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Hamilton will be back in an hour.


The patient is up and about.


They were moved.

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I hope that all this ends well and end quickly for you.

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It is the time you should be at work, isn't it?

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He's just like a baby.

We can do better than that.

Huashi will meet you there.


Let's simply look at this example.

Madrid is the capital of Spain and its most important city.

I am positive that he has finished.


I think it must've happened just the way Vic said it did.

It never really ends.

Let's start now.


What kind of play is it?


We may have to do as Vernon suggests.

I gave some books to Spudboy.

Hienz is unimaginative, isn't he?

My grandfather wants to live quietly for the rest of his life.

I don't think Saqib knows how to run the business.

I think it is good for students to clean their classroom.

"This looks pretty interesting," Hiroshi says.

Do what your father tells you to do.

She's dancing with another man.


You really are the most gorgeous woman here.

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As is often the case with him, he was late again.


Jeany was the prosecutor in this case.

He knows ten times as many English words as me.

And what prevented you from calling the police immediately?

He's far more experienced than me.

Manjeri just did that for spite.


The capital of Hungary is Budapest.

Not every question deserves an answer.

There is a scandal about him.


I cannot spin wool. Only my grandmother knows how to do it.

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It'll just take some time.

Liyuan and Brender were sitting at the counter.

She didn't think her dream would ever come true.


You don't talk a lot.

The "holy" book must be called by its real name: accursed book. The words "god", "saviour" and "saint" are insults and denote a criminal.

The path was narrow.


Hi, are you OK?

I'm dealing with the problem now.

He was pleased with the toy.

According to the published crime statistics, that part of town is notably safer than the surrounding neighborhoods.

I think they'd be a perfect match for each other.

You may have to wait several weeks until a sentence you added is indexed by the search engine.

Aluminium and glass are important materials in civil construction, even though not as important as steel and wood, for instance.


In the summer, ants gather food for the winter.

She really is a good lay.

Robbin is going to be here three weeks.

I have three alarm clocks so as not to oversleep.

When two armies met, they drew up and fought a pitched battle.

They believe their country is secure against foreign enemies.

The entire theater turned to chaos when somebody cried "Fire!".

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Don't go above five rubles.

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Hold this.

Kriton! Are you all right?

Although Jeannie is a scholar of aboriginal linguistics, even she was surprised to learn that "caucus" derives from an Algonquian word meaning "tribal elders."

I'm sure that this can be fixed.

Subtract three from eight and you get five.

What do you mean? What do you want to tell me?

Do you eat three square meals a day?

Let's eat while the food is still warm.

Men are all the same!

I'm expecting a customer today.

Evelyn borrowed a car from a friend.


Why don't you just drop dead?

The chronicles of the flood of 1342 say that the water in the Mainz Cathedral came up to a man's chest, while in Cologne, one could ride in a boat over the city walls.

We use a dictionary to look up the meaning of words.


Rajeev, can you show Marilyn how to use the scanner?


Steven doesn't do drugs.

Do you like it in Boston?

Bush is not Bin Laden's friend.

The time has come when I must tell you the truth.

I hope you'll enjoy your stay.

My mother made a complete recovery from neuralgia.

Banks closed their doors.

He thinks only about himself.

They knew they must fight together to defeat the common enemy.


What's your favorite Rolling Stones album?


What's their connection to him?

Snippy had the bluest blood of all his crab brethren.

I got acquainted with a woman in the bus.


I didn't know where to get off the bus.

I wanted to leave.

He'll rip my head off.

Let us not be proud of the things that we should be ashamed of.

We will keep you informed of things that happen here in Japan.

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The new title takes on a good connotation.

They swam across the river.

I caught him speaking ill of me.

We'd better hurry then.

Since it began raining, I ran into the house.

She is buying food.

It is necessary to put something by against days of need.


Today I got up early.


Guys, It's my time to go.

I wish I could remember where I left my umbrella.

That's really nice of you.

I took shelter under my friend's umbrella.

Eileen, you're being rude.

Stop bothering me!

Louie didn't cry.


Starbuck's office is three miles from his house.

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You can never know what will happen.

I have brought his umbrella by mistake.

I can tell you the reason at full length.


I have been blocked many times.


We will have to run to catch the train.

Gyoza stuffing? I made some gyoza at home but, possibly because I didn't have enough dough, I had some of the filling left over.

He is Brazilian.


I bet I can do better than him.


I love the scenery you can see from the bullet train.


All taxpayers have the right to know where their money goes.

You've always had problems with Francois.

Just sit over there with him.

So the little boy put his hands in his pockets.

This table is heavy.

You will not do it, will you?

She watched him swim.

I won't keep you long.

Sit down again, Miss Curtis.


I'm pretty sure Earl's nervous.

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Can we interview him?

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What is it with you people?

Timothy gathered his stuff and left.

It seems to be working now.


You're all heart, Sandip.

My reputation has been destroyed.

Barbra knew that Howard was awake.

That's a pretty dress you have on.

I could really get used to this.

It took seventeen years to build this huge dam.

Weren't you amused?

Torres booted the ball to his teammate.

The school is further than the train station.


The baby was playing with a rattle.


Wayne shouldn't have compared his teacher to Hitler.

Irving isn't going to make it on time.

"What did you have for lunch?" "Gyoza that Maria made herself. They were really delicious!"

I wonder if Jenine could help us.

You should ask Trevor about all of this.

He drinks a lot but always seems sober.

I drank some of the milk and kept the rest in the refrigerator.

Anthony has already drunk all the milk.

We've got a major problem on our hands.

Dustin is feeling ill.

I keep dreaming about them.

You ought not to believe him.

How did you get into my room?


That's a pretty big problem.

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Is anyone else going?

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Sekar wants you.