Start Split, pay for items, leave

With Split eating out with friends is easy.
Simply start a Tab on Split and invite your friends. After that
your friends can pay you for the check, completely cashlessly.

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Our amazing Features

Split provides convenience you'll find yourself not being
able to live without. These features change the game forever.

Completely Cashless

When your friend pays you on Split, their card is charged and the money is instantaneously sent to your bank account.

The More the Merrier

Split allows as many of your friends to join your Split as you want. Your group enjoys the meal, Split handles the rest.

Secure Payments

Split provides you with a true sense of security. All of your payments are securely made through Braintree's processing platform.

Our Painless Payment Platform

Split provides a seamless payment platform for both restaurants
and their customers to Split their checks and pay through the cloud.


The Dream Team

We're a team from a variety of backgrounds and skills
coming together to solve a problem that drives us all crazy.

Based in the ❤️ of Texas