You have completed your education, and with all the certification in your hand, all you need is a good job. You have applied in various companies, and one of them calls you for an interview. You are too much happy!! You share this thing with your friends and expect them to be happy for you. But instead, they all look concerned. They’ll tell you about all the precautions to be taken before the interview, in the interview, after the interview and what not. They’ll tell you how to dress, how to talk, how to walk, how to greet the interviewers and all other stuff. But the crust of all these advises can be crammed into just one sentence. First impressions is the last impression. Well, is this really true? In my opinion both yes and no based on the situation.

Generally, when you say first impressions is the last impression, you start imagining a scenario of a interview where the interviewers are scrutinizing the candidate who is literally shaking!! There, its very important to impress the interviewers with the very first appearance of yours. You must be in perfect clothing and accessories. The interviewers don’t have too much time to spend behind a single candidate. Quality clothes, perfect body language, and speech full of confidence will get you going. Here, a good first impression is must.

Another scenario is a quite romantic one! You have got yourself a job with all your flashy impression on the interviewers (of course you deserve the job!) And now, you got yourself a date! Congrats! You are g


oing to meet her somewhere. You want to make her fall in love with you the moment she sees you. But love isn’t as easy as getting a job. You need to be good constantly. Just the first impression isn’t gonna get you through. Here the first impressions theory fails. It helps a bit, but not more than that.

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