Lisa has to come with me.

Would you chew your food more, please?


Would you like to have another beer?

We need to evacuate the building.

Comrade Dean fell in love with comrade Leigh.

I consider fruit to be the healthiest food.

That can't be good for you.

I can swim.

I already knew I am a blue blood.

The mucus is greenish yellow.

Looks like the weather's gotten worse, eh?

We should let him rest.

It's doubtful whether I'll be able to come tonight.


This is what he said: "I shall return by all means."


It's all white.

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I'm short of cash at the moment.

Minutes passed like days.

I'll consult with her.


Everyone had their reasons.

The house was pleasant to live in.

I think Kevyn said he'd be staying in Boston for three weeks.

Please lend me this pen.

Jeannette and Marnix split a bottle of red wine after dinner.

They ran Kusum out of the country.

"Fletcher has given everything he had to the nursing staff." "Just what? His baseball card collection and wine bottles?"

Dorian isn't very motivated.

He is no good as a doctor.


The spokesman confirmed that the report was true.


I have wonderful news for all of you.

Please don't ask me, Cecil, I cannot tell you.

At the time I was convinced that was the case.

She's double-jointed.

An ounce of practice is worth a pound of precept.


Why did you fry two sausages only?

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I would like to know your origin.

That might be nice.

Woe to the vanquished.


Nichael doesn't remember anything.

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Malloy looked over the fence.

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You'll never see us again.

I'm surprised that Alastair didn't enjoy the concert.

He said they were responsible for the present problem.

This is a beautiful spot.

Are they big?

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I gave them another chance.


Wayne deserted his wife and family.

You have to fight.

Sandra and his two bodyguards came in through the back door.

I hated it at first.

That's completely irrelevant.

People were everywhere.

Today I saw a very enjoyable film.


I can hardly believe how much nonsense is uttered not only by ordinary forum users but also by the so-called experts.

I thought you guys were planning on coming to my party.

The Jacksons are our neighbors.

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Tell her this is hopeless.

We tried again to bump off the politician, but couldn't do it.

Where did you guys grow up?

I don't care about the price.

I'm very depressed.


Why would you want to hurt us?

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One should brush one's teeth every day.

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The master of thriller has left the scenario forever.

If he hadn't been eating while driving, he wouldn't have had an accident.

Now it's time for you to go.

The dress shirt is dirty.

The English established colonies in America in 1609.

Don't tell me Raul didn't tell you.

You're polite as fuck!

All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.

It is often said that life is short.


You look gorgeous.

Luckily, Ralph had an extra umbrella.

Francois must have heard about what happened.

We'll take them home.

We know very little about it.

I really felt good.

You made me lose.

I know you really like Hirofumi.

I don't think Sharan understands what you're saying.

I'm regularly feeling down in the dumps.

There's nothing to be nervous about.


Does this bus go to the Hilton Hotel?

I was quoting him.

I learned about Keiko's problem from gossip.

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Not dressing warmly in winter can result in catching a bad cold.


Some linguists have remarked that in international communication English works best when there are no native speakers present.

Izchak gathered his stuff and left.

This is taking forever.

I don't know when the exam is. It may be tomorrow.

He sat to read a book.


Pascal seemed to think that you and I used to be married.

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I am shaking hands with my worst enemy.


You should cut her some slack.

Sal was wearing a mask.

You're both missing the big picture.


We got behind the car and pushed.

I don't forget my friends.

You must accommodate your plans to mine.

You shouldn't depend too much on other people to help you.

Human beings differ from animals in that they can think and speak.

Dimetry just told me something personal.

They're closed today.

What's with the hat?

He didn't give up the plan.

He came near to being run over.

Spass told me all about you.

He is now on the way to recovery.

What else has Hienz told you?

Jeffie seems to be dependable.

Can you wrap these neatly for me?

Huashi knocked three times on the door.

Whatever she may say, I will not attend the meeting.

She will pay for everything.

I refuse to talk to you!

It was torture for him to see his girlfriend with another man.

Don't forget your things.


I'll take you home now.


Using Esperanto with him, I feel that we are both at the same level, at least from a lingual point of view.

I want to go abroad, for instance, to Italy and Spain.

My parents are there.


I have a large family to provide for.

My older sister finally got married.

What can you expect?


We can understand everything he's saying.

Please find out who did this.

It's kind of disgusting.

I don't want Shatter to think I was being rude.

They live in Helsinki, Finland.


If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

My father doesn't lift a finger at home.

The creation killed its creator.

Were you overweight?

I try not to worry about you.

He is constantly complaining.

He wants the money.

I gave Cary the weapons he wanted.

Milner had injuries consistent with a severe beating.

There's a pig in the sty.

What time do you want to meet?

The high school students are studying in the classroom.

Roosevelt was a war hero.

She has gone out.

He did well by me.

She asked me where I was going.

I like fish cooked on the grill.


They prayed that their daughters would forgive them.


I like the beach.

Be careful!

Maybe you should call her.


I saw Margie in the park.

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It is refreshing to take a shower after exercising.


Both her parents come from Brazil. She is a daughter of Brazilians.


Louiqa punished his son for lying.

I couldn't survive prison.

Each human being is an individual.

Collin tried to convince Win to put on sexy lingerie.

Page was very excited.


There's nothing to this.

He had a roundworm in his stool the other day.

He professes that he had no connection with that affair.