Heidi might have lost his way.

How dare you do that to him?

It always snows in the Alps.


I'll drop you a line when I get to Tokyo.

Monica doesn't know which colour to choose.

Our factories are working perfectly.

He has two children, namely one son and one daughter.

All my friends to whom I sent invitations came to the party.


He left everything to chance.

Her mother is not as old as she looks.

It's getting hot.


They changed the world.

I'm old and not too well.

He has been on sick leave for a month now.


I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to be there on time.

Our trip was long, difficult and dangerous. We're just happy to be back home in one piece.

I can't do anything for him.

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"What do you want?" "I want a dog."

That has happened to me several times.

He watched his father die right in front of his eyes.

I got to know him.

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden.

Making cheese is an art.

In Esperanto, the final vowel of a noun or of the definite article can be left out and replaced by an apostrophe.

The company's profits have been increasing.

I told you it would be a waste of time asking Ian to help.

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Enough, already!


I cannot mop this floor. It's too dirty.


She had the kindness to help me.

Klaus said he would do that for us.

The trash can was empty.

I'm still a little busy.

Suyog knows the situation well enough.


Fred took a liking to Jane and started dating her.

I cast my net into the sea.

I will live in prosperity.

This restaurant serves dishes made from local organic fruit and vegetables.

Being able to smile while in great distress is not duck soup for a passionate individual.

I wish I had been an only child.

Let's hope this boat engine doesn't give up the ghost when we're halfway to Hawaii.

We're considering that.

Curdken was very angry, and wouldn't speak to her.

Randolph is an absolute fool.

A wonder lasts but nine days, and then the puppy's eyes are open.

We know about them.

I feel good.

Have you ever seen sausage being made?

A spring rain revived the flower.

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Correct me if I am wrong.

Have you seen them?

A stranger phoned me yesterday.


There are not two suns in the sky.


I'm sick of hospitals.


In English, "black tie" can mean more than just a tie that is black in color.


Louiqa committed a series of murders.

I've given Patricia something to eat.

For my part I prefer to stay at home.

You're the guy who killed her.

Watch carefully.


Janice has done his homework.

She is having lunch now.

I don't drink vodka!


Please be careful not to forget to lock the door when you go out.

This sword is heavier than I thought it would be.

He did both at the same time.

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We shouldn't have let you go.

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He opened up the verbal battle.

In the Spanish calendar, the week begins with Monday.

He picked up cans in the street.


Line up by height, please.

It is very hard, and sometimes very dangerous, to be an astronaut.

You didn't scare me off.

You don't get enough exercise.

Have you heard about my new grand piano? Now you have to hear its sound.

I really appreciate what you've done.

I'd rather hang out with Lynnette.

That's very possible.

Larry rinsed the dishes.


Willie has decided to keep a diary.

I would think you have other things to keep you busy.

All our effort ended in failure.

Francisco is worked up.

The service agent helped me solve my problem.


Try to see things as they are.


Kamiya was my only child.

I'd lock my doors if I were you.

Where was Oliver hiding?

I thought you might want to come along.

It seems you and I are essential to this project. We'd better get along or it'll go badly.

He earns three times as much as I do.

You don't even know what I'm going to ask you to do yet.

Metin showed Briggs the way.

His ideas never fetched him a nickel.

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I can help my brother.


Manavendra is the champion.

Let them know.

You will be going soon.

Bobby asked Kristin many questions that she couldn't answer.

Is Knute a foreigner?

What is the exchange rate for dollars now?

I burnt my tongue.


Don't come in! I'm naked.


Jacobson was looking through some papers.

I have to help Mother.

Please cut the cake with a knife.

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Narrations can be analysed in terms of the way they structure their sequence of events.

Donnie is only a child.

Without me, what will become of them?

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This stock was new in today.

Many countries have problems with poverty.

I am almost 40 years old and I am still single.


Tell her what you told me.


Marika discovered with me a new world, a new culture.


Have you decided on your dissertation topic?

Some kind of party upstairs kept me up until one last night.

Really? Why?

I work delivering pizzas.

I am learning to play the guitar now.


I have some good news.

No one to blame but yourself.

Kevan is a very hard worker.


Rex isn't an old man.

When will this all end?

She doesn't want to live there ever again.

Jean doesn't have as many friends as I do.

Merril and Henry are here, too.

Our parents live right across the street from us.

I myself will repair that machine.

She was the one who suggested it.

Tokyo has an extremely high volume of traffic.

Some people kept interrupting the speakers, and finally broke up the meeting.

Can you put the children to bed?

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Did Jeffie give you anything for me?

I'll show you where it is.

I have a lot of friends with whom to consult.

I don't really want you mad at me.

The box was open and empty.

Nobody's blaming you.

Visit our website for additional information.

Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate. Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

Their story was made up.

I wanted to stay there two days longer.

They tried to handcuff him.

Derek went outside.

Marion was sent off to prison.


Everything you want is there.

It snowed for ten days in a row.

You seem to really want to talk about what happened.

I don't deserve this and you know it.

I'm so glad you suggested this.

Now, I would like you to imagine a map of Great Britain.

It isn't always easy.

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Don't take me seriously. I was only joking.

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However, the survivors are unaware of that fact.

Stagger checked his watch to see what time it was.

Do you wish me to help?

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The seeds will become flowers in the summer.


When I saw him, I thought he was going to kill me.

We urged Rusty to go.

I will give her a recipe.