Maybe it would be better if I threw away all these books, kissed your little nose, and forgot all my worries and hardships.

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She was angry and confused.

The cathedral dates back to the Middle Ages.

Bingley likes your sister undoubtedly; but he may never do more than like her, if she does not help him on.

How many employees do you have?

Is there a parking lot?


Lois forgot to file his taxes.

He doesn't read any more books.

I tried to focus my attention on reading.

We have a long way left to go.

I can teach you how to fly.


This is immoral.

Now would be a good time.

Lisa wants to set up a meeting.


Although in common usage, this word is frequently mispronounced.

Owls can see in the dark.

The nurse sat little Deirdre down and told him to stick out his tongue.

Your Majesty, there is a fire in my house!

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.

You were right, too.

Elias was guilty.

He knows many amusing magic tricks.

I will set the table before sitting down to eat dinner.


What does Everett do on Mondays?

As for me, instead of trying to be a cool, international man, I would like to be an open-minded earth person.

As a last resort, we can stay at my sister's.

That shirt used to look really nice on you, but I think it shrank in the dryer.

It's a good thing Earnie isn't here today.


I doubt if it'll snow.


Terri has to be here.

They used that table.

I feel a sort of spasm in my left leg.


No matter how hard you try, you can't learn English in two or three months.

I came in view of the castle.

Ken is so busy that he can't come.

It's time for you to go home.

Max and Knut often eat dinner together.

She made an excuse for being late.

They live in the projects.

He looks every inch a gentleman.

Where did she buy a book?

It seems obvious that he is unable to swim.

"My goodness, Rajeev! You look completely tired out!" "I didn't sleep a wink. Lars snored again like a champion."

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I don't have time to write.


Your necktie matches your suit.

We did that just for fun.

I think I've finally understood what you were trying to say.

Kuldip is probably still alive.

You're not still sore, are you?

I'm still a bit groggy.

Can I carry this on the plane?

Several gardeners look after the azaleas in the park.

I don't want to seem too eager.

Has anyone seen her?

Did you see where Debi went?

What do you have?

The soldiers lowered their weapons.

How does this camera work?

She was looking miserable sitting in the middle of this snowstorm, so I threw a small coin at her.


When Nichael drinks, everybody drinks.


Tony jogs every day.


Why should I be afraid of you?


The dog is barking at you.


What about your wife?


What time would it be when we leave the restaurant?

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I live and work in Mexico.

Why doesn't Marlena like Boston?

None of the programs look interesting to me.


Sulfur is used to make matches.

I teach French at a high school.

Rajendra is living abroad.

I thought it was the least I could do.

Follow me into the room.

Tell her in person.

Let's sit in the back.

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You aren't bad.


Before meeting your guests, be sure to carefully check that the toilet door locks.

I'm not after you.

Jim kissed Nathaniel and apologized.


It's quite delicious.

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He was confused by the abrupt question.

Carlo shot John and got out of the house.

I'm convinced that Peter isn't telling us everything.


As the ISS orbits the Earth, both the vehicle and crew members are in a constant state of free-fall causing astronauts to experience a feeling of weightlessness.

He felt her hand on his shoulder.

We're converging, you and I.


Can you get me some milk?

Who is this guy?

Jacques followed Sherri up the stairs.

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She tested an engine.

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I'm pretty sure Jelske lives on Park Street.

I'm sure you heard about what Milo did.

He doesn't have any friends.


My father went nuts when he saw me hanging out with her.

The problem here isn't you.

I'm going to help you rescue Nora.

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I really got depressed.

They rejoiced over the news of our success.

Take a deep breath.

You're impolite.

How long did Merton work here?

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I would have liked to see the ending of the film, but I had to leave the theater.

How are you going to Milan?

I waited more than two hours.

Is this to eat here, or to go?

I knew something wasn't right.

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The Man is keeping me down.


After watching that film he was filled with a sense of foreboding.

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You look tired. You must have been working too hard.


Susanne rushed home to get his washing off the line before the rain started.


We were ready to attack.

I arrived at the station ten minutes late.

I've been so busy this past week that I've hardly had time to relax.

I'm surprised Tobias didn't want to go with us.

The library obtained many new books.


They are all special.

I must admit the attorney drew up a pretty serious-looking contract.

Roxanne looked Jess in the eye.

I will not date anyone who is not cute.

We take long walks together.

I know what Jane's thinking.

Do you have psychic powers?

Gene's not going to be happy.

I almost feel sorry for him.

Gunter must be making a mint.

I danced yesterday. I danced before too.


I am going to shoot down enemy aircrafts.


There were quite a few children in the park.

Who told you that I dropped out of school?

A ball hit her on the right leg.


You should be prepared for emergencies.

We cheered him and chose him as our captain.

A pan is used for frying.

I have just one more thing to ask of you - get lost.

Do you know how I can get in touch with Pitawas?

We've said our goodbyes.

The supermarket shelves were almost empty.

What's in the box?

I can't figure him out.


He promised not to smoke.

Richard's not the first woman to fall in love with a married man, and she won't be the last.

Can Beth come tomorrow?

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We found them here.

My butt hurts.

I thought I'd lost you forever.

When does Barbra go to the market?

Everyone comes out of hiding and shouts "SURPRISE!"

I met a lot of interesting people at the party last night.

I haven't had the chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your party.


Sit down for a second.

He would be the last person to betray others.

Does Patrice look like he's busy?


I am taking Arabic Level 5 this semester.

There are a great many forest fires in America.

I want you to dig a hole.

I think it's about time to go.

The reason I prefer to go to Japan is that the people in Japan are hardworking and have honest personalities.