Welcome to the teacher development webpage of the EIL/ELF project, a project that aims at educating in-service teachers of English as a foreign language on issues regarding aspects of English as an internationbal lingua franca and implications for teaching and learning.

About the Project

This project aims at implementing a framework for ELF/EIL teacher preparation/training, as put forward in Sifakis (2007). The framework is going to be based on Mezirow’s transformative learning theory (TLT), the reason being that, as research has shown, EFL teachers operating in expanding circle contexts take up a predominantly native-speaker-oriented position when teaching (this position focuses on accuracy and precision and is error-correction-centred).


How do we define ELF in this project?

We define ELF not so much through a pragmatics or sociolinguistics, or even a linguistics perspective (we do not have as yet a widely accepted, comprehensive orientation of ELF, although we have to stress that we do not reject any of the proposals put forward), but through a pedagogically informed perspective. In other words, we concentrate on the actions the practitioner/teacher takes that bring about a learner-generated communication behavior that meets the following ‘standards’:



Public junior-/upper- high schools. Learners are roughly between 10 and 16. All teachers participating in this project are non-native speakers of English and have had no previous knowledge of/training in ELF.