There's no reason.

Sanche looks tired today.

Do you get my point?

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for I am the evilest sonofabitch in the valley.

I'm just feeling down.

Sid is probably scared.


It's now official.


You'd better check this out.

She was out of temper with her brother.

I do my own taxes.

The coffee is brewing.

Let me tell you how to do that.

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Joking aside, how are things going?

The outlook for planning the defense is grim.

You know that I'm willing to try this.

I killed the mosquito.

Needless to say, we were very tired by the end of the day.

I was laughing my head off at the way he looked.

The time spent to see the monument is short.


Saad usually shows up on time.

Roxanne could do nothing but sit and wait.

I never saw him before.

Ray sometimes has trouble understanding other people's feelings.

Your friend from Boston dropped by to visit this afternoon.

The place looked big enough.

Pilot never backed down.


The price of vegetables varies from day to day.

He can't go without wine for even a day.

She made a paper snowflake.


Red clothes suit her.

Waiter, the check, please.

Pedro wants a computer small enough to easily carry.

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I met him once before.

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Avoid them completely!

Now if you don't mind, I'd like to get started.

During the past two years, Egypt joined the malfunctioning, failed states.

Deirdre ate a piece of the cake that Sassan baked.

I can swim very fast.

The sentry demanded the password from everyone.

Trying has stopped coming to school.


The manual is in Spanish only.

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Let me go in place of him.

I'll take this umbrella.

Has Lucy telephoned yet?

Pierre told Roy that they needed to be careful not to wear out their welcome.

I'm sick of school.

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They are fighting.


They must be worried.

We're always right.

I just want to say I'm glad you're here.

The teacher talked on and on.

I know where they're going.

I was about to go out, when the telephone rang.

I don't have any good reference book at hand.

I'm confused about my feelings.

She is leading by two meters.


The last time I saw Mikael he was eating an apple.

Jan knows this isn't good.

Deirdre went fishing almost every day last summer.

I remember it as if it were yesterday.

The windows must be secured.


I'm sure that better times are on the way.

Mistakes do happen.

Have you seen my keys?

Do you know where Graham's staying?

The minister contradicted his own statement.

Ann needs a driver's license.

This material never wears out.

He set out for Tokyo.

It's been a difficult couple of days.

Please buy me a turtle, Mother, please buy me a turtle.

She gets lost really easily. She's got no sense of direction.

Someone grabbed me from behind.

Here are the books you asked for.

Which do you like better, apples or bananas?

I need to get over Dorian.


Children usually think and behave like their parents.

Teruyuki could've been one of us.

Do Japanese people eat sushi every day?

There are over 800,000 Basque speakers in the world.

You need to have give-and-take in your relationship.


I racked my mind to find a solution to the riddle but eventually failed to find one.

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Dr Dory Jackson discovered that the drug could cause liver damage.

Have you ever been to Boston before?

Our colleague's mother has died.

Victor has a pretty good idea why Juliet isn't here now.

Heck, with oboe players there are those who, rather than search for a reed that suits them, find it faster to make their own.

I don't study regularly, so there's no way that I'll get a good grade on tomorrow's test.

When water freezes and becomes solid, we call it ice.


There is some sugar in the bag.

Hui was a rugby player.

Lowell is a much better chess player than me.

This problem seems to be easy on the surface, but it's really difficult.

Saify is a portly man.

Duane has been living in Boston for the past couple of years.

Don't get too close with him.

Grant's car has a top speed of 70 mph.

Dan gagged Linda and locked her up in a closet.

Have you changed your mind already?

You didn't need to come so early.

At first, I had no idea why.

Their secret was laid bare.

The money was stolen from his briefcase.

I used to read three or four books a week.

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Everybody had a hard time.

I want to tell her good night.

Let's listen to the tape.

Do you agree with that or not?

If he doesn't know about it, then it doesn't matter.

Franklin told Leif that he thought it wouldn't be good if she went there by herself.

I forgave you a long time ago.

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The restaurant is across the street from the hotel.

I sometimes have a hard time choosing whether I should listen to reason or my feelings.

I was trying to be funny.


I think about it often.

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Ralph said he was nervous.

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Cyrus didn't have time to do the job properly.

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

I am thrilled to be here.

Are you saying that you don't love Raymond?

The painting shows a young woman combing her hair before a mirror.

I've just learned the news.

That could now change.

How much longer will it be?

Do I detect sarcasm?

He wished she had more time for him.

She is as busy as a bee.

Show her the magazine.

I'll make sure Celeste does what we asked him to do.

You've got a minute to go and return.

His patience reached its tipping point.

Linder gets along fine with Mat's stepfather.

Ricky has a personal bodyguard.

I'm really pleased to hear that.

Most Japanese eat rice every day.

Traveling abroad is very interesting.

I can't quite figure out what that chord around 1:58 is. Can somebody help me out?

Why didn't you tell me you were sick?

I had to finish what I'd started.

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I'll let her explain.

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Let's have a drink.

I didn't feel like buying a car.

The whereabouts of the suspect is still unknown.

Do you really trust Tyler?

We can't get a hold of her.


Oliver disappeared into the forest.

I had a little help from a friend.

It's great for families.


Ro barely escaped being killed by a tiger.


We're not going to let them die.


I have something to tell Jef.

That would be fantastic.

I still have time.


Puns are very hard, if not impossible, to translate.

Someday you'll know the truth!

Tell them we're here.

Diane has been avoiding me like the plague ever since he broke my glasses.

Are we starting soon?

She lives across the street.

The performance of the learners in German schools is graded according to a scale 1 to 6.

She is not so insensitive a girl as to laugh at a funeral.

I look after a cat and a dog.


Put that book back where you found it.

Chinese people don't have an alphabet. They have a different symbol for every word.

I am in the classroom.

The rock rolled down the hill.

I have zero knowledge of programming.

Geoffrey must be over thirty by now.

I think it's unreasonable.