Progressive Programs

We teach the most up-to-date technology. In the ever so evolving world of technology, we continuously innovate and adapt, and that's reflected in our curriculum as well.

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online education

From the comfort of your very own home, you can attend class, and interact with the instructor and other course attendees just like you were on campus.

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open to everyone

There are no prerequisites except minimal English and PC use. People of all ages, educational, and professional backgrounds have found life-changing success through our program.

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Our Program:

Oracle Database Administration is what we know how to do best. Our program is taught by experienced, dedicated and certified Oracle Database Administrators.
We produce the finest and most knowledgeable DBA's in the world.

For students:

Find here some information for Prospective and Current Students likewise.
Information for students.


Student are required to attend and participate in class, do hands-on exercises, and submit homework. Research shows: the more these requirements are met, the greater the student's chances of finding, and succeeding at a job.

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Finding Help

We have a vast amount of resources in place to help students succeed. While we strongly encourage Study Groups, tutors - and instructors - are available to help students on a 121 basis.

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The Motivation

There is a shortage of DBA's in the market, good quality DBA's for that matter. So, think about solving this problem and the life-changing rewards will definitely follow! All you need to begin is your computer and an internet connection.

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Announcements, News, and Happenings:

In this section, we bring you some Announcenets, news and happenings at, and concerning, as they unfold.
Stay Tuned !

Next Class Begins Sat Nov 10, 2018!

SAT 10a-2p Eastern (4-8p CZ) Time
SUN 10a-2p Eastern (4-8p CZ) Time


Referral Discount

Refer a Friend or Family Member and get a discount. There is also a discount for group sign-ons. More information at OR Click the button below


Happy Birthday, Armstrong! Oct 12

At AfroIT, We don't just 'book.' We also celebrate each other's joys and sorrows. That's our spirit of together. Today we celebrate Armstrong. Happy befdey, mate! :)

Students success Story:

Read some of the success stories of past AfroIT students.
Here's what some of our alumni had to say.

“Finally, something I enjoy doing and am really good at. And it does not hurt that is pays more than quadruple what I earned as a security guard before I decided to take a chance with AfroIT's oracle DBA Program. ”
“Some say I'm lucky but I'd like to call it a blessing - to have come across AfroIT and their Oracle Program. Life wasn't fun as nursing home worker, very physically demanding, underpaid, and working overtime, just to make ends meet. After the AfroIT program, I found job that paid incomparably more, I definitely recommend this Oracle DBA Program to everyone.”
“It's hard to describe in words how life-transforming and unbelievable this whole thing is. When I got my first pay check as a DBA I had to call my instructor cos I thought it was a mistake or something. The paid business trips, vacations, work-from-home, the bonuses, etc, life is definitely much sweeter. Do this while you can, folks!”

Upcoming Event:

Find here a list and description of upcoming events.
Připravované akce.

10 NOV 6

The new WEEKEND OPTION starts on Now 10, 2018. Classes will hold online on Saturday and Sunday from 10a-2p Eastern Time (4-8p Prague Time).


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