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Are we going to talk about this or not?

They can't do anything at this time.

Bob will speak to the crowd.

Plastic wouldn't let me in his room.

I'm sorry I'm so stupid.

Brenda is on a hot streak.

There one would learn much self-control.

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I remember mentioning it once or twice.

Lum put his wallet back into his pocket.

The house is a mess.

The old man was plodding along.

First, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth... penultimate, last.

Matthew puts too much sugar in his tea.

The mosque was torched in the middle of the night.

Try not to worry about us.

What's that scratch again?

The British pound has plounged to it's lowest level since 1985.

His data is often inaccurate.

Do you think this can work?

We should do it, because it's right.

Many people go for a walk on the promenade.

Her first answer was laudable.

I'm just building up an appetite.

Jean-Christophe was about to complain, but decided against it.


What makes you think I am God?

Sandeep was waving a flag.

Brooke was laughing hysterically.

His life was full of ups and downs.

Thanks, Holly. You're a real friend.


We were absent.

Later, I sold them and I was able to buy R. Burton's Historical Collections.

Can you show me how to do this?

20 people were detained by the Federal Police.

I have to charge the battery of my car.

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She tasted the cake to see if it was sweet enough.


This fighter jet is one of Russia's fastest weapons.

He took advantage of the good weather to do some gardening.

It was easy to find seats in the train because there were so few passengers.

Sanche might know something about that.

It follows from this that the company is not responsible for the accident.

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This is Nathaniel's motorcycle, I think.

I don't need advisers.

Don't believe everything you hear about Knute.


Mason doesn't have much energy today.

I'm sorry if I disturbed you.

The door is heavy. You need to use a lot of force to open it.

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I know you don't like Toft.

The children played in the mud with enthusiasm.

If you did that for me, it would help a lot.

Bigger doesn't always mean better.

I accept full responsibility for their actions.

I'd like to remind everyone to vote.

There's nothing to be proud of.

I'm looking for a mango to eat.

It wasn't where Sedovic said it would be.

Show us your hands.

Sometimes, I think not all humans are sentient beings.

Can't you just take my word for it?

That clown is frightening.


I've already been filled in on what happened while I was gone.


Alton Brown doesn't like garlic presses. He says they only really have one function, which can be done with a knife.

He didn't know a thing about it.

The news moved him deeply.


A dog can run faster than a man can.

Don't do yourself the disservice of not watching this film.

We've hired them.

Don't know.

Piotr prayed for Vadim to get well.


The Portuguese pronoun "eu" came from Latin "ego".

"Okonatta" is the right word.

He flatly refused to let me in.

Copernicus turned from a person into a personification.

Curtis made it quite clear what he didn't want us to do.


Julie turned up the volume.


I went to drink a beer with friends.


Mom also has a "heart", her physique isn't a "machine" either, mom wants to rest, but she is afraid that her dear children won't have enough to eat.

This book is missing two pages.

I could not afford to pay back my debt.


I went shopping in town today.

If we are to judge the future of ocean study by its past, we can surely look forward to many exciting discoveries.

I couldn't walk anymore.

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Laurent and Matt are both therapists.

We have to find out why this happened.

Are you a member of the baseball team?

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You don't have to do it here.

The old man's narrative was punctuated by coughs.

I apologize for having to leave.

She got married at the age of 17.

She's jealous and possessive.

Chip doesn't have to do that now.

Do I have to choose?

We've just got to keep working.

My brothers are already married.

I thought Shakil liked me.

Did you just say my name?


I see that.


Both Marshall and Randolph are dying.

I was offended by her crude manners.

My grandmother texts faster than you.

I've still not booked my flights to Germany.

He confused us.

He reeled in a huge fish yesterday.

Sid certainly doesn't seem to know what he's doing.

Metin said that nothing like that would ever happen again.

I knocked, but no one answered.

My father often helps me with my homework.

This house is anything but comfortable to live in.

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Kamel said he didn't want to think about it.


Michael never complains, no matter how hard the work is.

Piotr has a bicycle.

I was taking a shower then.

My friend asked me if I was feeling all right.

Corey forgot to wash his hands.

Can you explain it more clearly?

We teach each other lots of things.

He often swears when he is angry.

Nobody has ever asked such a question before.

With his income, he cannot afford the costly dinners.

Mr Green is a teacher of history.


This hotel will not do.

The trees were covered with snow.

Chances come rarely in any case.

Does Marika know any jokes in Japanese?

I know, but I love her!

Archie didn't have to hide.

Is Kristen studying French at school?

Don't do things by halves.

No matter how rich he may be, he is never contented.


I'm completely serious.


What makes you so sure that Carolyn will be here tomorrow?


Shaw bluntly refused the gift that Major, her mother's new boyfriend, wanted to make her. Later, she regretted it.

We don't make mistakes.

Julian and I have fun together.

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It's way past your bedtime.

Mayuko dived into the cold water.

I finished writing.

Just don't tell Florian.

We want to see them.

How much is a room for two people in this five-star hotel?

I usually play tennis.

This is only an approximate value.

A young woman was playing a guitar while singing along in front of the fountain.


I had nobody to play with when I lived with my grandmother.

Dan met with Linda in a park.

Death is certain, only the time is not certain.

You work hard!

She is an environmentalist.

At last, she gave in to him and told him the secret.

Be careful that the thread doesn't break.

Let's have scones with our tea.

Are you upset?

Pratapwant always gets up early in the morning.

It's better for both of you.

Emi ordered herself a new dress.

Take a look at that woman!


I really want to see them today.

It's a pity we didn't visit Warren when we had the chance.

Seeing him with his girlfriend puts me in a bad mood.

Twice I have tried to kill myself.

I'm a member here.

We have great chemistry.

I'll never hurt you, Ronni.

Her father was probably killed in a car accident.

Time has neither form nor substance.

We will agree only under that condition.

He had never seen such a bad boy.

Who that has read his story can forget it?

Maybe Roberto knows what I did wrong.

I blush to think of such conduct.

Why would Chip want to impress me?