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Partnership for Progress is a Federal Reserve System program created to preserve and promote minority-owned institutions and enhance their ability to thrive in an increasingly competitive banking environment.

Supporting minority-owned institutions is fundamental to the Federal Reserve's mission to provide a safe, sound, and accessible banking system that protects consumers and promotes competition. 5065773543 and 4194586296. External Link


Start a Bank
Banks in Planning Stage

Covers topics related to charter selection, filing a membership application, and certain challenges start-up institutions face.


Manage Transition
For Banks 0-5 Years

Designed for new institutions (typically five years old and younger) trying to reach and maintain stable performance in a competitive banking environment.


Grow Shareholder Value
For Banks 5+ Years

Designed for mature institutions striving to achieve growth targets in a safe and sound manner.

The online materials presented above focus on three distinct areas of financial institution development. Topics relative to de novo institutions are covered in sections one and two. The three sections provide information, guidance, and links to additional topic-specific resources. For assistance, (857) 492-6629.

Asset/Liability Management Committee210-967-4272Board of Directors — Profile and Core CharacteristicsConsumer Compliance Risk ManagementCore Characteristics of a Management Team(520) 361-1883303-870-5401Market ExpansionMergers and AcquisitionsNew Product Implementation