That was foolish of her.

John is not so much a genius as a hard worker.

Vernon asked me if I would be willing to contribute some money.

We're finalizing our budget.

Randell may be wrong.

Irvin vanished without a trace.


They're going to torture her.

In his early days he was known as a great pianist.

Fortune is unstable, while our will is free.

He grew up in a military family.

Mariou was eating lunch with Gail at that time.

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Why did you interrupt us?

Sidney had no intention of quarreling with Hector.

I gave my old clothes for the church flea market sale.

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It was he who told me about that.

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Pascal and Mat are getting married tomorrow.

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We believe Lea.

Forget what I've just told you.

Is there another way out of here?

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That'll make her very happy.


How much fire insurance do you have?


I'm an old woman.

You should get to know Alberto.

This hat cost ten dollars.


English is taught almost all over the world today.

Naren killed himself.

We got our roof damaged by the typhoon.


Can you give me something to kill the pain?

He blames his failure on bad luck.

I tried to help.

Where should I put my suitcase?

OK, I think we can begin.


This is one of the signs of weakness and the impending doom of imperialism.

There is nothing to do today.

I can't kiss you the way you want to be kissed.

Do not make a major problem out of a minor one.

Larry's early.

I know what you did wasn't intentional.

Ravi is engaged to Ruth.

I know a hole in the wall that's really cheap.

I come here every Monday.


Be careful not to do anything to upset Leon.


They would never believe us.


You're becoming agitated.

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I'll do everything I can to help you.


I am sure that she will never forgive me.

That country remained neutral throughout World War II.

I think Dylan is a good leader.

Among the guests were the mayor and his wife.

I told him how proud I was of him.

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Courtney wasn't sure what to do.


I need you to stay focused.


According to Canadian law the mother tongue is the first language a child learns in the home, provided that he or she still understands this language at the time of the census.

The engine makes a strange noise.

As it turned out, he knew everything about me.

He was in agony.

There's a Mr Kay wants to see you.

Maybe I should tell Presley.

I've been upset not having written you a reply.

I'm just glad you're safe.

The worst solitude is to be destitute of sincere friendship.

I'm exhausted!

Here is a weekly magazine.


There's a man at the door who's asking to speak with you.

Moore said Susan does that a lot.

You're lucky to have such a good job.

I've managed to persuade Ethan to donate some money.

Paris did its best to defend its liberties.

The weather has been nice all week.

I heard a noise in the bedroom.

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I refuse to answer such a stupid question.

I don't think that matters much, Cristopher.

If you look at the lyrics, they don't really mean much.

Welsh is a very difficult language for me.

Izchak doesn't even know how to write his own name.

Kikki is frying an egg.

I want to eat meat and vegetables.

Stars evolve, or change, over time. It may take millions of years or it may take billions of years for a star to complete its life cycle.

She takes a great interest in English.

He is angling for promotion.

We keep the empty bags under the sink.

Naresh couldn't think about anything else.

May I borrow your car?

Is it OK to talk to her first?

We must take care of our planet, the earth.

In English "blue" and "blew" are homonyms.

Come to see us!


The robbers came out from behind the trees and attacked him.


Valeria thought that the amulet would protect him from witches.

You explained it, didn't you?

I apologize for what I said.

Celtic music is a good solution.

There's only one way to settle this.

We have lots of important things to do.

Just as if that was proof that that English was correct.

I lost the watch I had bought the day before.

How about eating out with me?

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Donne just wants Lloyd to answer some questions.

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If you like seafood, you've come to the right place!

The rainy season is near at hand.

Why didn't you use it?


I broke up with her yesterday evening.

Malaclypse is standing right behind Vidhyanath.

As she watched, the birds, especially Chizuko's golden crane, looked alive in a light autumn breeze.

It may already be too late.

The disease began all of a sudden.


It wasn't any bigger than a soccer ball.

One is not born a woman, one becomes one.

I suggest we stay home and watch television.


I think we should just be friends.


He lifted me onto his shoulders.


The crime scene had the earmarks of a professional execution.


I've run this morning.

Is there something special about it?

The organization of employers is an organization with a great deal of influence.

I want to see them now.

Have you ever even met Howard?

Ssi might have been annoyed.

Is there anybody who knows first aid?

Uri has been having trouble sleeping recently.

I'm not as lucky as you.


She sat on a bench, humming an old melody in a low voice.

Hein was on that team.

It just bugs me.

Everybody laughed except us.

He fell down from the roof, and what made the matter worse, broke his leg.

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One day you'll understand.


Nobody goes outside in this kind of weather.


She texts me all the time.


He quickly read through the abstracts to find the paper he was looking for.

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I'm going to plant a shrub.

Why are you touching my girlfriend?

They were really cold.

I met Ken yesterday.

Haruko likes warm springs.

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Patricio couldn't say for sure when he'd come back.

I know that you can hear me.

They enjoy one another's company.

Give me these 8 crimson apples please.

We go way back.

I found what you were looking for in the trunk of my car.

I stayed home because I had a bad cold.

"Syun, what are you doing?" "What does it look like?"

Saltier water is heavier than less salty water.


Clyde is doing what he loves.

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I wonder if that's not right?

If you'll wait a moment, I'll take you to Patrice.

He has been busy since this morning.

Lou and Cristina are on the balcony.

I wish summer would never end!

If you don't get a move on, you'll end up missing your flight.

Farmers today use technology not available to their forebears, to maximise yields from their crops and livestock.

When I heard my teacher's illuminating explanation, it was as though a blindfold was stripped from my eyes.

I think it's sad to not have any friends.

I was a fool to trust her.

Sriram looked left and right.

Okey doke.

They were very strict.

While reading the book, I felt asleep.

I got him some water.