A career launch lab preparing post secondary students and new graduates
to successfully transition from campus to career.

How ready are you to launch your career?

Who we are

A career coaching firm committed to supporting post secondary students and new graduates to successfully transition from school to work.

Our purpose

To reduce new graduate under employment and help graduates launch careers that lead to opportunity, success and happiness.

Our Values

Listen for understanding. Respect the whole person. Never stop learning. Live your authentic self.

Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity

– Seneca

We prepare new graduates to:

  • • Get clarity on their strengths, interests and how they influence career options

  • • Build a career launch action plan
  • • Stand out in a crowd of new graduate applicants
  • • Conduct an effective job search and interview process
  • • Build a network to support their career success
  • • Build skills to put their best selves forward
  • • Understand and navigate the transition from school to work

3 Stages of Preparation




Not sure what to do with your degree or if you want to pursue a career in your field of study?

  • If you are asking yourself these questions then the Discover Stage is the place to start
  • An assessment tool helps you understand your strengths, interests, needs and style as they relate to the work world
  • Build a career action plan

You know the career direction you want to follow and it's time to take action. Let's get you ready!

  • Build a great resume, LinkedIn profile and personal brand statement
  • Learn job search skills
  • Learn how to network effectively
  • Prepare yourself to succeed in the interview process

You have found your career launching job – Congratulations. Now it’s time to rock your new job!

  • Understand what employers expect
  • Understand how you can put your best foot forward and make a great early impression
  • Gain the skills required to succeed in the work world – hint, you probably didn’t learn these in school

Heather Claridge

I founded FUSE for two reasons. Firstly, as a former Human Resources executive, I know what organizations are looking for when they hire new graduates and what it takes to succeed. Secondly, as a mother of two young adults, I understand the questions that these young adults are facing  and the answers they are looking for when they think about what’s next.

More about Heather

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