Vexata delivers more performance, scale and capacity at half the cost than leading all-flash arrays


Comprehensive all-NVMe platform with the lowest latency & highest throughput in a 6U bladed chassis


Advanced analytics for proactive management with simple plug and play scalability


As enterprises make the transition from traditional to cognitive applications, the storage platform must match the parallel access and performance of the compute layer. In order to deliver the performance needed to economically scale neural networks, it is critical to unleash the full potential of underlying NVMe media, by providing unobstructed access to all the data at scale.

Scale Up and Scale Out with Vexata

Traditional all flash arrays have dedicated storage controller CPUs that force architects to trade-off performance to scale capacity. This results in under-utilized storage capacity and over-utilized CPUs, throttling performance as the capacity scales.

The Vexata VX-100F Scalable NVMe Flash Array provides a bladed chassis that allows the ability to scale to PB’s of capacity and performance independent of compute. This allows for linear scaling from TB’s to PB’s, replacing racks of storage in a 6U form factor.

The innovations delivered by Vexata offer unmatched performance and scale which dramatically lowers infrastructure Total Cost of Ownership

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Breaking through I/O Bottlenecks for Faster Financial Outcomes



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Vexata VX-OS Architecture Technology Review.

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At Pacific Disaster Center, we are very pleased with the Vexata product and customer service and we look forward to a long relationship ahead.

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vexata products

VX-100 Scalable Storage Systems

VX-100 Scalable NVMe Arrays

The VX-100 Scalable NVMe Arrays are a family of high performance, solid state storage arrays that provide in-box scaling, fully utilizing Flash and Memory Class NVMe media for unmatched economics and true business application scaling.

VX-OS Active Data Architecture

VX-OS Active Data Architecture

The Vexata Operating System (VX-OS) is the core of the Active Data Architecture, a scalable, enterprise grade data fabric optimized for high performance, database, analytic and machine learning workloads.

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VX-Manager System Management

VX-Manager System Management

VX-Manager delivers unprecedented system visibility to provide administrators with intuitive indicators of system degradation or failures in real-time, making the task of troubleshooting application performance and system issues a snap. A powerful REST API provides integration with data center monitoring dashboards for the ability to integrate VX-Manager into larger management frameworks.

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Real-World Enterprise Use Cases

use cases
Financial Trading Systems
Speed, security and scale are the key to algorithmic trading systems, time series databases and back testing platforms. Optimized to maximize results, Vexata has proven financial trading system expertise.
Machine Learning/AI
Transforming artificial intelligence and advanced analytics from predictive to cognitive requires immediately processing mass volumes of data. Vexata delivers the performance to reduce ML training cycles.
Risk and Fraud Detection
In order to reduce risk and fraud, many businesses use deep analytics and AI to interpret data patterns and structures to minimize financial loss and prevent unauthorized access. With the Power of NVMe, Vexata can accelerate any fraud detection program to unmatched levels.
High Performance Analytics
Businesses seeking competitive advantage know how to extract value from data in real-time, but existing infrastructure solutions create bottlenecks that stifle productivity. Vexata has purpose built it's data platform to deliver the throughput needed for massive ingest and the I/O processing performance needed to deliver these business outcomes.
NVMe for DBAs

VX-100F Data Sheet

Scaling oracle: lessons learned

Vexata Announces Fujitsu Reseller Agreement

Getting to know vexata with CEO zahid Hussain

Fujitsu + Vexata | Advanced Architectures for the Cognitive Era

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