I'll introduce you to him.

I can't complete with you.

This is the latest fashion.

I couldn't run from the past.

I wouldn't want you to think I was mean.

It happened very fast.

Who else might it have been?


I woke up at nine o'clock.


I hope you recover soon.

I hope you come to my concert.

You'll sleep in the guestroom?


Pat didn't show up for his midnight shift.

Grow up, Pratapwant.

Don't you see how irresponsible that is?


Somebody has to stop Ann.

He carelessly forgot the camera in the bus.

The last thing we need is a war.

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We all want Leung to be successful.

I think we should keep this a secret.

I wish you had more time for me.

I love traveling alone.

I want to climb Mt. Fuji again.

You must clean your room.

He reminds me of somebody.

What would you like?

Martin is motivated.

I never expected to find such a nice hotel in a place like this.

She got 80 marks for English.

You seem to be really busy.

That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.

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Jianyun met with an accident.

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I have Russian friends.

Deb now lives near Boston.

I remember the fact that you're my brother.


Wait until tonight.

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Face life with a smile!

She knows the Chinese characters very well.

They can't afford it.

May I ask why?

To whom are you referring?

They owned the lot between them.

I owe it to him that I can earn a good salary.


Dalton has no health problems that I know of.

Do you like to watch movies?

When was the last time you grilled meat?


Kentucky screams "fuck".

Aimee is very well respected.

Dan will call Linda next week.


It's time for something to eat.

I don't work on Sundays.

Wolf was lucky to find her keys.

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I was caught in traffic.


I know they're still alive.

Everyone's in trouble.

My father's car is smaller than that of my mother.

Why don't you get on with your job?

The only one who isn't going is you.

I think that's quite normal.

There's a lot to discuss today.

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He looked at the picture.

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Nothing will help.

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I love this book above all.


They yielded the town to the enemy.


To get back to my original point, yesterday I sent the report off to Tokyo.

We must work hard for what we want in life.

Would you like me to show you around town?


That isn't a literal translation, it's just plain wrong.

Science has made rapid progress in this century.

The guests have arrived early, but luckily I had already finished cooking.

You don't want to make me unhappy, do you?

Generally speaking, nobles were only very slightly affected by taxes.


We are clearing our backyard.

He is a recognized authority on the subject.

Anatole knew he'd probably said too much.

Dieter really fooled them.

A sentence can state something false while at the same time be grammatically correct.


They're really tight.

She says you'll bring up the question when the time comes.

I told you to keep silent.

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I don't think this weather will hold.


I am a journalist of the highest standards and integrity. I hate dishonesty.

They aren't happy to see her.

That went smoothly.


Traffic accidents are likely to occur on rainy days.

Knudsen has always been there for me.

What's likely to happen?

This book is as interesting as that book.

My mother used to be into tennis.

Did Werner ask about us?

I never go to bed before midnight.

Long before Darwin's theory of evolution, Buffon had surmised that species evolved very slowly under different material circumstances.

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of the blood.

Have you taken out a subscription to any magazine?

Mr Tanabe is out now.


You have done that properly today.

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The troops were retired from the front lines.

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Barcodes have made getting through the checkout much faster.


You must've already written everything that needs to be written.

I thought you liked parties.

He confessed his crime frankly.

A cat scratched me.

There was no need to do that.

What is her problem?

Even in Pablo's funniest sketches, there is a somber note.

The more I spoke, the wider her grin became.

Hazel is very unhappy about what has happened.

What made her do such a thing?

There were a crowd of people in the park.

Today is Wednesday, yes?

Where's Dublin?

Jobs are less secure and people must work harder to keep them.

Don't bark!

The mountaineer was hungry as a wolf.

You did the best you could.

Wood is a disappearing resource in much of Africa, and these stoves burn far less wood than the stoves currently in much use.

We can work something out.

The body was found under the overpass.

Since you're so smart, why don't you do it yourself?

We tried our best to help Elwood.

Who writes letters nowadays?


I've made some poor choices.


Just move back.

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Don't make fun of foreigners' mistakes in Japanese.

It was time he did it!

A cat is not a person.

We don't have anything to worry about.

Olivier is hiding inside her blanket fort.

Tell whoever comes that I'm out.

Where did you see him?


Conrad agrees that's true.


I am proud to call him my teacher.

That was then and this is now.

It was an impulse buy.

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Last week I was treated to dinner by my friend who'd won at pachinko. It was all-you-can-eat so I ate to my heart's content.

Is that all you want to eat?

You always blame me for your unhappiness.

"How much is he asking for?" "A thousand euros."

Indra is wearing a black shirt today.

He said, I am not.

They won't even talk to me.


Debbie is walking down the sidewalk.


The terrible end of the World Trade Centre remains unforgotten.


Haven't you seen the plans?

The trees are barren or bear only small fruit.

Art brings bread.

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The toy train went around the room.

Did Malus let you do what you wanted?

I'll see him in the morning.

You should cut her some slack.

You have my respect.

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I am handicapped.

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I'm responsible for them.

Algeria is called "Ldzayer" in Berber.

I know Janos is likely to be late.


You'll both have to do better than that.

He was debarred from entering the club.

Pontus is not who he says he is.