We've had some tough times.

Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

What is your favorite time of year?

Does Syun know this?

Do you do at least 60 minutes of exercise a day?

Have you taken Cookie for a walk yet?

Praise be to God!

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun.

Charlene smiled at Jinchao, and she smiled back.

Scholarship must always be exact whether it is interesting or not.

He always kisses his girlfriend goodbye when they part ways.

Are you angry right now?

Everybody knows that happiness is in contentment.

I knew how to swim.


How old is he then?

I'm moving to Boston.

Shatter was poking at the fire.

I want to know how you got past the guards.

Exoplanets are planets that are outside the solar system.


It was on my mind so much that I unthinkingly asked the pupil in front of me.

She helped her mother of her own accord.

I can't explain how it is.

I wasn't aware that you were feeling that bad.

Leonard isn't mad at us.

I plan to reply to his letter right away.

I like Hokkaido.


You really should've told Erick not to come.


It's difficult to get the car going on cold mornings.

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Sit down and rest for a while.


Did you ask after her? What did she say?

Jeffrey was the first one to get here.

I think Darin has come to make trouble.


They helped me, too.

Nate could never do what you are asking him to do.

Anatole didn't act alone.

I can't agree with you on this point.

People often laud Christopher Columbus for all the lands that he discovered, but most are completely unaware of his numerous under-the-sea discoveries.

We're young.

A prisoner escaped from the prison.


Barton was heartbroken when his dog died.

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His new white hat corresponds with his white jacket.

That's one of my favorite books.

What a charming couple!

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Weather permitting, we will leave in an hour.

You wouldn't like them.

Don't treat me like I'm stupid.

You could be worse - you could be twins!

I will turn in the report at twelve thirty.


The boys took off on their bicycles.


Mr. Jackson, your son has died of an overdose.

The sun scorched the land and withered the crops.

The serious job shortage is also affecting those illegal foreign workers.

I don't care what Jef takes.

Is there anything we can do to help?

Dieter said he intends to go to Australia next October.

We know you're in here.


This medicine will reduce the pain.


This book is suitable for beginners.


Let's find out what Po wants.

This door is locked from the inside.

Kenn's eyes lit up suddenly.

Mwa and I are always busy.

I'll find them for you.

I'm getting a big raise.

Please step out of the car.

I had some help.

They're not there.


Amarth said that he wanted to forget about it.

Could you clear off the table?

I thought it over and decided not to go.

Nelken is friendly with Ronald.

We went to see a comedy in London.

You're only pretending to study, aren't you?

Jagath might not eat this kind of cheese.

Kari fell in love with a Russian girl he met online.

They are not illiterate in the sense that they can not read or write at all.

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I had a quarrel with him about trifles.


Everybody's ready to go.

Perhaps I was wrong.

I completely forgot the vegetables.


Mikael knows all about us.

It's funny.

Not on my desk!

The policeman was shot in the leg by a delinquent.

It is urgent to go to the bathroom.

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Thank you for asking.

Thank you God that I'm not a Moskal.

This movie has won great popularity.


No wild tigers are to be found in Africa.


Luis thought Janet knew who to turn the report in to.

It isn't necessary to answer that letter.

Consider yourselves hostages.

We are working for peace.

Gypsy shared all his secrets with Lowell.


We bought a used train car.

Marty has never been back to Boston.

What's the minimum salary in Russia?

Do you have some paper or something?

Sanjay is suffering from cancer.

Casper was obviously worried about what might happen.

The war continued.

The ship is about to sail for Manila tomorrow.

No, this is my second time.

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She ended off her speech with some jokes.

Seems like I'm the third wheel here. I should go.

George doesn't want to do that.

Just a moment. Let her finish.

We were all young once.


I'll think about what you said.

And then, what did you do?

I call the computer Tim.

Donne is very determined, isn't he?

Because it is written in simple English even a child can understand it.

I love tea.

It is the particular environment that has shaped the Japanese mentality.

That's how I found it.

We have to roll.

Rebecca hasn't done any work.

My father died a peaceful death last night.

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He poured the milk in a bowl.

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I'm happy with this.


She disapproved of my trip to Vienna.

What is the population of France?

I can't imagine what could be keeping Kim.

I got a letter from a friend.

May all your dreams come true!

Oleg couldn't see what it was.

I'm moving in with Joon.

What is the difference between raster and vector graphics?

What's on?


I'll call Rolfe and apologize.

I say go for it.

Was it fun?

Is anything missing from your pocketbook?

I must postpone going to the dentist.

Don't forget to tell the porter to carry our luggage.

"Sharan killed Stacey." "What did you say?" "I said Moses killed Norm."

I didn't actually see it myself.

This makes sense.

A cloud floated across the sky.

Your question does not have an answer.

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Her only care is the safety of her children.

We're getting warmer.

He's rich, though unfriendly.

The town developed into the center of the economy.

You're not welcome here anymore.

Life is full of mysteries.

Try meditating a few minutes a day once in a while. Honestly, it helps me a lot.

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He organized the university's butterfly collection so meticulously that it is now fully machine-searchable.

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Don't tell him the answer.

Deirdre looks just fine to me.

Scott suggested that Butler sing the new song she'd been practicing.

I must go to the station at once.

I just want to get out of here as quickly as I can.

That's not good enough for them.

The electric trains have taken the place of airplanes.


They want them back.

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We can't do that without Saiid's express permission.


I want you to listen to what Johnny has to say.

It happened that he was out.

We're not blaming you.

We felt the house shake.

When are you picking it up?

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are a tempest and hailstorm.

I just got a message from her.