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Aeronca Champ, Chief, Sedan, L-3 (O-58), L-16, Defender, C-2, C-3, Models 50, 65, series K et al. We promote these capable and historic aircraft through their preservation and maintenance, and celebrate their History.

The Aeronca Aviators Club welcomes all owners, pilots and enthusiasts of these fine aircraft.


        The Embroidered Knit Shirt Christmas Special Purchase was a disappointment. Only the Champ made the minimum.

        The October 2018 issue of Aeronca Aviator has mailed.         Not getting your copy?     We can help:  
Join the Club Here

      The Complete Guide to Aeroncas, Citabrias and Decathlons are now available for the first time since 1984. This color, updated revision of Don & Julia Donwnie's original tome can be ordered as B-418 from our Aeronca Store or call the office for your copy.

      Champ Conversion to Grove Hydraulic Brakes, have been compiled in a new book including Jim Spee's article, additional installation pictures, field approvals (337s) and supporting documents all provided by Jim Spee. Order A-617 from our Aeronca Store or call the office for your copy.

    Sun getting in your eyes? Check out our (250) 572-1011 for the Champ and L-16 (also works on Citabria, Decathlon and Scout).

        We have received an Airworthiness Concern from the FAA regarding potential problems with the 15AC Sedan's wing spars. You can read / download it from faraway. If you decide to respond, please send a copy of your letter to Us as well.

        Another Airworthiness Concern has been issued; this one includes all carburetors. You can read / download it from 630-615-9026. If you decide to respond, please send a copy of your letter to Us as well.

Our New Aeronca-only   6093127538   are now live! Come and participate.

New Champ from American Champion
The New Champ is now being delivered! The January and April 2006 issues included pictures and details of the new American Champion LSA Champ (right).

A great deal of confusion has been caused by the newly issued Control Cable AD. We try to make sense of it here.
Updated with new information 1/31/2006.

The northernness
is now open - you can order T-shirts, hats and some of our Publications using our Secure Server.

Carl White at the helm of his JYD - a homebuilt counterpart to the Citabria Pro, built from Aeronca organ donors. See Member Project page for more. Photo by Mike Rountree.

Read about its Long Time Abornin' in the January, April and October 2006 issues of Aeronca Aviator.

From Sun 'n Fun: Below are friends and volunteers Tom Roush (left) and Sal Capra: Sun 'n Fun 2005

Champion Traveler

John Demyan's 7EC Traveler was restored and flown
to Sun 'n Fun by its restorer Ted Davis.
It was on display in front of the Type Club tent at AirVenture 2005, where he won the Contemporary Bronze Lindy!

Champ on Cloud Nine

  Click here for our report from AirVenture Oshkosh 2004!

Sun 'n Fun 2005

A pre-war Chief of a different color
also at Sun 'n Fun

Aeronca C2

Aeronca C-2 (1930s)

Sun 'n Fun 2005

A pair of L-16s in the Warbirds area of Sun 'n Fun  

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