What's your darkest secret?

Time was hard on her.

He thinks of everything in terms of profit.


Are the toes yours?


I'm not as happy now.


There were white clouds sailing in the sky.

My father spoils me.

"Do you often go to the cinema, John?" "No, I haven't been to the cinema for years."

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There are a lot of mistakes in this translation.


Let's see what you've got in your suitcase.

You're very generous.

Matthew regretted getting that tattoo, so he had it removed.


The pat on the back was offensive.


Tobias said he enjoyed it.


Life is half spent before we know what it is.

Happy are those who think themselves wise.

I think Deborah might be dead.


Ellen doesn't know what got into Val.

They are suffering financial difficulties.

The children soon fell asleep.

We're coming back!

How would you describe him?

Jwahar might not know that we're here.

I went to bed very late.

I never said anything.

Henry is the batter on deck.

I'm reasonable.

Maureen hugged Tommy and kissed her.

The bad weather prevented our ship from arriving on time.

You look very handsome, Ira.

Eugene wants a full explanation.

That's acceptable.

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He adapted his plan to the new situation.

You shouldn't have doubted me.

I have to make lunch today.

If it's that hot, how about you take off all your clothes?

The server is overloaded.

When I have a cold, I cannot taste anything.

You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.


It's just what I needed.


We asked him to face the press but he refused to.

It shouldn't be like that.

Christopher didn't admit anything.

We stayed at an economy hotel.

Olof is really fast.

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Do you think I look like my brother?

The lesson started at eight o'clock.

I'll give her half of my share.

You haven't told anyone, have you?

I refer you to the dictionary for the correct spelling.

That's amazing!

Would you mind turning down the volume?

I ate an insect by accident.

He professes ignorance of the fact.


What is the bad news?

There is nothing special interest to me.

My father, who is now working in the United States, wrote us a letter last week.

I haven't said yes yet.

He kept saying to himself that he must not tell so many lies.

A truly great man is always modest.

Loukas called her stuffed squirrel Claude.

She's a complete joke.

Naoto and Corey are on the same wavelength.

A sinkhole formed under the National Corvette Museum and swallowed eight cars.

It seems our instincts guide and protect us.

Are you sure you don't want to go with us?

Markus is a bit of a sissy.

Your lives may be in danger.

I haven't seen him for a while.

We sacrificed a lot.

I can't believe this is really happening to me.

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It's likely a mistake.

What he said has brought about a misunderstanding.

I feel bad about the way things happened.

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Detroit is famous for its car industry.


No permit is required.

Pim demanded an explanation.

You were useless.


I think she will not come.

I don't like eating breakfast in bed, because the crumbs prick me.

Bob was somewhat chubbier than his brother.


Vegans do not use animal products, or by-products, in their everyday lives.

Do you know her name?

If your mind feeds your sword, your sword will surely feed on your mind.

Is Vladimir stupid?

She made nothing of her opportunities.

Fifty-two per cent of British women prefer chocolate to sex.

Could you please take a picture?


How strange the weather is!

It was good of you to give up your seat.

I looked for the key.

Clay seems out of sorts.

We should get more information.

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It's true.

I still have difficulty in making myself understood in French.

Who is entered in the race?


Don't let Sanford shut this door.

I had to give Israel a little help.

If they wish to destroy their lungs...

During my free time I like to hang out with my friends.

The tickets are free of charge.

I have some more questions.

I'll be back in five minutes.


Because Vasilissa was the greatest beauty in the whole village, her stepmother and her two daughters envied and hated her.

That must be rather confusing.

I trust absolutely no one.

Do you really want to quit your job?

When you go to the beach you see the immensity of the universe contained in the ocean.

Love is a sacred reserve of energy; it is like the blood of spiritual evolution.

I told them I would help them.

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Busy as usual?

A flight attendant walks up to the boys.

It suddenly dawned on Hein that he'd been doing it wrong all along.

He shook my hand.

He finishes his homework before going to bed.

I recognized his face.

You're an amazing woman.

I want you to tell Randall that I love him.

Roxane has trouble keeping up with the rest of his class.

He was tried for murder.

You should've apologized to Jesse for what you did.

A dog is barking now.

I'm not gelding your calves.


The letter was written in code.


Dan went to Linda's house to confront her.


Tell Annard it's a priority.


I don't care who Elwood talks to.

Dan gave Linda a tour of his castle.

If you whip the steering wheel around like that on a snowy road, the car is going to go into a slide.

Do they speak Spanish in Mexico?

They had a duty.

What's the big surprise?

Marilyn is still too young to understand that.

I need you back here.

I feel safe with him.

We're going to help him.

The tree got the most beautiful colours!

I don't want a birthday party.

We are not expecting any help from you.

I apologized profusely.

How did you discover the truth?

Not if I have anything to say about it.

We're making a big mistake.


I looked back upon my happy school days.

Eleven o'clock is good for me.

We're powerless.

How did Christian pay for all this?

She loves antiques.


It turns out that the child has disappeared.

They built a fence around the farm.

I wonder why Eddie came here today.

It was extremely hot, so I took my coat off.

The old man was hit by a car and was immediately taken to the hospital.


It was a satisfying meal.


I'm the one who wrote that letter.

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Aren't you afraid alone at night here?

It's really good.

Plants need to be in a well-lit place to undergo photosynthesis.

The riot was completely out of control.

Rusty is a kisser.

What would you do if you were ten years younger?

The partner was discouraged to his large victory.

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Rathnakumar needs some elbow room.


How do you get on with your parents?