Where du you think you're going?


I wonder what language aliens would speak in.

After she filled out the application, the records clerk told her that the fee was eight dollars.

Your country is already beautiful and it has still a potential to be even better.


Anton and Kevyn helped each other with their homework.


I need something else.

Please help yourself, enjoy your meal!

The guy starts being on top of the girl and experiences his penis being soft.

You must not fail me again.

We better tell the others.

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What don't you like about your handwriting?

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This is by far the best of all.

How many counties are there in Florida?

Work is a very important part of life in the United States.

The President has fled the capital.

I'm going to speak to her.

I want to be a nurse.

He was a handsome man.

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An accident has happened.

Soccer played throughout the world today is closest to the original football.

You're supposed to be the smartest guy here.


Petrochemicals are chemical products derived from petroleum.


I've been summoned by a judge.

At first, I mistook him for your brother.

You should make sure of it before you go.

I've been here way too long.

Was Ramneek telling the truth?


I wonder what's in the box.

Jochen says that he hates to study.

She's basically clumsy so ... I guess she looks up to that sort of thing.


It was horrible.

Marsha told me that he was planning to go to Boston.

I didn't touch him.

What is it you're afraid of?

You had a good time, didn't you?

Myron was killed by lightning.

The ocean covers 70% of Earth's surface.

Isn't that a little strange?

Sandra works as a forklift operator.

Do you drink coffee?

Arms export was prohibited.


The branch offices of the bank are located all over Japan.

I should try to help them.

Thanks again for inviting us to your party.

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Jeffrey's pulse is fast.

I am studying it in cooperation with them.

The committee adjourned to another hall.

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This whole sentence has been copied from Wikipedia.

Earle asked me if anything was the matter.

I visited Kushiro for the first time.

The groom hid inside the wedding cake.

You really should enter the contest.


I left the building at about 6 p.m.

Mr Fujimori is famous all over the world.

How much did you make?

This table is white.

She's beautiful and intelligent.

Once a week, the mother inspects her son's room.

Gypsy tucked Carlo into bed.

Everett would never steal anything.

That doesn't look like anything I've ever seen.

When a child, I used to go fishing with him.

He severed himself from the party.

I'm a child.

I imagine that's what's going to happen the next time, too.

We'll be leaving here shortly.

He hoped to succeed.


Kay can't explain what happened.

If Myrick is going to be there, I won't go.

Have you seen, Siegurd?

It may rain, and then again, it may not.

All I want is a chance to do something for List.

There was something weird about the incident.

My hamster has a swollen testicle on one side.

What do you think you need?

Sandeep is our hero.

At last came the spring, with its warm sunshine.

Nigel opened his guitar case and took out his guitar.

The first 40 years of childhood are the most difficult.

I was working that night.


That's unnecessary.

He makes it a point to speak clearly and graphically. He always talks turkey about any problem.

How long will that last?

Why am I going?

It's true that it would be easier for students if there were only one a single Spanish dialect, but that's quite far from being the case.

Rodent isn't very intelligent.

I prefer your brandy to your conversation.

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The American Senate quickly approved the treaty.

At that shop they deal in kitchen utensils.

I'm not asking you to go on a date with Michiel.

Why does catnip drive cats nuts?

Shai went to the beauty salon.

My neighbors are very nice people.

Stu is mistaken if he thinks that he can always have his own way.

I'll do everything I can to help Devon.

The food is fine.

I've decided to go.

We're all professionals.

Stefan thinks that his TV is watching him.

I'll tell you what to say.

They hid their worries from their wives.

I'll go and see if I can get Stephan to help.

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Repetition plays a very important role in language learning.

Ernst is banned from entering this building.

I watched the old woman cross the street.

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You can cash your check at this window.


Pierre sat down next to me.

I learned a lot about her.

I don't remember where I put my car keys.

I'm going to follow Holly home.

I had to see you.

Do you have any friends in Boston?

Give him back the ball!

Bruce was found dead in the alley behind the restaurant.

During his detention, Lisa spent several months in the hole.

The world did not recognize him.

I have a great regard for him.


She's young enough to start a new life.


Sometimes I clean my mother's vase collection.

Human cruelty has no limits.

Johan isn't doing well.

The increase in population has become a serious problem in the country.

Metin thinks he can tell when Roman is lying.

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Do tell me what he said.

I feel very sorry for Evan, poor fellow.

When life is too stressful, sexual function decreases.

We live here.

It's not that bad yet.

Japan achieved a remarkable development in industrial technology after the war.

She's a surfer.


Do you know how much I paid for that?

So annoying... Now I get a headache whenever I use the computer!

Joanne most certainly would approve.

It is hard to define "triangle."

Per's computer is broken.

I don't want you to see me naked.

Did Vincenzo come here yesterday?

When I reached the classroom, she was already gone.

I know exactly what to do.

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There wasn't a single shred of evidence.

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Now that we're in our new house, I have to inform the post office of the change of address.

When was the last time you had dinner with your wife?

Axel scared the wolves away.

I'm afraid my depth perception is very poor.

I made her very angry.

Julie wondered when you bought your tennis racket.

This is offensive.

It's a massive undertaking.

Can you please stop that noise?

We would like to change room: it's too noisy.

The management refused to come to terms.


You and I'll never see eye to eye.

Skip is not the problem.

You'd be grateful if you knew the whole truth.


You're being negative again.


You were happy.

I'm still looking for them.

Dewey was fired in 2013.

"Hey, Yvonne." "What is it" "Oh actually, never mind."

Vijay is on the swim team.


What kind of jokes do you like?

The birthday pictures are very sharp.

I don't know what else you expect us to do.

He was overcome by numbers.

We need you to help protect Brendan.


He lacks the talent to be an actor.


Lindsay turns 30 three days before Christmas.