I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Vegemite is awesome.

I have served you all these years and you never gave me so much as a hard crust, but the dear children gave me their own loaf of bread.

That strike lasted three months.

She didn't feel like eating lunch.

I was with them.

Do you intend to leave us?

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Holly managed to make time to visit Barry while he was in Boston.

There is fruit.

"I told you, I like to be alone." "So do I! Let's do it together!"

I hate pretending I like Lance.

She wanted to marry an all-American man.


If the universe is full of stars, why doesn't the light from all of them add up to make the whole sky bright all the time?

The majority didn't accept the proposal.

You're too generous.


Please put it back in its place.

I never meant to do that.

The whole village was laid flat by the earthquake.


If one can say that a tiger is a big cat, one can also say that a cat is a small tiger.

There's mold on the bread. This means that we can't eat it anymore.

I am here concerning the car.

Stop phubbing me.

There's been a lawyer in the family for generations.

I really see no reason to stay.

We had so much fun.

She is his present wife.

In spite of the rain, we went to picnic.

I think that I didn't do anything wrong.

That isn't the point.

Lynnette enjoys gardening.

Matt didn't like that place.

Arlene didn't want to go to the doctor.

I've run three miles.


Why are we fighting?

You must keep your eyes open.

Only she can use this computer.

That's a legitimate question.

How dare you behave like that!

William is a beautiful girl.

In the Tokyo stock market, stocks of about 450 companies are traded over the counter.

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Mother put the food on the table and told the children to dig in.

The dimension of a vector space equals the largest number of its elements that can be linearly independent.

Stay in the garden, then!


Shut the door quietly.

Hunter isn't as stupid as he seems.

Would you like me to go there with you?

Who is their homeroom teacher?

Mr. Smith is an acquaintance of hers.

Why aren't you wearing shoes?

Omar touched my arm.

This is a refreshing change of pace.

He rarely went there.

I supplied the children with necessary books.

He named his puppy Pooch.

You may leave us, Deirdre.

Insects have a hard skin.

You really need a woman.

Am I annoying you?


She is intensely preparing for the exam.

What happens if you feed your dog pasta?

He lost no time.

The first and favourite amusement of a child, even before it begins to play, is that of imitating the works of man.

I asked him to open the door, but he would not do so.

Piet is very good at the guitar.

We all have arrived.

She has a bad habit of talking a long time on the phone.

Straka didn't work last Monday.

Jessie is smarter than anyone else.

We needed this win.

I just want to check something.

Morris ducked into the restroom.

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The company want to employ twenty people.


The Tower of London was once a State prison.

It wasn't me. It's him!

Eat this up.

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I was frightened.

He does not expect attack that way. His eye is all around, but it attends more to some places than to others. He can't see everything at once, not yet.

I met nobody on my way home.

I find your work very impressive.

Mankind's journey into space began in 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first artificial satellite.

I felt completely happy.

You really don't understand.

Daniel gave Ben a huge kiss.

We must have seen a thousand pronghorn on the drive across Kansas.


I love my work very much.

I don't know her real name.

That makes a difference, doesn't it?


Relax for a second.

Radek is just a farm boy living in a big city.

I told you I got fired.


We've endured three wars.

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You're more than welcome to come.

Miles and Del can't both be right.

Show us your bruise.


We have good chemistry.

File a police report!

You should listen to him.

Don't talk to her that way.

My older sister often drinks tea with milk.

I know you're on vacation.

I just had something incredibly strange happen to me.


Novorolsky put on a brave face.


We're just trying to buy some time.

Did he support her idea?

What are you getting?


Every burned book enlightens the world.

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The exercise took years off me.

You're kidding, right?

I can't quite explain it, but I believe I've caught a glimpse of the differences between Japanese and American cultures and lifestyles.

Pilar didn't have much time to clean the room before Marian arrived.

We haven't had that happen yet.

I never said that!

Marcos is working on another novel.

Who's worried about Sally?

I don't appreciate being set up.


Don't spill the soup.


Dan and Matt work as security guards for a private firm.

I'm glad you brought that up.

I want to speak in French.

Stephen's quite drunk.

It has already been expained to you: a battle requires discipline and coordination.

I'm very happy now.

Is that why you've stayed?

She told the joke with a completely straight face.

I like animals, for example, cats and dogs.

We have fun together.

Do you seriously believe that?


I must obey him.

Joey is fixated with Shane's gun.

What language do you speak in your country?

You bought a low quality leather jacket.

Go for it, Thomas.


It smells like something is burning in the kitchen.

I know your brother very well.

Henry, may I have some money?

This island has an ideal climate.

Would banning English in Parliament foster or damage India's democracy?

I talk in my sleep very often.

Izumi is determined to resist.


You're going to love our food.


Glynn's loyalty is admirable.

A lot has changed since the seventies, although long hair has still not quite gone out of fashion.

Stagger drank too much wine.


John is as lean as a wolf.

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I'm riding with him.

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Get out of my room, Hubert!

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We've talked a lot on the phone.

This isn't my fault.

I use it.

It was a bitter disappointment to him when he failed his examination.

Johnny has always been good to me.

Harry is a biochemist.

It didn't cost much.

We have the alternative of going or staying.

The sad news took away his appetite.

He's at the dock, drinking with homeless guys.

Everything Tommy said was a lie.

Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.

It is very difficult for anybody to be objective about his own character.

The bath is open on Saturdays.

He left his country two years ago.

What's your opinion about that?

I have lunch plans with Tal.

It is I.

As far as I can tell, the coast is clear.

We've made it.

I think Charleen is fit.

The incident was so poignant.

Most of them are Canadians.