Jean-Christophe is quite possessive.


It's not a snake. It's only a piece of rope.

Why didn't you help him?

One of my tires blew out coming down here.

He is not the rough motorcycle gang member he was before.

Decompression sickness, or "the bends," is a buildup of nitrogen bubbles in the bloodstream and other areas of the body.


I didn't know her last year.


His failure was mainly due to carelessness.


How much did you have to pay for the tickets?

I'll never go out with Jacobson again.

I think doing that wouldn't be a good idea.

As of now I'll be able to sleep peacefully.

That's nothing you need to concern yourself with.

Compared to our house, his is virtually a palace.

Nick drank a protein shake.

The Intel people are lucky to have you!

Many families now have two breadwinners with both husbands and wives working.


This is the picture that Shari painted.


It is not worth the trouble.

Bret doesn't know the reason why Kenton is absent.

Jason often walks Annie home from school.

When do you want to leave?

Do you know any of the boys in this room?

Our son has just started walking.

Morris used to live in Boston.

You never believed me.

The rule does not apply to his case.

I must work tonight.

They are all of a size.

I may have been wrong.

Take another look.

You'll have three relationships before you meet your true soulmate.

My dream is to speak Chinese fluently.

I wasn't going to hurt you.

He lives right down the street.

She is all in all to him.

Can you open this door?

To appreciate her beauty, you have only to look at her.

The girl is eating bread.


Elias has done everything he can to help.

They were the handsomest couple in London, and had not a penny-piece between them.

I'm here to see if there's anything I can do for you.


Step forward and make room for others.

I know what that word means.

What flower do you like best?


How many times a day should I feed my dog?

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You said this was going to happen.

Nicolette is the only chauffeur that Tad has ever had.

Jennie might be able to help Mah.


I don't amuse children.

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She was watching TV when I came home.

I spit on your mother's grave!

No one's watching.

I saw something terrible.

Drinking plenty of water will help you stay hydrated.

Praise be to God!

I took a bus so as not to be late for my appointment.

I stopped by your office yesterday, but you weren't there.

A great thought came to my head.

Judging from what you say, he must be a great writer.

You can't control me, Dustin.

I cannot thank him too much.

Why can't you come?

That's really nice of you.

Nobody wants to know my country.

It was a warm spring afternoon.

This paper has a large circulation.


Could anyone explain this, please?

I love him and I hate him at the same time.

Pieter went back to the table.

You're not very good at it.

Will you tell me the way to his house?

It is an act of treason to sell military secrets to your country's enemies.

Max said he was going to kiss Wilmer.

I am not stupid.

Who's going?


Let's stick to the original plan.

Isn't it wonderful?

Kevin is very studious.


Tell me again what I'm supposed to do.

"Are you Swedish?" "No, Swiss."

These are Colin's friends.

His poor grades may come from lack of study.

My name is Robert, but everyone calls me Bob.

Are you going to school?

When Sneezy wasn't sneezing, he would start hiccupping.

She seems down lately.

She was dismissed for loafing on the job.

You're the smartest person I know.

Pilot answered in the affirmative.

Even we would have helped you.

I know they're still alive.

I gave the boy what little money I had.

When can we move in?

Where would you suggest we start?

Is the weather nice?

They talked far into the night.

May I have some camera batteries, please?

My basket is full of books.

Work to live; don't live to work!


We probably should've left early.

Everybody looked at me.

Fatalities are extremely rare.

I have a few tickets in row 15.

When it is darkest, men see the stars.

He seemed to be the sorriest of all who had been involved.

Sooner or later he will tell me everything.

I don't want to contaminate the clean glasses by taking them out of the dishwasher.

The gambler lost a good deal of money.


You may be right.

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Timo said he's been here before.

Lum does not like this color.

I'd like to get together with you tonight.

Imagine that you begin to hiccup and can't stop.

I lead a busy life.

I'm scared of snakes.

The hands of the clock are made of gold.

I admit that he is right.

We need to get you some help.

I'll check on Kerri a little later.

We really had nothing to lose.


Leigh knows we know it.

Why did you tell Wendy that?

She's a law-abiding citizen.

How can you be sure that's true?

Tyler is here, too.

Catherine is one of the most talented people I know.

Rudy will never agree to it.


Anthony is staying with a friend in Boston.

The color of the shirt held fast.

One's got to do what one's got to do.

I need glasses to read.

I expected Jorge to be at my party.

Laurence noticed that.

He became a pianist.

Chocolate acts to prevent LDL oxidisation.

It doesn't matter what happens.

Can you give your thoughts on that?

The police are checking their bags.

I think the other path is safer.

Snow lay all over the ground.

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He arrived with a trunk full of books.

You're not allowed to smile either.

If we don't do it, who will? If not now, when?

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He walked into the lion's den.

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I feel lucky.

He has infinite resources.

A tiny spark may become a great flame.

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There is nothing to fear but fearlessness.

The river flows between the two countries.

I used to spend a lot of time studying French.

I'm afraid to walk down that street.

We can't ask Wendell to do that.

She had a pleasant dream.

He doesn't drink.


Glynn promised to come home early tonight.

Luc has been in there an awfully long time.

Elwood became a hero in his hometown.

It's strange that we've never met before.

Anybody is better than nobody.

The president wants to jump-start the sluggish economy by lowering taxes.

What's your father do?

I like seeing you glad.

Just go about your business and don't keep looking at me.

Six months later we were married.

Promise me you won't to do anything stupid.

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Peter is the head coach.

The satellite made 10 orbits of the earth.

What does the speaker's attitude seem to be towards the new British tendency to display emotions?

I felt left out.

I'm not going to do this.

I have recovered my health already.

We need to move forward.