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Welcome to the ATNS Corporate Training Calendar!

The purpose of the training calendar is to afford as many staff as possible access to training that will address the generic competencies required across the business. In the same instance, we are able to develop relationships with training providers to offer better ATNS aligned training at more competitive prices

You will have options to elect training offered in three domains

  1. All staff
  2. All employees in current leadership positions
  3. Women’s Development

Training opportunities will be added as we progress and determine the further needs of the company. The current courses are purely based upon recent competency focus groups across departments and will be amended as the need arise.

Departments or ATSUs may request for local courses to be set up based upon their needs provided that a group of 12 delegates can be acquired.

We ask that you are conscious of ATNS offering such opportunities to as many people as possible and therefore, please select the most appropriate training for yourself and allow others to select options as well.

All travel related expenses have to be covered by the relevant department of ATSU.

In order to limit the fruitless expenditure caused by some staff recently, cancellations within the last 2 weeks before the course date may result in 50% of your course fee being deducted from your salary. Cancelling your attendance within the two weeks leading up to the course will not attract a deduction if you are able to provide a suitable written reason or evidence for your absence, e.g. medical certificate or e-mail from you manager describing an operational reason.

(Please login to your profile on the training booking system to cancel any courses)