The dog jumped up and caught the ball.

How many people still speak your language?

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I'm not the guy you want making this decision.

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Ami has been driving all day.

If the university doesn't have enough students, the administration will cancel the class.

Kevin told Luc she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever met.

This is your last chance.

What happened between you and Svante?

I have to work now.

Someone said something, but I could not understand it.


We took turns in washing the car.


What currency would you like?

The cafeteria's primary problem is its quality.

Panos and his grandfather communicate in French.

Carol is studying Spanish.

Agriculture is economy of the country.

This was her first job.

I told you to be home by midnight.


Arnold lost all of his money.

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Judging by her expression, she looked worried.


The bottle contained wine.


I'll do a quick check.

You won't get away with it!

Why is there so much traffic today?


I really like garlic.


We went by bus as far as London.


Whether or not Imogen of the Internet will live out her life without causing national scandal depends entirely on Mark Zuckerberg's privacy policies.

The idea is still in my mind.

I'll give you as much time as you need.


As far as I know it's a small city.

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Without the shadow of a doubt, the dream was a memory from a previous life.


He put great emphasis on this point.

It's now time to act.

These flowers are rare for that part of the country.


Why have I done such mistakes?

This house belongs to my uncle.

When a door closes, another one opens.

The phrase is meant to insult people.

Don't worry. He's not my boyfriend. He's just a friend.

I have a question.

The prices are ridiculously low.

I was afraid the fire might go out.

You should have told it to me sooner.

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Otherwise he had nothing to add.

What do you really want to eat?

They are baseball players.

I'm saying I'm not sure.

He gripped the tennis racket tightly.

Eric wasn't sure whether to press the red button or the blue one.

Uri is a great raconteur and is such fun to be around.

I've been there a lot.

The most popular game in the world is made by Swedes.


I was trembling with fear.


"This isn't Lyndon's watch." "I never said it was."

Everyone loves you.

Kaj pulled out her knitting needles.


This is what my mother used to say.

I would so love to see you.

Jean-Pierre feels very strongly about this.


There's nowhere left to sit.

Marnix didn't hear his name being called.

Where did you bruise them?

Friendship is as precious as anything else.

Your words provoked his anger.

The chicken is pink.

Do we have to help Benson?

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We need to keep changing a culture that shines a particularly unforgiving light on women and girls of color. About how they look, about how they feel, about what they should or should not do.

I don't know whether to accept or refuse.

We are giving the first prize to a Japanese student.

A list of required hardware is available here.

Is the road open?

See to that you do not leave your umbrella behind.

How can you live like this?

Bud may be studying French.

Don't you think that the taxes are too heavy in Japan?

Is anyone else going?

"Will you be at my party tomorrow night?" "I'll try to be there."

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The coach was waiting for the players to swim.

Do you have plans for tomorrow night?

He's so dull!

To my joy, my daughter passed the examination.

This is the first time I've ever traveled by plane.

I agree with you that the actor is very talented.

The morale of those men was excellent.

You look good in this picture.

Wash your hands right now.

I'll stay away from you.

Jeffrey made me promise not to say anything to Brett.

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Howard asked Jeanette to do him a favor.

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Wait just a moment.

Tears gathered in her eyes.

Petr was once engaged to Amigo.


Andries motioned to Art to follow him.

My son asks for the moon.

A squid has ten arms.

It's happening again.

"What happens to man," asked himself the wise man, "when touched by the angel of death?"


Don't let Jinny see you.

It was a strange night.

We'll take the wind out of their sails.

Jess hardly ever speaks to Sylvan anymore.

Are your friends Portuguese or Brazilian?

He has extensive experience and his competence has branched out into several fields.

The common state of this matter is solid.


Father makes sure that the light is off.

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Van needed some money, so I offered to give him some.


I'm just going to put these flowers in some water.


Was Paul the one who suggested this?


These products are of the same quality.

I don't have all day.

Typhoon Megi makes landfall in the Philippines.

We have not found it.

You've made that clear.

We were like family.

Milk doesn't mix with water.

What do announcers do?

His plans were regarded with some disfavor.

Would you like white wine or red?

It's a joke.

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Do you like Chinese cuisine?


Eat meals slowly.

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I can't wait to hug you again.

The boy and the man are drinking water.

She fainted, but woke up soon.

I just don't think this is funny.

Juri has all but given up.

Please allow me to carry your bag.

She is affected with the gout.

I wonder what could have made him change his mind.

As we grow older, our memory becomes weaker.

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The house was reduced to ashes from the fire.

What happened to the book I put here yesterday?

Is Deirdre well enough to work today?

Cake? I'm suddenly hungry again.

She had her purse snatched from her arm.


Charlemagne was crowned by the Pope.

As a man sows, so he shall reap.

You're mine.

I didn't need to see that.

I fail to understand his true aim.


You're covering the same ground. We already talked about this.

My mother gave me a pearl necklace.

Many pictures are placed on Xiaoding's desk.

What the hell are you doing here?

We thought we'd visit you for a few days next summer.

So, what about flirting at work?

There's something else you need to do before you go home.

The police arrested the suspect yesterday.

I always get up at 6.


That's very different.

Aren't you scared, Molly?

I'm not a loser.

Throw away these socks, please.

Let's see.

The deep night and the full moon offered us only the atmosphere as a gift.

He is as old as I.

Bernard has only been here three months.

Is that your bicycle?


Whenever we talk, he gets my adrenaline going.


He was voted out.