Providers of proactive IT Support Services in West Sussex

TechSolutions are specialist providers of Pro-Active IT Support, Cloud, Security, Connectivity and Data Centre to small and medium sized businesses across the South East.

For the majority of our customer base we provide fully managed outsourced IT support to businesses, schools and charities - one monthly fee which includes all monitoring and unlimited resources to our first-class support team.

Over the past 12-months our average response time is under 5 minutes and 98% of the cases are resolved in under 1 hour.

We have built our reputation as trusted advisors by working with our clients to address their individual business needs.
By delivering solutions for collaboration, security, business continuity and application support, we enable our clients to realise process improvements and gain maximum value from their investment in technology.

At TechSolutions we are proud to employ some of the industry’s most enthusiastic and dedicated people, without the team it would be impossible to provide the instant support to our customers.

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Jan 25, 2019

Emotet is moving, shape-shifting target for admins and their security software. Here's what we've learned from dealing with outbreaks.

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Jan 25, 2019

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued an emergency directive tightening DNS security after a recent wave of domain hijacking attacks targeting government websites.


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Jan 25, 2019

Your likes, interest and personality can be gleaned from as few as 8-9 friends on social media, whether you're on the platform or not.

bursting charge

Cops catch $15m crypto-crook

Jan 25, 2019

A man has been arrested a year after stealing €10m ($15m) of the IoT-focused cryptocurrency IOTA using bogus software that tricked users.

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