There's no need to get so angry. Keep your temper.


They won't know we're there.

She had gone there ten years before.

I got him to help.

An epicanthal fold, as is found among many peoples of East Asia, can be surgically removed. The reverse procedure is not possible.

Do you think Alexander is hungry?

Peggy works in a flower shop on Park Street.

Brazil supplies us with much of our coffee.

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If I don't see another marshmallow for as long as I live, I'll die happy.

Kayvan is waiting for you at the bar.

Why didn't somebody help us?

When he met the lady, he raised his hat.

Ozan had three sisters.

Julianto's prone to exaggeration.

She goes online for several hours every day.

They only wrote nasty gossip about him in the newspaper.

See you later, Hon.


This is a normal workflow.


Mr Brown is a wool merchant.


I found this odd-looking device in an antique shop. What do you make of it?


We're scheduled to leave tomorrow.

We're just high school students.

This job is a pain in the neck.

I like coffee hot.

I'm all thumbs.

Why is taking pictures of trains interesting?

I have known John since 1976.

I have lost faith in the doctor.

Mr Smith says, "I was born in New York."


It's just a stalking horse for raising taxes.

I wish I'd written that.

I need a little company.

We named my son after my grandfather.

Is there any chance that he'll resign?

I recommend this movie to all and sundry. It is genuinely interesting.

Will you allow me to play the piano?

I'm scheduled to see Mr. Jones next week.

I'm just as scared as you are.

It means a lot to me to know that you want me to stay.

Pete wasn't upset by what Jimmy said.

I'll never feel that way.

Jean walks through this park every morning on his way to work.

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Srinivasan stayed there a long time.

Can I sit next to her?

A bus carrying journalists was attacked in Rio as it passed near the "City of God" favela.

You were there, weren't you?

Should I drive on the way back?

I might be able to find the time to help you.

He seems nice, but he's wicked at heart.

Is Jitendra with us?

There is no place for chauvinism in an equal society.

Let me see that list.

I caught up with him soon.


As for myself, I am satisfied.


The new tunnel will link Britain and France.

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How many sentences did you translate on Tatoeba?

How did you finish so quickly?

It says girls born under Cancer are 'daring'.

I bit into my sandwich.

Graeme is back from his trip.

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Knut started asking some questions.


I'm dining out this evening.

He knows ten times as many English words as me.

She's an intelligent young woman.


It was not until the sun had set that the child came home.

Jem knows Lars isn't planning to go to Boston with him.

Urgent business kept him from going to the concert.

Luis and Nancy are seeing each other secretly.

Even a black hen lays white eggs.

We'd better get a move on or we'll be late.

I knew you were hiding in the car.

Land prices are sky-high in Japan.

Keep off the flies.

Walk along the river and you will find the school.

I make it a point never to argue with people like Rajeev.

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According to what they say, that boy is very good at singing.


The young man bade farewell to his comrades and relatives.

How long were you in jail?

Why don't you invite some friends over?


We're afraid we'll miss our train.

May I offer my congratulations?

Stevan has promised to help.


He has a habit of sucking his pencil.

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The man smells the milk.

The most amazing thing happened yesterday.

Are you a lawyer?

She had nothing to do yesterday.

Starbuck told Kevyn that she should study harder.


Don looks older than Laurel.

If you have a problem with that, talk to the boss.

Something bad has happened to Sjouke.

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More and more people are becoming seriously overweight.

The people's hardships are our hardships.

I ordered fries, too.

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Do you have enough people here to play volleyball?


They're not talking.

Dan knows that I don't like him.

Perhaps you could suggest something we can do tomorrow.

Fucking damn it!

I feel bad.

How did you know Billie was going to say yes?

He's always up to date with sports.

Put out the light.

I don't want to pick a fight.


When he opens a magazine, he will usually read his horoscope first.

We won't go if it rains.

It's not raining hard. It's just a sprinkle.

He dozed off in history class.

What you say does not affect me anymore.

What time do you want to meet?

Are we just friends?

You haven't asked me what I want to do.

He had the room to himself.

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Who'll buy the theater tickets?

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Need he go right now?

You said you'd talk to Joachim.

Why did you bring him here?

I'm sure Revised will turn up eventually.

My glass is full.


Glynn could've done something.

He had a second helping of soup.

Manny saw Jeany sitting at a table with another man.


You bought (it).

When did we decide this?

My watch didn't cost as much as yours.


You sure had me fooled.

You seem like a cool guy.

Would you please stay here for a while?


There's no air on the moon.

It's exactly the opposite of what you think.

Are there people whose mother tongue is Esperanto?

We can't get a hold of him.

Now you're talking to birds.

It's not going to get any better.

Let's examine the numbers.

You need something practical.

Stop in anytime.

You should try to learn something new every day.

You can find her phone number in the directory.

Could you do that?

I can't tell for sure.

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He departed for London the day before yesterday.

I'm the only one who knows where Elliot is.

Money ruins many.

Josip came into the lounge, carrying a cup of coffee.

He didn't want to do it.

His rule was despotic.

Give the kid a break.

I can't afford to do that.

We don't have classes today.


Vijay asked his mother if he could spend the night at John's house.

Give me a hand with this bag.

Don't take any notice of what he said.

I do beseech you, hear me through.

Mahmoud dropped out of school and started working when he was thirteen.

Hughes advised Nikolai to take some time to think over her options.

Who turned this upside down?

He could always tell which direction the wind was blowing.

Today we will stay home.


I'd like to ask you some questions now.

We can't ignore this anymore.

Amanda usually takes a three-hour nap in the early afternoon.

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They attempted to assassinate the president.

She died tragically young.

It's a very expensive smartphone.