Welcome to Booth & Associates’ Client Access Portal.  Before being able to access any of the links, you will need to request an account from your account manager.  They will provide you your username and password to access the secure areas.  If you have any trouble after receiving that logon information, please contact our support team at help@booth-assoc.com.

The FILEZ1 server has been moved to a new, more secure, location.  Please redirect your browser to /clients.booth-assoc.com/login.html to access the new File Transfer site.  Your logon and password should be the same as before.  If you have any difficulties accessing the new site, please contact your account manager at Booth & Associates or email our Technical Support Department for assistance at (708) 239-5738.

This Client Portal is currently being developed and some of the links may not work properly or contain incomplete information.  This currently only intended as a landing page for our current clients with access to the old FTP server until the rest of the site is online and rolled out.