It is not evident whether the police followed the usual search procedures.

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He put salt into his cup of coffee by mistake.

I didn't need to sell my car.

But day does daily draw my sorrows longer, and night does nightly make grief's length seem longer.

We can eat lunch on the bus.

What is still better is that the house has a beautiful garden.


And I thought we had problems.

Who is the girl singing on the stage?

Those are my shoes.

Hardly anyone ever comes to visit me.

I wish I could remember his name.

I assume it's not good.

I looked in my closet for something to wear.

I am going to play tennis next Sunday.

I woke up in the middle of the night.

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Tahsin isn't suffering from an altered perception of reality. He's enjoying it.


Not only he but also his sisters went to the movies.

He is the right man for the post.

Did you really tell her that?

Nothing's more playful than a young cat, nor more grave than an old one.

Scents, colors, and sounds respond to one another.

Maybe the last dog is catching the hare.

What time should I meet you?


Don't chase after fame.

Jacobson can't be bothered making the effort to get on with Butler's mother.

Miek has had a busy week.

He was too sleepy to read an evening paper.

Spring came on.

Norman and Tal argued all night.

He tried to conceal his ineptitude in a not-so-deft sleight of hand.


She cried for help, but nobody heard her.


I'd like to ask you a few questions about what happened at school today.

I have never called on him.

Louiqa got angry because of what Vicky said.

That is not necessarily so.

Don't buy me any more presents.

He was so healthy up to the minute of his sudden death. You really never know what might happen next.

My mother is always very cheerful in spite of poor health.

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You despise Nick, don't you?

Bobby decided not to leave home until he was a little older.

Tai got killed.

I'm surviving.

Wendy's capacity to distinguish imagined from real was gone.

He worked for five hours on end.

Do I have to do that?

Are you paying attention?

Norma was a wonderful person.


Edward died when I was thirteen.

When I was young I used to pray for a bike. Then I realized that God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness.

There is little hope of his recovery.


He thinks that life is like a voyage in a sense.


I'm not in a hurry.

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I am in the habit of going for a drive on Sundays.

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Matthew said he had to share a hotel room with a stranger.

We've got to save her.

Raymond, would you leave us alone for a moment?


We were all busy.

The boy came running into the room.

You should ask Ruth to go with us when we go to Boston.

I'm really glad I got to meet you.

The rain stopped at last.

I don't think anyone can do this.

You should get out more.


You had better start at once.

He sends us flowers.

There is nothing exciting about the special forces. You just learn how to suffer and there is nothing good in that.

Linda is Dan's sister-in-law.

He spends his free time on the internet.

Everybody is supposed to wear a tie at the party.

This is the picture of his own painting.

Let's wait a few days and see what happens.

Not all internet browsers are safe.

I've never had a friend quite like you.

He asked for a glass of beer.

Okay, I've had enough for today. It's time to call it quits.

Art is on a top secret mission.

Management of a company is different from ownership of a company.

That's upsetting.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to see the castle.

I hope Cristopher will like what you made for him.

Thank you kindly.

English is pretty hard, isn't it?

Do you hear the bird singing in the cage?

We're quite fond of Murray.

Who was the telephone invented by?

I don't want to translate anything today.

What was the name of that little shop in Boston where Niall worked?

I'll call on Mr Brown tomorrow.

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I'll remain your ally no matter what happens.


I don't want an apple.

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Don't let him eat it.

I wish I could have gone with her.

I think you should go and visit Wendell.


That's what's most important.

I said leave Suu alone.

Dan came to the police station for questioning.

He is a hard man to get at.

Leave a blank space.


I didn't know why.


We shall put off our departure in case it rains.


Why do I have to talk to him?

It's already 3 a.m., but I'm wide awake and couldn't fall asleep if I tried.

I have something to tell you, I lied when I said I didn't know.

That must be fascinating.

I love this park.

I honestly don't know.

She washes her skirt.

Everything posted must be free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.

He had been there before.

I'm unlucky.

I was caught in shower on my way home.


I should be with him.

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Dustin ate the whole watermelon by himself.

Van suppressed a grin.

Our body was formed out of four elements: earth, fire, water, and air.

You were amazing.

Mother always gets up early in the morning.


I think we all have a chance.


Can I ask you a favor?

He was in charge of the fundraising efforts.

I have a lot of experience in computers.

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Wow, that's great.

You'll get your shot.

Where are you rushing off to?

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While traveling in Europe, I was pickpocketed on a train.

Real is the only patient left.

The minister had to resign.

We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious meal.

I think one drink will do.

She tried in vain to please him.

He has done many things for poor people.

A dog is a faithful animal, so it is said to be a friend of man.

There are four lights!

Do everything according to the cookbook.

He is in service.


I bought a scarf for my grandfather for his 88th birthday.


You cannot separate the milk from the coffee once you put it in.


Michel got home about 2:30.


She cut her finger on the broken glass.


Leora doesn't want to admit that Santa was right and that he was wrong.

I haven't done that.

Dirk told Eddie his secret.

I'm sure Cliff will know what's best.

I'd like to try it on.

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Mind you call me up tomorrow.

Franklin was known for his common sense.

Since they were tired, they turned in earlier than usual.

Matti went swimming with his friends.

You did it because you understand the enormity of the task that lies ahead.

I think that's the best answer.

Rajiv wished he could understand French better.

Children who are sixteen years old or younger may not enter the theater.

Many devices there are for escaping death.

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And what did you do then?

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There isn't time to do that.

The flowers brightened up the room.

Randal didn't realize Jeff was so rich.


I sent a present to Marlena yesterday.

Why doesn't Think just do what we've asked?

It became darker and darker, so that I could no longer recognize anything anymore.

I dropped my apple.

Are you disappointed?