cautiously optimistic that a wedding might soon be in the offing.

His father is conservative and old-fashioned.

This is beyond frustrating.

Gregory is always complaining about his boss.

Tandy has always had trouble reading between the lines.

Who do you think is the most beautiful girl in your class?

Dory eventually became Hunter's husband.

Sir, have you seen Sir Cyrano?

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I believe you all know me.

The library was founded in memory of the scholar.

It's a pretty good one.


I'm going to arrange these flowers.


Sekar walked down the corridor and into Suyog's office.

The man decided to wait at the station until his wife came.

I sat on the sofa.

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I was interviewed for a job.