Power Mining Pool812-689-1336 806-764-9280 Wallet (310) 922-5812 Miners 305-268-0710 667-277-6533 Next Payout: 04:41 UTC
Power Mining Pool
  • Welcome to Powermining.pw. This pool is based on YiiMP and its a pool management solution based on the Yii Framework.
  • - This pool intends to ensure privacy and decentralization is highly prioritized, no need for any registrations!
  • - The pool is based in Europe, with servers located in france, germany and poland.
  • - High availability solution with DDoS protection and Nicehash support.
  • Payouts are made automatically every 1 hours for all balances above 0.01, or 0.001 on Sunday.
  • For some coins, there is an initial delay before the first payout, please wait at least 6 hours before asking for support.
  • Blocks are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.

  • Pool owner is cod3gen, if there are any issues, get in touch directly via following channels:
  • - Discord Channel: /discord.gg/qSV6b9d
  • - Until we have a proper support page active, you may get in touch at contactpowerm ATT gmail.com.
  • Request for adding new coins may be added on our Discord server.
  • Follow us on Twitter

  • -o stratum+tcp:/pool.powermining.pw:<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> [-p <OPTIONS>]

  • <WALLET_ADDRESS> should be valid for the currency you mine. ONLY wallet address of the coin you mine, auto exchange is currently disabled!
  • As optional password, you can use -p c=<SYMBOL> if yiimp does not set the currency correctly on the Wallet page.
  • See the "Pool Status" area on the right for PORT numbers. Move mouse over portnumber to get complete stratum server address.
  • Other options -p <OPTION >:
  • - < stats > will allow ccminer and other supported miners to send their stats for bench.
  • - < d=DIFF > allows you to change difficulty for mining. If you have a high rejected rate, you can try to change diff by this command.